Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 372

Chapter 372 You Are The Only One I Love

Alas, Dillon thought Ron lacked insight instead. He stood still and watched as Ron hurried away. Narrowing his eyes, he sneered, “What a useless man. You let Sophia get away with treating you like dirt without fighting back.”

Dillon cursed angrily for a few moments before marching back to his car with his secretary to leave Sunshine Group. Not long after Dillon left, Sophia received a call from Alexander.

She paused in her work and got up to head to the window. Downstairs, she saw Dillon’s car driving away. “What’s wrong?”

“Did Dillon come to your company to talk to you?”

“He didn’t come for me. He demanded to talk to Suny.”

Hearing that, Alexander raised his brow. “Did he make things difficult for you?”

Sophia chuckled in response. “Not many people are capable of making life difficult for me.”

Alexander pondered over her answer before changing the topic. “What would you like for dinner?”

After giving it some thought, Sophia asked, “Will you get mad if I said anything is fine?”

She couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner.

“Of course not. I’ll decide, then.”


“Are you done? Should I come pick you up now?”

Sophia tilted her head and agreed, “Sure.”

Dillon had taken up some of her time, and it was already half past five. It would be six by the time she finished reading this file, just in time for dinner.

After Sophia signed the document, Alexander called to inform her that he was downstairs.

Sophia hung up, packed her stuff, and left her office.

On the way out, she bumped into Yvonne. “Dillon might be up to something, so it’s important to keep a close watch on him,” she reminded.

Yvonne nodded. “Okay, got it.”

Sophia smiled. “You should get off work earlier today.”


Yvonne knew that Sophia meant her words.

A smile nudged Sophia’s lips as she strutted into the elevator in her high heels.

It was still bright at this hour. As soon as Sophia stepped outside, she noticed Alexander standing beside his car.

As the clock struck six, many employees began to pour out of the building. Many female employees cast admiring glances in Alexander’s direction as they walked past him. His tall figure looked especially handsome in his suit.

Sophia hurried over to him. When she came closer, Alexander reached out to take her hand.

Some passers-by initially wanted to get Sophia’s number but dismissed that thought when they saw that sight.

Sophia and Alexander looked like a match made in heaven that no one could bring themselves to come between them.

Glancing at him, Sophia asked, “Are you not busy?”

After they started dating, Alexander’s previously packed diary was immediately freed up. It seemed that he had more free time to spare than she did, which was quite remarkable considering how full his calendar had been before.

“Nope,” came Alexander’s reply as he opened the door, gesturing for her to get in.

Sophia got into the passenger seat. Instead of leaving, Alexander helped her put on the seatbelt before finally making his way over to the driver’s side.

Sophia raised her eyebrows and tilted her head inquisitively. “What are we having for dinner?”

“Ferropenian cuisine.”

“Okay!” Sophia responded cheerfully as she glanced at the traffic before them.

Soon, the car drove away from the office building.

The Ferropenian restaurant wasn’t located in the city center, so it was obvious that Felix had picked this place.

There was a table reserved for them. When they arrived, a server led them to their table.

The restaurant was a sight to behold with its sophisticated elegance. There was a grand white piano on the stage, and a man dressed in a white suit was providing the perfect accompaniment to the evening by playing a beautiful piano piece.

After ordering a few Ferropenian dishes that she was familiar with, Sophia began to fill Alexander in on the details of how she toyed with Dillon earlier.

Alexander noticed the mischievous look in her eyes, and his gaze softened. “If he shows up another time, just have him kicked out.”

Sophia was surprised to hear that. “Isn’t that considered rude?”

I’m not a rude person.

Alexander cracked a smile, which was rare for him. “Up to you, then.”

They were chatting pleasantly when someone called Sophia’s name.

Sophia spun around to face the source of the voice, and when she saw it was Chandler, a smile nudged her lips. “What a coincidence, Mr. Shaw.”

“Yes, fancy running into you here, Ms. Yarrow.”

Chandler then turned his attention to Alexander. “Mr. Xenos.”

Alexander’s expression turned icy. “Mr. Shaw, don’t make your friend wait too long.”

Chandler raised a brow but didn’t comment on that. “I’ll take my leave now. We’ll chat another time.”

Sophia inclined her head. “Sure.”

After Chandler left, Sophia regarded Alexander and burst out giggling. “Alexander, do you like being jealous?”

Alexander nodded solemnly. “Yes.”

Sophia had no idea he’d be this honest. “But I think I should be the one getting jealous.”

Alexander was taken aback by her answer. “How so?”

Sophia harrumphed. “Chandler was obviously here for you.”

Chandler was clearly teasing Alexander during both encounters.

Alexander frowned slightly. “I’m not close to him.”

Sophia immediately caught the main point in his answer. “You are not close to him, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know him at all.”

Right then, the appetizer was served, so Alexander didn’t provide her with an answer.

Sophia gave him an amused look and fell silent.

After dinner, they left the restaurant. This time, they didn’t bump into Chandler. The sky was getting dark as it was past seven in the evening.

Sophia looked up at the night sky and remembered that there was a light show taking place nearby. She asked, “There is a light show at Gen Square. Do you want to check it out?”


Alexander was not the most perceptive of people, but he was smart enough to comply with whatever Sophia proposed.

The square was quite crowded due to the spectacular light show that was going on. Finding a parking spot was difficult, and it took them a while to locate one close to a residential area that was approximately one kilometer away from the square.

The residential area was tranquil, despite the steady stream of people making their way home.

They were strolling along the street when a young couple approached them.

The young couple, both dressed in their school uniforms, came to a sudden halt as the girl noticed Alexander and Sophia. The boy gave the girl an awkward tug. “Stop staring. They are looking at you.”

The girl jolted out of her reverie, and her cheeks flushed red in embarrassment. When both couples walked past each other, the girl couldn’t help but steal another glance at them both.

Sophia spun around on her heels, practically yanking Alexander along with her as she trailed behind the young couple. She kept her distance, not wanting to intrude on their conversation, but still close enough to hear what was being said. She heard the girl remark, “Isn’t the couple good-looking? They look like they could be celebrities.”

“Even if they are good-looking, you shouldn’t stare at them. They were looking at you!”

“I can’t help it! That lady was really gorgeous. You like gorgeous ladies too, right? Her legs were so long and slender. Oh, I admire her. I wish I could be half as elegant as her.”

“What a fool!” the boy chided as he knocked the girl’s head.

The girl held her head and gave him an aggrieved look. “Why did you hit me?”

“Because you’re a fool!”

“How am I a fool?”

“If you’re not a fool, you wouldn’t ask me that question.”

“Do you like pretty ladies like her, then?”

Sophia halted in her tracks and stopped following them.

The young couple slowly walked away, but from several meters away, they could still hear the boy saying, “You’re the only person I like! I don’t like her…”

They soon disappeared from sight.

Sophia tutted and turned around, only to realize that Alexander was staring at her. Before she could say a word, he announced, “You’re the only person I like, too.”

Sophia gave him an amused look and fell silent.

After dinner, they left the restaurant. This time, they didn’t bump into Chandler. The sky was getting dark as it was past seven in the evening.

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