Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 39

Sophia’s smile instantly faded as her alluring eyes turned frosty.

She stood up straight and looked at Alexander. “So, does this have anything to do with you, Mr. Xenos?”

Alexander felt a stab in his heart. He scoffed before changing the subject. “Haven’t you left your graduation certificate behind?”

Sophia furrowed her eyebrows. “No. I took it away.”

“If so, you should go back and see if it’s genuine.”

After saying that, Alexander walked past her and headed toward the black car that was parked there waiting for him.

Felix trailed behind him. As he walked past Sophia, he sheepishly greeted her before shrinking into himself and following Alexander away.

Sophia turned around and watched as Alexander got into the car. She got into the Ferrari only after his car had traveled far away.

When she returned to the mansion, the first thing she did was to take out the graduation certificate and check it.

If it were not for Alexander’s words, she would not have discovered that the certificate in her hand was a fake.

She did not need to think to figure out who was behind it.

Hence, she drove directly to the Xenos residence. Five months had passed since she last stepped foot there, and she was now completely calm and collected.

The red Ferrari stopped at the entrance of the mansion. She stepped out of the car in her boots, walked to the door, and rang the doorbell.

The butler of the Xenos family came out and was visibly startled to see her. “Ms. Yarrow?”

Sophia gave him a nod. “Please open the door.”

The butler looked down upon her in the past and still did the same at present.

Upon hearing her words, the butler chuckled. “I’m sorry, Ms. Yarrow. Mrs. Xenos and Ms. Xenos are sleeping at this hour. We’re not accepting visitors. Please come back another time.”

Hearing this, Sophia also smiled. “In that case, I guess I have to call the police.”

The words “call the police” shocked the butler. “Wait a minute. Let me ask Mrs. Xenos.”

Sophia was familiar with the butler’s tactics, so she merely smirked. “I’m giving you three seconds, Mr. Woods. If you don’t open the door, I’ll call the emergency number.”

He felt like she had become a different person, completely unlike how she used to be.

“Please wait a moment.”

With that, he turned and made his way upstairs.

Sophia was all too familiar with the Xenos residence.

She thought she would never step foot in that house again but never thought that she would be back after five months.

She went straight to the living room on the second floor and waited. Soon, she heard movement from the third floor.

At that time, the housekeepers of the Xenos family were resting, so Thalia’s footsteps coming down the stairs were particularly loud in the quiet mansion.

Her slippers tapped away on the stairs. Before she even reached the second floor, she began to shout, “What is she doing here? What has gotten into you, Mr. Woods? How could you allow just anyone to enter my house?”

As soon as she said that, Thalia spotted Sophia.

The former recalled the court summons, and her face darkened. “Dear sister-in-law. Oh, I forgot. You’re no longer my sister-in-law since you and my brother are divorced. Since you’re no longer married to him, what are you doing here?”

Sophia lifted her head to look at her. “Where’s my graduation certificate?”

Thalia’s eyes flickered momentarily. “What graduation certificate? Why did you come to me when your certificate is missing?”

Sophia did not wish to waste her time speaking to the other woman. “If you don’t hand it over, I’ll have to call the police to handle the matter.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, so go ahead!”

Just then, an icy voice sounded from the stairwell. “Take it out!”

Hearing Alexander’s voice, Thalia was a little shocked. However, she quickly came back to her senses. “What should I take out, Alex? I didn’t take her graduation certificate!”

Alexander stared at his sister coldly. “I saw it. I’ll give you five minutes to bring Sophia’s certificate down!”

Thalia’s face stiffened. She did not expect Alexander to help Sophia, let alone know that the latter’s graduation certificate was in her hands.

Regardless, she was afraid of her brother. With just a few words from him, she found herself unable to refute him. She glared at Sophia before turning and running back to retrieve the certificate.

“There! Who needs it. You’re the one who forgot to take it away!”

Thalia raised her hand, intending to throw the graduation certificate. However, seeing Alexander’s frosty look, her hand trembled slightly. She tightened her grip and handed the document over.

Sophia took her graduation certificate and degree certification, and after checking and confirming it was correct, she turned to leave without saying a word.

Before leaving, she glanced at Alexander.

The man was frowning as he was displeased by Sophia’s gaze.

I specifically rushed back from the company to help her get back her certificate, and this is how she treats me? Without even a word of thanks?

Alexander turned and ran after her, reaching out to stop her just as she was about to get into the car. “This has nothing to do with me.”

Sophia merely swept a calm gaze over him. “It means nothing to me.”

His face turned grim as he raised his hand and grabbed hold of her wrist. “Did you ever love me?”

Sophia was a little stunned upon hearing his question. However, after coming back to her senses, she suddenly chuckled. “Since you manage to ask this question, it shows that the answer is no.”

With that, she freed herself from him, opened the car door, and got in.

Alexander simply stood there and watched as she drove away, his expression gradually growing colder.

I knew it. She was only after my money!

As his frustrations peaked, he pulled on his tie and turned to return to the mansion with a sullen expression.

Thalia was sitting there having mushroom soup, and her hands trembled when she saw Alexander coming in. “Alex,” she called out.

“Should you mess with her again, I won’t go easy on you.”

When he made that statement, his expression was so gloomy that it seemed like he wanted to end her.

Thalia was so frightened that she instantly paled. She sat there in a daze and watched him leave, not daring to make a sound.

It was not until car engine noises came from downstairs that Thalia came back to her senses. Placing the bowl in her hand on the table in front of her, she got up and walked to the balcony outside. After watching Alexander drive away, she finally let out a sigh of relief.

What’s going on? I thought he never cared about how we treated Sophia? Don’t tell me he truly fell in love with this woman?

Her face fell as this thought ran through her mind.

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