Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 37

When Sophia arrived home, she realized that she had gone viral on the internet once again. It was because Joshua had made an appearance two days before during an event when Technology Innovations was listed in Xanfield.

Even though Joshua was only twenty-seven years old, he was young and ambitious. Moreover, he was also handsome and rich. Thus, everything about him went viral for two consecutive days.

As a result, reporters had been eagerly waiting for Joshua to get an exclusive interview, and they managed to capture a picture of him and Sophia together during a meal. In an instant, the internet blew up with a rumor that he was her new boyfriend.

As it had only been mere twenty-five days since her last scandal with James, she would be taken aback as well if it was news about a stranger.

Raising her eyebrows, Sophia threw the phone to the side. “Genie, help me to fill up the bathtub with water.”

At a little past ten o’clock, Katherine called Sophia. Once the call was answered, the former was laughing hysterically. “Soph, this is very funny! How can people have such wild imaginations these days? Both of you merely had a meal together. But they claimed that you have a new boyfriend. Hahaha! This is hilarious!”

With a mask on her face, Sophia said, “Find someone to remove the trending news.”

“Why do we need to do that? No, I won’t! Think about it. Technology Innovations has just been recently listed. It needs some hype. We didn’t comment anything on the issue. Thus, let them think what they want.”

As she spoke, she huffed briefly. Katherine could not help but mention Alexander’s name to Sophia. “After all, both Mason and Howard were rumored to be with you previously. But the moment your identity as the owner of Specter Entertainment was revealed, it proved that you don’t have anything going on with them. We can’t just stay and do nothing. I bumped into Bethany a few days ago. She was buying a birthday present for your wicked ex-mother-in-law. Alexander is going to be with his first crush soon. So we can’t lose the fight.”

Tapping her fingers lightly on her face, Sophia said slowly, “It’s meaningless.”

She knew that she would not be affected if Alexander were to marry Bethany now. After all, they divorced nearly half a year ago.

At the other end of the phone, she could hear Katherine mumbling about something. “The trending news is free. Moreover, it’s free publicity. Thus, we don’t have to remove it. Just let it be.”

After giving it some thought, Sophia thought Katherine was right. “All right. It’s settled then.”

Before hanging up the phone, she said in a lazy tone, “Don’t play tricks anymore.”


Even though Katherine promised her to behave in a nice way, the exact opposite happened on the second day.

When Sophia had her meal with Joshua on the previous day, they had been secretly photographed by the paparazzi. The news was only ranked fifth online. However, the news shot up to first place that day.

Ever since Alexander and she had a divorce, Sophia would always be portrayed in a bad image the moment she went viral on the internet. Nevertheless, it resulted in a completely different manner this time.

The trending news was titled: What kind of goddess Sophia is. When she clicked on the news, it was related to Joshua.

On that day, Joshua had a financial interview which had been broadcasted live. Before the interview ended, the host jokingly asked him about his relationship with Sophia.

His answer was that they were friends.

It was a very direct answer. Thus, the host asked him another question. They wanted to know what he thought about Sophia.

The image that Joshua had portrayed to the public was someone cold and impassive. Unexpectedly, he turned to the camera and said that he admired Sophia greatly. Moreover, he also mentioned that she was the most outstanding woman that he had ever seen.

Usually, he would never smile. However, there was a rare hint of a smile on his face when he answered the host’s question.

Before the interview was even concluded, someone had made a screenshot out of it and posted it on Twitter.

People started to compare Sophia’s life before and after she had divorced Alexander. Currently, she was protected by Mason, Howard, James, and Katherine. At the same time, she was complimented highly by a rising technology field businessman like Joshua. Thus, they had reached a conclusion. It seemed that excluding those around Alexander, people who knew Sophia held her in high regard.

Moreover, the netizens thought that Sophia was a materialistic woman when she married Alexander. It came as a great surprise to the public after she refused any money after they had their divorce.

They slowly recalled the fact that Sophia had to reveal her position as the owner of Specter Entertainment after the divorce. At the same time, it was widely known that she had a friend like Joshua. Now, Sophia’s image had changed completely.

Some people even guessed that she had married Alexander purely because it was him.

However, the dissenting opinion had been subdued. Before it could create an impact on the internet, another assumption arose. It claimed that Sophia and Joshua had been meeting in secret before she had her divorce and that she had cheated on Alexander.

Obviously, someone had spent money to make the assumption trending on the internet. When the article came out, it gained popularity almost immediately. The events kept changing. As of now, there was an equal amount of angry remarks and supportive voices on the internet.

Upon knowing it, Sophia felt the onset of a headache coming. Thus, she made a call to Katherine. “Didn’t I tell you not to play any tricks?”

She can even force her boyfriend just for me. In the end, Sophia could not help but laugh.

As she heard Sophia’s laughter, Katherine’s remorse disappeared instantaneously. “It was nothing. I merely told Joshua to tell the truth.”

“Don’t you have the guts to admit it?”

“Fine. I’m sorry, Soph. I will tell my men to stop the rumors.”

Lifting her hand, Sophia massaged her temples. “If you do it, you will only make it appear true. Don’t do anything. Just let the news die out on itself. Help me to investigate whether this was Bethany’s doing.”

I didn’t mind it when Bethany took advantage previously. Now that Bethany has done it again, she shouldn’t blame me if I were to retaliate.

“Understood. I will have someone look into it!”

It was undeniable that Katherine was very excited when it came to such matters.

For some reason, she was eager to see Sophia fighting against a pretentious woman.

After hanging up the call, Sophia drove to Technology Innovations.

Upon her arrival, she went straight to Joshua’s office. “Why did you get involved in her plan?”

Glancing at her briefly, Joshua answered, “You know that I can’t refuse her.”

Sophia did not expect to watch the sudden display of affection. “Stop it right there. Let’s start our meeting.”

As soon as she finished, she walked out and made her way to the conference room.

Two hours later, Sophia and Joshua came out of the conference room. His secretary, Ryan Hughes, approached them quickly. He turned to greet Sophia first. “Hello, Ms. Yarrow.”

Then, he turned to Joshua and said, “Mr. Lewis, Mr. Xenos is here.”

Raising her eyebrows, Sophia turned to look at Joshua. “Mr. Lewis?”

Meanwhile, Joshua remained impassive. “It’s your ex-husband. Odyssey wants to buy our newly developed smart patrol machines. Initially, I was scheduled to meet the manager of Odyssey’s design department. I don’t know why it has been suddenly changed to Alexander.”

There was an implied meaning in his words. Pretending not to notice it, Sophia said, “I will go out using the back entrance.”

“Are you afraid of him?”

Sophia gave a faint smile. “Don’t provoke me. It is useless against me.”

“How about with Alexander?”

Upon hearing Joshua’s question, Sophia was taken aback. When she regained her senses, she realized he was already leading her to the meeting location.

Sophia wanted to say something, but she noticed that they were already standing in front of his office. At the same time, Ryan had the door opened for them. The moment she lifted her head, she caught sight of Alexander’s darkened gaze.

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