Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 369

Chapter 369 Why Are You Looking At Me

In just one night, everyone in the upper-class society in Jadeborough and Doveston found out that Sophia was Perrin’s granddaughter.

The ones most stunned by the news were none other than the Xenoses.

Dillon had been so certain that he was going to be the victor. He was sure that he would be able to kick Alexander out of Odyssey in no time, but now, Sophia turned out to be Perrin’s granddaughter.

Anyone with some wits would know who Perrin Dawson was and what kind of family the Dawson family was.

Dillon thought that Alexander had no one to back him up, but the tables turned when it was revealed that Sophia was Perrin’s granddaughter.

The Dawson family had foundations in both the political and the corporate world. In the early years, Penelope accumulated a substantial amount of money for the Dawson family. Putting aside how the Dawson family’s business was still doing well—even if the Dawson family had gone bankrupt—the Dawsons could still survive on whatever wealth they had left for generations to come.

If Dillon wanted to kick Alexander out of Odyssey, he needed to make sure that Alexander was not a Xenos; besides, he also needed money. Dillon knew that very well.

Those old fellars in Odyssey only looked at the money and nothing else.

Furthermore, Alexander did manage Odyssey well enough to improve it in recent years. If those directors had been making money, they would surely want to make sure that money kept pouring in.

Therefore, Dillon was livid when he heard the news. He immediately tossed his phone.

Everyone in Jadeborough knew that Alexander had gotten back with Sophia. If he were to insist on kicking Alexander out of Odyssey, it would mean that he was making the Dawson family his enemy.

Of course, other than Dillon’s fury in response to Sophia’s relationship with the Dawson family, there were also Kristen and Thalia who were shocked and frightened by the news.

Kristen knew that she and Alexander were archenemies the moment the recording was uploaded online that night.

If not for the uploaded recording, Kristen would not feel so fearful and regretful.

After all, she thought that Alexander would stand no chance against them as Dillon gradually forced Alexander out of Odyssey.

Yet, the tides had changed. Sophia was no longer an ordinary woman; she was now Perrin Dawson’s granddaughter. She was rich and powerful.

Kristen had lived long enough to master the skill of analyzing the situation.

Unfortunately, she had gone all out against Alexander earlier on, and it was too late for her to regret her decision.

Everything that happened in the past six months was more than enough to show everyone Alexander was not someone who should be easily crossed, but she had still done it nonetheless.

Meanwhile, ever since Thalia was kicked out of the Xenos family, she had been going through all the ups and downs in life. She thought that she was going to get back her old identity, but now, Sophia was turning out to be a massive backup for Alexander.

“Mom, what do we do now?”

“What can we do? We’ve already had a falling out with Alexander. Even if we beg for his forgiveness now, he won’t forgive us!”

Thalia pursed her lips. When she thought about how cruel and heartless Alexander could be, she turned a few shades paler. “How did Sophia end up being one of the Dawsons?”

“How would I know? If Sophia’s really a part of the Dawson family, we might lose against Alexander if we keep fighting him.”

Thalia bit her lower lip as chills ran down her spine. A thought popped into her head, and she said, “Mom, what if Sophia’s not part of the Dawson family?”

Kristen froze before turning to Thalia. “What are you planning to do? If Sophia isn’t part of the Dawson family, the Dawsons naturally won’t care about Alexander’s problems. If the Dawsons aren’t going to intervene in this, Alexander won’t be able to hold his ground for long.”

At that point, Kristen suddenly laughed. “Dillon has been running the company for so many years. There’s no way Alexander’s going to win against him!”

Of course, her statement was based on the condition that Alexander did not have help.

Thalia hesitated for a second before leaning closer to Kristen to whisper a plan to her.

Before Sophia boarded the plane, she had taken two calls. One was from Horatius, and the other was from Charlize.

Without a doubt, the two were calling to ask about the announcement of her identity the night before.

Right as Sophia came out of the airport, she received another call.

This time, it was Yvonne. Yvonne knew that she had just come out of the plane at that time, so she would definitely not call her unless she had something urgent.

Sophia gave Alexander a glance and said, “I’m going to pick up a call.”

With that, she walked to a quieter spot and answered the call. “Ms. Leighton?”

“Ms. Yarrow.”

Lowering her head to stare at the tip of her shoes, Sophia smiled and asked, “What is it?”

“Dillon called me this morning.”

At that, Sophia raised a brow. “What did he say?”

“He said he wishes to meet you and that he has a collaboration he would like to discuss with you.”

Sophia clicked her tongue. “He’s a fast one, isn’t he?”

She wondered if Dillon would explode in fury if he were to find out that the one he was looking for help from was actually her.

“Ms. Yarrow, do you want to meet him?”

Sophia glimpsed at Alexander and chuckled. “How boring it will be if I meet him now, so no.”

Yvonne understood what Sophia meant immediately. “Of course. I understand, Ms. Yarrow.”

After ending the call, Sophia arched a brow at Alexander and said, “Dillon called Ms. Leighton.”

There was no look of surprise on Alexander’s face. He had expected Dillon to go to Sunshine Group, for he knew that Dillon did not have much money.

“What conditions did he list?”

“None. I don’t want to meet him now.”

Isn’t Dillon confident that he’ll win? I’d like to see what he’s going to use to win! It’ll be boring if I show up now, so I’ll wait. Once Dillon loses, I’ll present myself as the mastermind. That’ll be brilliant.

Yes, I am so kind and understanding.

Alexander knew what Sophia was thinking about. He took her hand and gently brushed his finger on the back of her hand as he looked at her dottingly. “As long as you’re happy.”

Sophia’s face heated up, and she averted her gaze. “Where’s the driver?”

Right as those words were out of her mouth, a black Bentley drove over and stopped in front of them.

The driver came out of the car and ran over to them. “Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow, I’m sorry. There was some traffic congestion, so I’m a little late.”

Sophia smiled. “It’s fine.”

With that, she hunched over to enter the car through the door Alexander opened for her.

By the time they returned to the mansion, it was already past one o’clock. Just as Sophia changed into fresh clothes and went downstairs, she heard Alexander on a call.

It seemed like it was a call with Felix. Sophia walked over to sit on the couch. She then noticed a glass of warm water on the coffee table, which was filled for her by Alexander.

Sophia picked up the glass. As she drank the water, she watched Alexander, who was by the windowsill.

The light filtered through the window and cast a glowing blanket on him, taking away much of his iciness.

Seemingly sensing her gaze, Alexander turned to look at her.

Sophia cocked a brow and mouthed, Why are you looking at me?

“He said he wishes to meet you and that he has a collaboration he would like to discuss with you.”

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