Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 370

Chapter 370 No Deal

Alexander arched an eyebrow as he cut Felix off, “Got it. Continue to keep an eye on things.”

He then hung up the phone immediately after and walked up to Sophia.

The couch sank a little when Alexander sat down on it.

“That was quite a short phone call you had.”

“Yeah,” Alexander replied as he put his phone on the table next to them.

He then reached out to caress her face and traced his finger along her eyebrow. “Is there something on my face?” Sophia asked in confusion.

“No,” Alexander said while leaning in close to Sophia.

With their faces being mere centimeters away from each other, Sophia was able to feel his breath on her cheek.

It felt warm and tickled a little.

Sophia arched an eyebrow at him in amusement. “What are you doing, then?”

“What was it you asked me just now?”

“I asked you why you were looking at me.”

“Oh, it’s because you look great.”

Sophia let out a chuckle when she heard that. “Where did you learn to talk like that, Alexander?”

Alexander flashed her an affectionate smile as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her in for a deep and passionate kiss.

Sophia moaned as she gripped the sides of his shirt tightly in response.

The room was filled with the sounds of their increasingly rapid breathing as he lifted her shirt and fondled her breasts.

As Alexander continued to explore her body with his hands, Sophia found herself feeling hotter and hotter.

Alexander was a natural when it came to such things, especially since it wasn’t his first time kissing her. Sophia felt as though she was lying in a tub of warm water as their bodies were pressed tightly against each other.

It wasn’t until the doorbell rang much later that Alexander halted his barrage of kisses.

Sophia was still panting heavily as she rested her head against his shoulder. Her face burned bright red when she saw him swallowing hard to calm himself down. “Is it the deliveryman bringing us lunch?” she asked while averting her gaze.

Alexander glanced at her rosy red lips and fought the urge to kiss them again as he replied, “Yeah. I’ll go get the door.”


Sophia grabbed the glass of water from the table and sipped on it as she watched him head down the stairs.

Alexander returned moments later with the food. He had Felix arrange for food to be delivered to the mansion since they had just returned from the airport not long ago.

Given how the food had arrived so quickly, Sophia couldn’t help but be impressed with Felix’s level of efficiency.

As the dishes were chosen based on Sophia and Alexander’s preferences, it was only normal that they would find the food to their liking.

Alexander had a meeting in the afternoon, and Sophia needed to make a trip back to Sunshine Group as well, so the two headed out shortly after lunch.

Sophia had just settled down at her desk when Yvonne came in through the door, “Ms. Yarrow.”

“Hmm? What is it, Ms. Leighton?” Sophia asked with a smile.

“Dillon called again. He wants to see you.”

Sophia arched an eyebrow when she saw the conflicted look on Yvonne’s face. “He did more than just call you, did he?”

“His assistant is already waiting downstairs. Dillon knows we have an important meeting today. I’m sure he’ll come over shortly,” Yvonne replied awkwardly.

Sophia let out a chuckle. “That’s fine. Just keep them waiting, then.”

Yvonne nodded when she understood what Sophia meant. “Understood, Ms. Yarrow.”

She then stepped out of Sophia’s office and returned to her desk.

The meeting started at three in the afternoon and ended at around five in the evening.

Sophia and Yvonne had just stepped out of the conference room when the latter’s assistant, Belinda Sardella, approached them with an awkward look on her face. “Ms. Yarrow, Ms. Leighton.”

“What’s wrong?” Sophia asked with a gentle smile.

She rarely showed her cold side to her subordinates, which made them feel all the more guilty whenever they brought her bad news.

“It’s all my fault, Ms. Yarrow. I was unable to stop Dillon and his assistant in time. They’re currently waiting inside our reception room,” Belinda replied apologetically.

Sophia clicked her tongue in annoyance. “Does Dillon’s shamelessness know no bounds?”

Yvonne then motioned to Belinda to head back downstairs.

Belinda hesitated and shifted her gaze between Yvonne and Sophia.

“Go wait for us downstairs. We’ll be there in a minute,” Sophia said. She then paused briefly before continuing, “You didn’t tell them about my relationship with Sunshine Group, right?”

Not many of the employees in Sunshine Group knew about Sophia and Suny being the same person. Only those in the higher levels of management like Yvonne and major shareholders like Ron were aware of Suny’s true identity. Had Belinda not been Yvonne’s assistant, she wouldn’t have known about it either.

One of Sunshine Group’s unwritten rules was to keep Suny’s identity a secret. Having worked under Yvonne for three years, Belinda knew it was something to be kept a secret.

“No, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia nodded and said with a smile, “All right, then. Just try to relax and go get the refreshments ready downstairs.”

It would be rude not to welcome their guests, after all.

Meanwhile, Dillon was getting a little fidgety as he waited downstairs.

Suny of Sunshine Group had always remained a mystery even though the company had been around for seven years. Only a select few knew about Suny’s true identity, and the ones who knew were very good at keeping it a secret.

Dillon had tasked someone with investigating Suny two years ago in hopes of establishing a business partnership. However, his attempts at investigating Suny had all ended in failure.

Since Suny would occasionally show up at Sunshine Group’s internal meetings, Dillon pulled some strings and found out that Suny was present in the office that day.

With no other choice left, Dillon took a risk and came over to try and catch Suny in person.

He was well aware that his sudden visit might offend Suny and screw everything up, but he believed that Suny would not be able to resist the temptation of a huge company like Odyssey.

Dillon’s eyes lit up with excitement when the door to the reception room opened. He was about to stand up and greet the person, only to realize that it was Belinda bringing in some refreshments. “Here you go, Mr. Xenos. Have some coffee.”

Dillon was in no mood for coffee at the time. “Is Suny still in a meeting?”

Belinda shook her head. “I’m not too sure about that. You can head on back if you’re busy, Mr. Xenos. I will inform Ms. Leighton about it.”

Dillon shot Belinda a glance before replying, “Oh, it’s fine. I was just asking, that’s all.”

Dillon was not about to leave until he met Suny in person.

Sophia and Yvonne headed straight for the reception room after stepping out of the elevator.

She was able to see Dillon from about seven to eight meters away.

With her eyebrow arched, Sophia entered the reception room. “Hello, Mr. Xenos. I hear you wanted to see Suny.”

The look on Dillon’s face changed the moment he saw Sophia. “Huh? What are you doing here?”

Sophia flashed him a smile as she replied, “I’m Suny’s assistant, so it’s only normal for me to be here.”

As Dillon was unaware of that, his expression grew tense when he heard what she said. “I came here to see Suny, Ms. Yarrow.”

As though he were dissatisfied with Sophia’s attitude, Dillon turned toward Yvonne and repeated his request, “Ms. Leighton, I came here today to meet Suny.”

Sophia’s lips curled into a faint smile as she sat down on the couch in front of him. “Suny has already left as he still has other business to attend to, Mr. Xenos. He said you could leave your message with me instead. Rest assured that I have the authority to make ninety percent of his decisions for him.”

“I don’t want to deal with you! I want to see Suny! Don’t think for a second that I don’t know what you’re playing at, Sophia! I have a huge project worth tens of billions that I’m going to work with Suny on! You can’t possibly be authorized to make that decision!”

“Suny has told me that I am authorized to make those decisions for him. What project are you referring to, Mr. Xenos? Tens of billions is quite a huge sum,” Sophia replied calmly.

Dillon went livid with rage. “You… You are not qualified to make deals with me!”

Yvonne had wanted to say something, but Sophia shot her a warning glance and motioned to her to keep quiet.

Sophia then leaned back against the couch and sipped on a cup of coffee as she said casually, “That’s a shame, then. It looks like we won’t be having a deal, Mr. Xenos.”

“Don’t give me that crap, Sophia! You’re just an assistant! Stop pretending to be someone you’re not! I’ll have you know that—”

The smile on Sophia’s face vanished as she asked Yvonne, “Ms. Leighton, am I pretending to be someone I’m not?”

Yvonne stared coldly at Dillon as she said, “Mr. Xenos, you’ve angered Suny by barging in without a prior appointment. To make matters worse, you’ve just insulted Ms. Yarrow, whom Suny values greatly. It would make no difference if Suny were to meet you in person because he wouldn’t accept your deal anyway. Please—”

Dillon’s eyes lit up with excitement when the door to the reception room opened. He was about to stand up and greet the person, only to realize that it was Belinda bringing in some refreshments. “Here you go, Mr. Xenos. Have some coffee.”

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