Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 371

Chapter 371 No Thank You

Dillon completely disregarded Sophia’s words. He assumed she was just an assistant, nothing else. Sophia was a housewife after she married Alexander, and they eventually divorced just a year and a half ago. Thus, it seemed implausible to Dillon that she had the ability to successfully win over Suny’s approval in such a short amount of time.

However, Yvonne was different. Everyone in the industry was familiar with the fact that she was Suny’s secretary and had been ever since the company was founded. Dillon could be dismissive of Sophia and anyone else, but not Yvonne.

As it became clear that Yvonne was eager to have him leave, Dillon’s expression turned awkward. Despite this, he was aware that he had to see Suny today. If he were to leave without meeting Suny, there was no telling when he would be able to meet the latter next time. He couldn’t afford to wait that long.

Dillon gazed at Yvonne and offered her a sheepish smile. “I’m sorry, Ms. Leighton. I only came upstairs as there’s something urgent that I need to attend to. I was hoping that you could help me out by notifying Suny about my arrival.”

However, Yvonne stood still, her face devoid of any expression. “Mr. Xenos, I believe you know that you should apologize to Ms. Yarrow instead of me. Suny has made it clear that Ms. Yarrow is the second-in-command of the company and has the right to make almost all of the decisions at the company before informing Suny. Accusing Ms. Yarrow of being something that she is not is an insult. As Suny’s lawyer and Ms. Yarrow’s colleague, I strongly recommend that you apologize to her.”

Yvonne had been employed by Sophia for a lengthy period of time, so she knew how to act in Sophia’s favor.

Dillon held Alexander in contempt, but his disdain for Sophia was even more severe. Despite the fact that Sophia was the granddaughter of Perrin, Dillon still felt that she was not as important to the Dawson family as Lukas.

He could not bring himself to apologize to Sophia. After all, he was already in his sixties, and he was afraid that people might ridicule him for fearing a young woman. He could not bear the thought of being a subject of mockery.

Dillon refused to apologize, instead shifting the conversation to his need for an audience with Suny. “Ms. Leighton, I have an important project to discuss with Suny, and I believe he’ll be interested in it,” he said, his tone indicating his urgency. “Could you tell me when he’s free?

Yvonne stole a glance at Sophia before responding coolly, “Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow is the only person in our company who is allowed to contact Suny anytime she wants. You should ask her when Suny is free to discuss the project with you.”

Beside them, Sophia’s lips curled into a smirk when she heard Yvonne lying through her teeth.

Dillon happened to turn his gaze toward Sophia, and when he did, he noticed her smirk. His expression instantly turned grim as he was convinced that she was mocking him in some way.

If this had happened in the past, Dillon would’ve lashed out at her.

Despite the fact that Dillon very much disliked her, he was aware that he had to restrain himself from raising his voice at her here in the company.

Alas, he couldn’t bring himself to give in and apologize to her, either.

Right then, Ron, who rarely made an appearance at the company, showed up to talk to Sophia. He was surprised to see Dillon there.

Ron was smart. He knew Sophia didn’t want to expose her identity.

He also knew why Dillon was here to talk to Suny.

It only took him one glance to realize that their discussion wasn’t going well.

To be exact, it was clearly Dillon who was unhappy at not getting what he came for. Ron had been employed by Sophia for many years, and he never once saw Sophia getting worked up over anyone.

Dillon’s awkward expression transformed into pure delight the second he laid eyes on Ron.

Although it was not possible for him to meet Suny today, his visit was not a wasted effort, as he was able to see Ron.

Dillon promptly ignored Yvonne and Sophia. They were adamant in their resolve, so he saw no purpose in trying to change their minds.

He turned to Ron and greeted warmly, “Mr. Murphy, long time no see!”

“Yes, it’s been a while since we last met, Mr. Xenos,” Ron replied off-handedly.

Dillon used to be treated with respect when he worked at Odyssey, but everyone in his social circle knew about his retirement.

Alexander and Sophia’s relationship was no secret, and Sophia was also Perrin’s granddaughter. Ron was a smart man who was acutely aware of who he should side with.

In Ron’s opinion, Dillon was foolish to think he was capable enough to defeat Alexander.

However, Ron was mindful to not burn bridges with Dillon. He was uncertain of what the man might be capable of in the future, and so he inquired, “Mr. Xenos, what brings you here today?”

Dillon initially felt a wave of annoyance wash over him when he observed Ron’s off-handed attitude toward him, yet upon realizing that Ron had been more polite to him than Sophia and Yvonne, he allowed himself to relax. He declared, “I’d like to propose a joint venture with your company.”

Ron immediately realized what project he was talking about. He flashed a smile and responded, “The best person to speak to about that would be Ms. Yarrow. Suny granted Ms. Yarrow the full authority to make all decisions on behalf of the organization.”

Dillon paled visibly at his words.

Yvonne’s hurtful words were like a slap in his face, and now Ron’s words had pierced his heart deeply.

Ron was telling him that Sophia called the shots in Sunshine Group now, so it was pointless for him to try to butter Ron up.

“Mr. Xenos is here on official business, so I’ll leave you all to have a private conversation. We can catch up some other time!” Ron told Sophia with a grin.

With that, he waved at them and left.

Refusing to give up, Dillon called out, “Mr. Murphy, shall we talk? Mr. Murphy!”

Ron left without looking back as though his words had fallen on deaf ears.

Sophia had had enough of Dillon, and she was no longer willing to waste her time on him.

Fixing her gaze on Dillon, she said cheerily, “Mr. Xenos, I need to get back to work. If there’s nothing else, please take your leave.’

Dillon’s expression shifted dramatically. A while later, he clenched his jaw and said, “Ms. Yarrow, I was ignorant earlier. Please don’t take it to heart. I understand that my age can sometimes make me forgetful and slow, and I’m not always very articulate with my words.”

Sophia arched a brow. “Mr. Xenos, I do not believe that I am deserving of your apology.”

She then turned to Yvonne. “Ms. Leighton, please escort Mr. Xenos out. I need to head in to report my work progress to Suny.”

Knowing Sophia wanted Dillon out, Yvonne walked over to him. “Mr. Xenos, this way please.”

Dillon’s body quivered with rage as he glared at Sophia with a menacing expression.

Sophia’s composure remained unfazed as she returned to her desk and opened a file. Without so much as a glance in his direction, she wordlessly attended to her task.

Yvonne parted her lips again. “Mr. Xenos, this way please,” she repeated.

Knowing his visit was in vain, Dillon had no choice but to leave.

Outside Sunshine Group, Dillon’s secretary told him, “Mr. Xenos, isn’t that Mr. Murphy?”

Dillon frowned and shifted his gaze toward the direction his secretary was indicating. Indeed, he saw Ron exiting the premises of Sunshine Group.

Delight crossed Dillon’s face as he hurried over to Ron. “Mr. Murphy, I’d like to discuss a business deal with you.”

Ron had no idea he’d bump into Dillon again. He greeted the latter politely, although inwardly he was cursing his luck. “Mr. Xenos, please don’t say that. I’m just a shareholder with no power at Sunshine Group. You should talk to Suny regarding that business deal.”

Dillon asked softly, “Wouldn’t you like to be the one making the decisions in Sunshine Group?”

“I’m used to leading a carefree life. Suny does an admirable job of managing Sunshine Group, right? I’m not that ambitious, so you’ve got the wrong person, Mr. Xenos. Please excuse me.”

Ron had no intention of taking away Sophia’s position at Sunshine Group due to her close connection with the Dawson family. He was well aware of how well she was doing in running the business and had no desire to interfere.

Moreover, even if he desired to assume her role, he lacked the necessary skills and experience to run the company.

Ron knew his place. In stark contrast, Dillon was sadly lacking in insight, failing to comprehend his circumstances despite his age and experience.

After walking away, Ron snorted icily.

With that, he waved at them and left.

Refusing to give up, Dillon called out, “Mr. Murphy, shall we talk? Mr. Murphy!”


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