Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 48

The smile on Elise’s face almost crumbled. “Ms. Yarrow, there might be some misunderstanding between us.”

“Is that so?” said Sophia as she raised a brow and looked at Elise in amusement.

The latter did not know what to say at all; she could only force a smile. “Excuse me for a moment.”

Sophia nodded and turned her head to glance at the people who gathered around to watch the drama unfold.

Many media companies were present that night. The award ceremony had not fully begun yet, so many people were still lingering around this area. Plenty of people witnessed the conversation between Sophia and Elise, but no one was foolish enough to spread the news about this. After all, the organizers were in cahoots with the Johnson family, and Elise had Miguel’s backing.

To be frank, Sophia’s dress that day was not very eye-catching. Compared to Elise’s dress, which was bright red and back-revealing, her dress could be considered refreshing. However, it was exactly because of this that she stood out all the more.

There were many celebrities present. Each one of them was competing for the spotlight and worried that they would seem less than others on camera. Not only was their makeup glamorous, but their outfits were exceptionally fancy.

Although Sophia’s nude makeup looked great in person, it would not look as pretty on camera as flaws of her complexion would be easily exposed.

Thus, Sophia’s get-up tonight could be deemed as “audacious.”

Other than the guests who were specially invited, most of the attendees tonight were celebrities.

Sophia’s face was unfamiliar to the crowd, and Katherine was the one who led her in, so many of the celebrities thought that she was a newbie in the entertainment industry.

Nevertheless, when she mercilessly “hit” Elise with her words just now, many of them discovered that Sophia was not a newbie. Instead, she was the director of Specter Entertainment.

They cleverly departed from the scene when Sophia raked her eyes over them.

Katherine secretly gave her a huge thumbs-up. “You’re a force to be reckoned with, Soph!”

If Katherine had half of Sophia’s skill in dissing others, she would not feel as though she could not finish her words whenever she clashed with Elise, and she would always be livid at the end of it all.

Sophia glanced at her. “She’s not all that impressive.”

So, why do you let her trample over you?

After she tutted, the hostess began ushering the attendees to enter the main venue.

Sophia could only refrain from expressing her curiosity for the moment. “It’s time to enter.”

Katherine saw the hostess as well. Bored, she muttered, “Time to sit in there for more than an hour again.”

Mason chuckled. “Katherine, I heard that you were nominated for the best female lead this time.”

“As an accessory for someone else’s achievement!” scoffed Katherine.

This award was sponsored by the Johnson family. She and Elise were both nominated, but it was a higher probability that the award would go to the latter.

Reminded of this behind-the-scene arrangement, Mason awkwardly rubbed his nose and said to Katherine, “In my heart, you’re the best female lead.”

The woman nodded in satisfaction. “What a coincidence. Those are my exact thoughts as well!”

Then, she looked at Sophia smugly.

The latter returned her gaze and smiled slightly. “Oh, that’s what I was thinking too.”

“I’m so touched!” said Katherine as she pretended to sob.

Sophia rolled her eyes at the acting woman in annoyance. “Behave yourself. There are lots of cameras around you!”

As soon as she said that, Katherine straightened her posture and stopped smiling, making her seem regal and distant at once.

Sophia could not help but be amazed. Katherine’s really born to be an actress!

While they were talking, the hostess had already made her way toward them. Sophia was a specially invited guest, so she was seated in a different spot from Katherine and the others.

Her seat was arranged properly but not in the main position; it was the first row just below the stage. Coincidentally, Katherine was in the row just behind her.

No one knew whether the organizers did it on purpose, but Katherine was seated right next to Elise.

Sophia turned her head to look at Katherine. The latter was speaking to Elise, so she did not notice her friend’s glance.

Thus, Sophia had no choice but to retract her gaze and look at the list of nominees’ names in front of her out of boredom.

Almost half the entertainment industry belonged to the Schild family. Naturally, Samuel was an important guest at that night’s event.

As soon as he entered the venue, he saw Sophia, who was seated among the other guests. The man raised his brows and gestured at a nearby crew member, who immediately went over.

“Mr. Schild, is there anything that I can help you with?”

Samuel pointed at Sophia, who was seated not so far away. “Is there something wrong with the seating arrangement? Doesn’t your team know who Sophia Yarrow is? Why would you arrange for her to sit there?”

The crew member’s expression stiffened. Troubled, they clarified, “Mr. Schild, I’m not the one in charge of the seating arrangement. Moreover—”

Samuel did not want to hear their pointless explanation. Waving his hand dismissively, he said, “Alexander Xenos will be arriving shortly. Hurry up and rearrange her seat.”

Being able to survive in the entertainment industry, the crew member certainly was clever and had a knack for taking hints from others.

The seats were arranged according to the guests’ levels on the celebrity list. Sophia was the director of Specter Entertainment, so she was quite highly ranked. Despite that, she was not as great a VIP as people like Miguel and Samuel.

Regardless, Sophia was Alexander’s previous wife, so no one dared to arrange her seat in a corner.

The crew member instantly understood Samuel’s words. “Very well, Mr. Schild. I’ll get to it at once.”

Rearranging the seats was not an easy task to complete, but if Alexander’s name was mentioned, no guests dared to utter a single word of objection.

The crew had thought that the seats of other guests were the more difficult ones to organize, but it turned out that Sophia’s was the hardest to arrange.

“Ms. Yarrow, we’re so sorry, but our crew member misplaced your name. Your seat should be over there; kindly sit there.”

Sophia glanced at the spot that the crew member was pointing at. That’s right in the center. When the main camera shifts over, I won’t be able to avoid it.

Thus, she did not want to move from her current seat. “It’s all right. I’m okay here.”

After all, these seats were arranged according to the guests’ ranks in the industry. The nearer their seat was to the center, the more impressive they were. She was convinced that the original guest who was to sit here would surely not mind that she was giving her center seat away willingly.

The crew member did not expect Sophia to reject his request. Any other lower-tier celebrity would be elated to receive this opportunity! After all, this would prove their rank in the industry.

However, when he saw the faint smile on Sophia’s countenance, which made her seem as though she was not being rebellious intentionally, he had no choice but to fib. “Ms. Yarrow, we’re really sorry, but there might be some activities later on that are held according to the seats. Please—”

Sophia took the hint at once. “All right.”

She got up and followed the crew member to her seat.

The woman had just sat down when she discovered that the person sitting one seat away from her was Samuel.

Raising a brow, she did not intend to greet him.

Nonetheless, Samuel spoke first. “Long time no see, Sophia.”

Sophia pursed her lips. “Mr. Schild, we don’t know each other that well.”

There’s no need to greet me at all.

“Oh,” responded Samuel, who seemed not to notice what Sophia was implying. In fact, he even praised her, “You look gorgeous tonight.”

Instead of thanking him, she inquired, “Mr. Schild, have you met Ms. Suny yet?”

Samuel froze and paused before replying, “Not yet.”

I don’t mind that she did not thank me for praising her beauty, but she’s subtly mocking me.

Sophia was pleased with his reaction. She looked at him and smiled, saying, “Mr. Schild, you don’t look too bad tonight yourself.”

Samuel’s face instantly fell.

She’s putting me down by mocking me, then lifting my spirits by saying I look okay? Is she for real?

After that, Samuel did not invite trouble to himself anymore by provoking Sophia.

The woman’s spirits were much lifted after Samuel shut up. However, it only took a few seconds for her mood to worsen again.

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