Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 38

When Alexander noticed Sophia walking out of the office with Joshua, the first thing that popped into his mind was what Joshua said during the livestream that morning.

“What do you think about Ms. Yarrow, Mr. Lewis?”

“She’s a great person, and I really admire her. She’s the most brilliant woman I’ve ever met,” replied Joshua.

Following Technology Innovations’ successful IPO the week before, every piece of information about Joshua, the new rising star in the industry, was exposed.

It was rumored that he never even had a girlfriend.

Just the day before, Sophia had asked Joshua out for a meal after he came back from Xanfield.

As Alexander was also a man himself, he was well aware that if a man admired a woman, it was most likely that he was also fond of her.

He did not need to be there personally for the collaboration, he made Felix reschedule his meeting and came here on his own.

Previously, Alexander probably was unsure why he needed to be there, but realization dawned upon him as soon as he saw Sophia show up with Joshua right before him.

Alexander could not seem to accept that his ex-wife was able to start another relationship so fast. He wondered if Sophia’s love for him had only lasted for a brief moment.

His face grew solemn, for he suddenly felt displeased and jealous. Alexander did not even realize that Joshua had come forward and greeted him. All he did was stare straight at Sophia.

She exuded a gentle aura that day, and he was reminded of the days he had spent with her at the Xenos residence.

Even so, Sophia looked different from how she always was back at his place. She was no longer the obedient lady who would do everything as told. All of a sudden, she became unapproachable like a rose with thorns.

Felix, who was standing at the side, had no choice but to kick Alexander’s leg. Alexander shot daggers at him before diverting his gaze to Joshua. “Mr. Lewis, we’re here to discuss work matters. I don’t think it’s right to have an outsider with us. Don’t you think so?”

Everyone knew who he was referring to.

Sophia quirked an eyebrow. Just as she was about to speak, Joshua suddenly glanced at her and said, “Why don’t you go ahead and walk around?”

Joshua said that on purpose. Sophia’s head hurt, but she could not embarrass her friend. “All right.” She smiled and nodded instead.

It had been a long time since she last came to the company. Sophia decided to go around and inspect the place.

All of the founders of Technology Innovations knew that Sophia was a major shareholder of the company. They were also familiar with her wishes to keep her identity private. Therefore, everyone had an unspoken understanding not to greet her too politely.

Sophia turned around and headed toward the research and development department.

That department in particular was the core of Technology Innovations. The people in the said department had been working together with Joshua ever since their days at school, and Sophia knew them as well.

After exiting the office, she ordered some desserts to be sent over to the research and development department before going there herself.

The rage in Alexander’s eyes grew stronger when he noticed the close interactions between Sophia and Joshua.

Joshua retracted his gaze and glanced at Alexander. “Mr. Xenos, this is the introduction of two of our latest AI robots. Would you like to take a look?”

Alexander suppressed his emotions as he looked back at Joshua, who was standing in front of him. “There’s no need for that. Let’s just get into the topic, Mr. Lewis.”

The discussion went on for forty-five minutes without a hitch, but Alexander wore an apathetic look the entire time.

As his secretary, Felix felt extremely awkward next to him.

Joshua was known to be cold and indifferent in the business industry but always treated others politely. Nonetheless, he always kept a distance from others, which made it impossible for them to approach him.

When Felix compared his boss’ performance to Joshua’s, he felt that Alexander was not doing very well.

Once the discussion ended, both parties signed the contract on the spot.

Joshua politely suggested having a meal together, but Alexander rejected coldly.

He was not in the mood to have lunch with his ex-wife’s boyfriend.

Felix chatted with Joshua awkwardly to fill the silence. When the former turned around, he realized that Alexander had walked away.

He quickly followed after his boss and managed to enter the elevator just before the doors closed.

Observing Alexander’s icy expression, Felix dared not ask the question.

Felix was absolutely confident that Sophia was the reason why Alexander had personally visited Joshua to discuss the collaboration.

“Is Joshua that capable?”

Felix was still thinking about the rumors about Sophia and Joshua when he suddenly heard Alexander speak.

He froze for a moment before lifting his head to look at Alexander. Felix pursed his lips as his gaze fell on Alexander’s emotionless face. “Mr. Lewis can be considered a young and promising man. Of course, he’s still no match for you.”

Alexander snorted. “What a bootlicker.”

Felix looked at him, speechless.

Although his words were a little flattering, he was telling the truth.

Joshua was capable, but Alexander was equally brilliant.

Everyone said that Alexander was just lucky to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Those were mere nonsense, though.

Alexander was not the only person who was born into a wealthy family.

However, not many could actually expand their family businesses and make them soar high to a whole new level.

Over the decades, it was always easy to start something, but it had always been difficult to maintain it. Odyssey was established by Alexander’s father. Since then, the world had been progressing rapidly with new businesses popping up from all ends of the earth. Many big companies that used to be the leads in the field had faced bankruptcy and were forced to close down, but Odyssey remained strong. Alexander had managed to maintain the company on his own. He was the sole reason why Odyssey was still thriving.

Of course, Felix knew what Alexander was thinking about. Even though he felt slightly aggrieved, he decided not to retort a word.

“Why aren’t you talking? You’ve always had a lot to say,” questioned Alexander when the person beside him remained silent, and there was a hint of disdain in his tone.

Felix shuddered for a second. “Mr. Xenos, I meant what I said just now.”

Alexander shot him a cold smile. “Do you think Sophia looks better with me or with Joshua?”

It was obviously a trick question.

Felix was on the verge of breaking down at his question. Sensing Alexander’s intense gaze on him, Felix felt so pressured that he could hardly breathe.

Just as he was about to go against his conscience and speak, he suddenly spotted a familiar figure.

It was Sophia.

Felix instantly reacted as though he had seen his life savior. He pointed to the left of the elevator and exclaimed, “Mr. Xenos, it’s Ms. Yarrow!”

Alexander frowned. “Why are you so excited? Do you like her?”

Felix was rendered speechless. At that moment, it seemed that everything he did was wrong in Alexander’s eyes.

The latter glanced at him coldly before looking toward the left. As expected, Alexander caught sight of a white figure.

Pursing his lips, he swiftly walked over.

Sophia had just reached her car when she spotted Alexander coming over through the rearview mirror.

She arched an eyebrow as she slowly opened the door to her car. With a hand placed on top of it, she stood there as she looked at Alexander, who was making his way toward her.

Sophia was dressed casually. She wore a white cardigan, a pair of jeans, and a pair of black leather boots that accentuated her long, slender legs. Leaning against the red Ferrari, she looked exactly like an auto-show model.

There was a hint of mirth in her eyes as she stared right at him.

Alexander’s heart leaped for a moment. The next instant, he stopped right in front of Sophia and questioned, “Are you really that eager to find the next one right after getting divorced?”

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