Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 40

Just when Sophia finished having her dinner, Katherine called.

Outside the window, the sky was dark. Holding a glass of juice, she stood on the balcony and stared at the moon hanging in the night sky. She was holding her phone with another hand. “Did you manage to find it out?”

“Oh my! Soph, you’re such a genius!”

Katherine let out an exaggerated groan. “Be frank with me now. Did you plant a bug on me?”

Sophia snorted and said, “It’s not that difficult to guess.”

Bethany was probably the only person who enjoyed spying on Sophia and causing her trouble.

On the other end of the call, Katherine suddenly remembered something and asked, “What were you doing at the Xenos residence this afternoon?”

Sophia took a sip of the juice before she slowly answered, “It was nothing. Thalia took my graduation certificate, and she gave me a fake one.”

“D*mn! What was she up to?”

“Who knows?”

Sophia shrugged as she said, “But I think she wouldn’t have the courage to do something again.”

However, Sophia was surprised to see Alexander going back personally to get back the graduation certificate for her.

The fact that Alexander was there in person to solve the issue made Thalia dare not do as she wished anymore.

“So what was it between you and Alexander?”

There was news on Twitter claiming that Sophia was back at the Xenos residence to beg to get back together with Alexander the moment she stepped out from the Xenos residence.

The news spreading across the internet had been overstated. Due to Joshua’s statement earlier, netizens appeared more rational this round. They did not try to add fuel to the fire.

The news was trending at number twenty-two before it was taken down. Katherine sure was quick to react.

“Did you ask Ms. Leighton to get rid of the topic on the trending list?” came the question from Katherine.

Upon hearing Katherine, Sophia arched an eyebrow and asked, “Wasn’t you the one who did so? I thought you were the one.”

“No, it wasn’t me.”

Sophia pressed her lips together, lowered her head, and stared at the juice she was holding. “Find out for me who did it.”

The news must have been released by either Thalia or Bethany. Both of them wanted to make Sophia a laughing stock to humiliate her. Hence, there was no way they would remove the news after they had managed to get it on the trending list.

Katherine hummed in response. “I’ll get Jonice to look into this. Oh right! I’ll prepare the gown for you for Shining Stars Awards. Don’t buy it yourself!”

In truth, if Katherine had not mentioned it, Sophia would have forgotten about it.

“Okay,” Sophia responded. She finished up her juice and said, “I’ll go to bed now.”

“Oh my God! What time is it? It’s only ten o’clock now, Soph!”

Sophia replied lazily, “Beauty sleep.”

Katherine was rendered speechless.

She is already so pretty, yet she’s getting her beauty sleep. I guess she’s leaving no room for others to outshine her beauty.

Sophia hung up the phone after greeting Katherine good night. Before she fell asleep, she could not help but think of the question from Alexander.

Did you ever love me?

She thought she had made herself very clear. However, he did not believe even a bit of her words.

Upon thinking about it, she felt slightly frustrated.

Forget it. I don’t want to think about it anymore. I’ll switch off the light and get my beauty sleep now.

The next day morning, Katherine’s call came before the alarm rang.

Sophia massaged her temple lightly. She did not look pleased. “Give me a reason not to be angry.”

Holding her phone, Katherine replied sheepishly, “You asked me to find out who took down the news about you going to the Xenos residence from the trending list. Jonice found out, but I can’t believe it was actually…”

Katherine stopped speaking all of a sudden. Then, trying to keep her in suspense, she asked, “Soph, guess who was it.”

Sophia had completely woken up now. She chuckled out of anger. “Alexander Xenos.”

Katherine was stunned for a moment. “You better be honest with me. Did you really plant a bug on me?”

Sophia got out of her bed and said, “I’ll hang up now. I’m going to wash up and have my breakfast.”

“Oh! Hang on! Aren’t you surprised? Aren’t you curious? Aren’t you excited about this?”

Sophia looked out of the window and cast her gaze upon the golden rays of sunlight. She could not help but raise her eyebrow. “I don’t feel the slightest bit of emotions.”

“Soph, you’re too…”

Before Katherine could finish her sentence, Sophia ended the call.

Soph is just amazing to have guessed it right!

Actually, Sophia had guessed that Alexander was the one who took down the news from the trending list before she fell asleep last night.

She had to admit that his question asking her if she ever loved him had deeply impacted her. Because of that, she fell into deep thoughts. Didn’t Alexander always think of me as someone who overestimated myself, money-minded, and pretentious? He even said that my love for him could easily be valued with money and meant nothing to him. I didn’t expect him to ask me such a deep question after we divorced. How ridiculous.

The fact that Alexander was the one who took down the news did not bother Sophia.

In fact, what she really wanted to do was to teach Bethany a lesson.

After eating breakfast, Sophia drove out.

As a matter of fact, Sophia did not want to have much to do with people related to Alexander, but she had put up with Bethany’s act three times now.

I can’t just let her off again. If I don’t take action, she must be thinking I’m a good target.

Sophia made an appointment with a private detective. The private detective was introduced by Katherine’s manager, Jonice.

She left the house at half-past nine in the morning, but she was stuck in a traffic jam for ten minutes due to an accident on the road. She was six minutes late when she was done parking her car.

Since it was not mealtime, the restaurant was quiet, and there was only music playing in the background. Sophia immediately spotted the only person in the restaurant the moment she entered.

“I’m sorry for being late, Mr. Morris.”

He was obviously stunned when he saw her, but he quickly came back to his senses and said, “It’s okay. I’ve just arrived too.”

Sophia replied with a grin. Then, she took out one hundred thousand cash from her bag and put it in front of Benjamin Morris. “Mr. Morris, I’ve made my request clear during the phone call. This is the advance payment, and I’ll give you seven days.”

Benjamin did not expect her to be this straightforward, so he was quite surprised. “Ms. Yarrow is way more beautiful and forthright than I’ve imagined.”

“I hope you don’t mind. I don’t like to waste my time.”

“Understood. Wait for my update then, Ms. Yarrow.”

It was always easy to deal with someone intelligent. Sophia curled her lips and said, “Okay. I’ll wait for your news then.”

Benjamin was planning to buy Sophia lunch, but he got shy when he met her charming eyes. “I’ll take my leave first.”


Sophia nodded and took a sip of the lemon juice. After seeing Benjamin leave, she waved her hand and asked for the menu from the waiter.

Since I’m already here, I should be nice to myself.

It was still early, so Sophia was in no rush. She sat there flipping through the menu leisurely.

It seemed like luck was not on Sophia’s side that day. As soon as she placed her order, she looked up and saw Bethany walking in holding a man’s arm.

Sophia knew who the guy was. If she remembered correctly, he was Evan Conant, the youngest son of the Conant family who had just come back from studying overseas.

There were not many customers in the restaurant during that period, so Bethany also noticed Sophia at once.

She froze for a bit before letting go of Evan’s hand instinctively.

Sophia looked at her, and she could not help but smirk. She rested her chin on her hand as she watched Bethany approaching her slowly. Flashing a smile that did not reach her eyes, Sophia called out, “Ms. White, what a coincidence!”

Bethany was slightly taken aback, as she did not intend to greet Sophia. “Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia took a look at Evan who was standing next to Bethany. Seemingly baffled, Sophia slightly furrowed her brows as she asked, “Is this… your friend?”

Sophia let out a soft snort, and she seemed amused. As if she suddenly understood something, she gave Bethany a meaningful glance and said, “Oh, then I shouldn’t bother you two.”

Bethany felt uncomfortable because of the way Sophia stared at her. Besides, she did not want to talk to Sophia in front of Evan. Hearing what Sophia said, she hurried over to the seats.

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