Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 51

Jonice glanced at Katherine. “See, I didn’t tell on you.”

Katherine moved forward to pull Sophia into a hug, hoping to distract her.

Sophia avoided Katherine’s hug and smiled at her with narrowed eyes. “Maybe you’d prefer it if I told Joshua about this?”

Katherine instantly cowered.

Sophia plopped herself onto the couch. “Well, Jonice?”

From the start, Jonice disapproved of keeping Sophia in the dark about this recurring issue. She took the chance to voice it out as Sophia questioned her. “Didn’t Kath have an endorsement deal for Clovile’s skincare products last year? Clovile was happy with her performance, and they’re even discussing next year’s endorsement since her contract is almost over! But the head of marketing called this morning to say that they won’t be renewing the contract anymore.”

Sophia hummed in acknowledgment. Looking at Katherine, she asked, “What caused this?”

As Katherine’s long-time manager, Jonice found it hard to keep her anger down. “It’s all because of Elise! Clovile’s head of marketing and the Johnson family are good friends. Didn’t Elise nab two awards yesterday? She bribed the news agencies to talk trash about Kath right after!”

Fights over endorsement deals were common in the entertainment industry. Sophia wouldn’t have batted an eyelash if Elise had chosen someone else to target.

Yet, since Elise had chosen to sabotage Katherine, Sophia could no longer turn a blind eye.

In the industry, things were never as they seemed. Even though Katherine and Elise were at each other’s throats, they always kept up the façade of being good friends in public.

Not many knew that Elise had gotten the endorsement deal by pulling strings with the Johnson family. Therefore, it would be unwise for Katherine to publicly call Elise’s behavior disgusting even though she had already been disgusted by her several times.

However, it was not impossible to teach Elise a lesson if she was working with the Johnson family. The Johnsons’ clothing brand was planning to offer its products on an e-commerce platform that Sophia started five years ago. The deal was still in negotiation.

Katherine knew this, but Jonice was completely unaware.

Katherine wanted to keep it from Sophia because she didn’t want to burden her; Jonice wanted to let Sophia know because, in her eyes, Sophia was able to find a solution for everything.

Sophia shifted her gaze to Katherine after hearing the explanation. “I was right when I called you dumb last night, Kathy.”


Sophia huffed, “There’s no reason to be afraid! Charles is the head of the Johnson family currently. Miguel has to heed his words as well, doesn’t he?”

Katherine’s eyes glinted. “You have a point.”

“Dummy!” Sophia laughed.

“Don’t keep me in the dark about things like this in the future.” Sophia shifted her gaze to Jonice.

Jonice smiled a little. “It was all Kath’s idea.”

Knowing that Sophia would take matters into her hands from her reaction, Jonice got up to leave. “I still have work to do. Have a nice chat, ladies.”

Jonice was still furious. It’s not a big deal that Katherine’s endorsement deal got taken away; with her status in the industry right now, there are plenty of offers lined up. But Elise is going overboard by sabotaging Katherine’s resources all the time! Not even I could take it peacefully, much less Katherine! I’m not counting on taking the endorsement back; I just wish Sophia could serve Elise the punishment she needs to keep her in line.

Since they were the only ones in the office after Jonice left, Sophia quickly tossed Katherine the files she had just collected. “You’re better at exposing people than I am. Pick a date, and we’ll give Bethany a taste of her own medicine!”

Sophia wore an alluring smile as she perched herself on the couch.

Katherine’s eyes widened at the information as she skimmed through the files. “Bethany is not a simple woman!”

Sophia raised her brows. “Right? I wasn’t expecting it either.”

“Leave it to me, Soph. She keeps buzzing around you like an annoying fly. I’ll finish her this time, once and for all!”

Bethany likes exposing people, huh? Consumed by eagerness, Katherine almost forgot her fury over the endorsement.

Sophia gave Katherine a look. “You’re mad about the endorsement deal being taken away, right?”

“I wouldn’t be as mad if it was someone other than Elise!”

Sophia scolded her jokingly, “You’re hopeless!”

After a pause, she continued, “There’s a movie that I decided to invest in last week; go and pick out a role you like.”

Listen to that! How admirable Sophia sounds! How rich and generous! Katherine lunged across the empty room to hug Sophia, squealing, “I love you! Marry me!”

Sophia nudged her off. “I’m not interested in stealing Joshua’s woman.”

Katherine scowled. “There’s no need to steal; if you want me, I’ll leave him for you!”

Sophia burst out in a fit of giggles. “Get a hold of yourself! You’ve been in all types of movies throughout your decade-long career!”

“That’s not the same!”

Katherine knew which movie Sophia meant. Midway Media is also planning on investing in it. Not only is Elise under Midway Media, but she also has Miguel on her side—no one could take the role from Elise if she wants it! The negotiations have probably ended if Sophia feels comfortable promising me a role. Hah, I was upset by Elise earlier, but luck is on my side now! It feels good to have Sophia back me up!

Sophia looked at her weakly. “So it’s decided. You will go and sign the contract since I’ve already wrapped up the negotiations.”

Katherine happily screeched before she pounced on Sophia. “I love you to the moon and back, Soph!”

“I’m not into women,” Sophia replied as she dodged a kiss from Katherine.

“I can give you more than a man could ever offer!”

Sophia opted to ignore her.

Giddy with excitement, Katherine immediately called for someone to get in touch with the movie’s developers before going out for lunch with Sophia.

After she drove herself back to the mansion, Sophia called Yvonne.

Sophia held shares of many companies and was the biggest shareholder for at least three of them, although she rarely showed up at the companies. While almost all decisions were managed by the companies’ vice presidents, Yvonne stood in for Sophia during special occasions.

Sophia had never shown up at the e-commerce company she started five years ago and delegated the work to Yvonne instead.

The call was accepted. “Ms. Yarrow?”

Sophia leaned against the balcony railings and stared at the barren sycamore trees downstairs. “Has Femirise been planning to put its products on Girl’s Heart?

“Yes, the discussions are still underway.”

“There won’t be a need for discussion anymore.”

Although Yvonne understood Sophia’s implication immediately, she was confused. “How come, Ms. Yarrow?”

“Elise took one of Katherine’s endorsement deals today.”

Yvonne was a clever woman and connected the dots in an instant. “Okay, I understand.” Elise is indeed becoming more of a diva in recent years.

Sophia’s face broke into a pleased smile. “Thanks for your trouble, Ms. Leighton.”

“It’s part of my job,” Yvonne replied. “By the way, Ms. Yarrow, Felix has been looking for pictures of you lately.”

Sophia’s eyebrows twitched. “Let him look for them, then.” He will never find any.

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