Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 49

“Excuse me!” It was Alexander who called out.

Never in Sophia’s wildest dreams did she expect that Alexander would attend an awards ceremony as boring as that, let alone for him to be seated by her side.

She leaned back and allowed Alexander to pass.

Sophia’s mood took a turn for the worse. It’s bad enough that Samuel’s here. But now, Alexander is here as well.

Alexander took his seat. He swerved his head to the side and glared at Samuel. Samuel was intent on witnessing what would unfold between Sophia and Alexander. The corner of Alexander’s mouth tugged. “Childish.”

Samuel shot a glance at Sophia. She appeared calm in her seat and showed no trace of awkwardness from her encounter with her ex-husband. In an instant, Samuel was unsure whether he should be feeling sympathy for Alexander or happy.

As an onlooker, though, Samuel had no qualms with fanning the fire. “Alex, how are you feeling right now?”

Alexander snorted. “I feel like picking a fight with someone.”

With those words, Samuel, who was being a jerk, clammed up at last. Alexander sat staring straight ahead for at least twenty minutes. In the meantime, the woman beside him spared no glance in his direction.

Alexander’s feelings were tangled in a mess. Eventually, he could not hold himself back any longer. He turned his head to look at Sophia.

Sophia was viewing the award ceremony happening onstage. She soon turned toward Alexander as if she had felt his gaze.

Alexander tightened his hand subconsciously. He thought that Sophia had something to say, but she was merely taking a glance at him.

Sophia truly was not concerned about him.

The moment Alexander came to that realization, his expression darkened.

After the divorce, he soon became aware of numerous things about Sophia that went beyond his comprehension.

Firstly, Sophia was not a gold digger. Secondly, he was not completely without feelings for her. Thirdly, their divorce had proceeded so neatly that it left him completely flummoxed.

The entire awards ceremony was dull and uneventful, exactly as Katherine predicted.

Katherine was nominated for two categories, but she won none of them. To make matters worse, her fellow nominee was none other than Elise.

Once the ceremony had ended, the special guests began their rounds of interviews.

Sophia’s standing in the entertainment world was not huge. However, she was the most famous guest at the event. Hence, she received much more attention from the interviewers.

“Ms. Yarrow, what do you think of tonight’s awards ceremony?”

“I think it went pretty well,” Sophia answered absentmindedly. Her petal-shaped eyes twitched slightly. She then smiled when she spotted Katherine gesturing to her out of the corner of her eyes.

Thinking that something amusing had occurred, the reporter smiled and asked, “Ms. Yarrow, you seem to be in a good mood. Did something amusing happen?”

“I’ve been feeling pretty good the entire day.”

Sophia’s answer was rather polite, and the reporter noticed that Sophia was reluctant to answer the question. Nevertheless, for the sake of a possible headline and garnering high internet traffic, the reporter pressed on stubbornly, “Is it because you ran into Mr. Xenos just now?”

Upon hearing the question, the smile on Sophia’s face faded. Alexander, at a point in time unbeknownst to Sophia, had come to stand by her side. He was staring at her when her smile faded, and his cold-hearted dark eyes irked Sophia.

“On the contrary, I would have been in a good mood for the entire day were it not for encountering someone I shouldn’t have.” As soon as the words left Sophia’s mouth, Alexander’s expression darkened.

Sophia pretended to take no notice of his reaction. “Please excuse me. I’m not really in the right state of mind to answer your questions right now.”

Sophia voiced her refusal directly, not bothering to phrase her words in a roundabout way. It was the first time that the reporter had ever met anyone who would behave in such a way. The reporter was naturally stunned, but before the reporter could react, Sophia had already moved beyond the camera’s scope.

There was no other choice for the reporter but to switch targets. Having noticed Alexander, the reporter promptly smiled and was about to extend the microphone toward Alexander, but he unexpectedly took his leave immediately after.

The entire event was streamed live, and so were the interviews.

Even when there were technical issues leading to delays in the broadcast, those typically lasted for only a couple of minutes.

When the reporter was questioning Sophia about Alexander, the live broadcast had subtitles implying that Sophia was putting on an act. In the end, Sophia’s statement in response to the question was like a figurative slap to the captions.

Consequently, the live stream was filled with comments praising Sophia.

That lady’s response was perfect! I love it!

Hahaha! That was like a slap to the reporter’s face! I wonder if it hurts? That woman’s personality is super cool! She just got up and left when she wanted to. She doesn’t even look back! My god! If only my bestie was half as confident as that woman is. Then, she wouldn’t have been hurt by her ex-boyfriend so deeply!

Hahaha! Her mood was fine the whole day until she ran into her ex-husband! I can feel her annoyance! It seems like she really doesn’t want to see her ex-husband ever again! I love her!

Is it only me who thinks that she looks amazingly attractive?

You’re not the only one! We should start a petition to get her cast in a movie!

My two besties and I would sign it in blood for her debut!

The comments went so on and so forth.

Once Sophia had approached Katherine, the former discovered that the latter was spamming the comments section as an anonymous user.

“Be careful, or you might get exposed,” Sophia muttered.

Katherine was being exceptionally sneaky as she posted her comments. Hence, when Sophia suddenly spoke up out of nowhere, Katherine was so alarmed that she jumped with fright.

When she discerned that it was Sophia who spoke, Katherine breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m not afraid of that. This isn’t my account!”

“I see.”

“It’s Mason’s account.”

With that, Sophia was rendered speechless. They truly are like two peas in a pod.

Once the interview had ended, a round of photoshoots began. After everything was done and over with, Sophia left with Katherine and the others.

Sophia did not drive that day. Katherine was heading back to Joshua’s place, so she wanted to avoid the paparazzi. Taking all that into account, Sophia had no choice but to hitch a ride with Mason.

After all, the internet was riddled with news about the relationship between Sophia and Mason. If the paparazzi caught photos of them together, it would not elicit a major reaction as it used to.

Once Sophia was positive that Katherine had gotten into her car, Sophia then made her way to Mason’s car. Mason did not drive his car that day. Instead, he rode in an MPV issued by his company.

The wind was strong that night, and Sophia’s hair was blown into a mess.

She raised her hand to comb her hair. But the moment she bent her head down, she caught sight of a pair of glistening black leather shoes in front of her.

She lifted her head instantly, and the image of Alexander’s never-changing poker face imprinted upon her vision.

Sophia’s eyebrows twitched. She decided to ignore him, so she side-stepped him and attempted to brush past him.

Alas, she managed to take only a single step before Alexander reached his hand out to block her off. “Let’s have a chat,” he requested.

Sophia stopped in her tracks and stared back at Alexander. “Is there something that needs to be settled between us?”

There was no conflict of finances, emotions, or child support between them. No other famous couples had a divorce as clean-cut as theirs.

“There’s something I’d like to understand,” Alexander answered.

“What is it?”

“It’s not convenient to talk about it in a place like this.”

Sophia gaped at Alexander. All of a sudden, she chuckled. “But why should I make life more convenient for you, Alexander?”

With that, Sophia shoved his hand away, then walked toward the MPV nearby.

Alexander froze for a moment or two. He distinctly sensed the mockery hidden behind Sophia’s chuckle.

She was laughing at him.

Malice filled Alexander’s expression. He turned around, took a few steps forward, then grabbed Sophia by her wrist. “I’m sending you home.”

Sophia swiveled her head back to leer at him. While her petal-shaped eyes seemed to carry traces of a smile, her expression was immensely chilling. “Let go.”

Alexander promptly released her. “I’m sending you home,” he repeated.

Sophia raised an eyebrow. “Mr. Xenos, do I look like someone who needs a ride from others?”

Alexander nearly choked on his breath when Sophia made her dig at him. He eventually asked, “Do you want to be trending on the internet again?”

“I’m Mason’s boss. It doesn’t matter if rumors between him and me are trending again. As for you, if I’m trending on the internet because of you, aren’t I just asking for humiliation?”

Sophia had no desire to drag the shenanigans on any further. “Alexander, I don’t know what’s going on with you recently, but now that we are divorced, we should behave as such. You are a man, so sort yourself out. I had enough regrets marrying you, so stop adding more to it.”

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