Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 368

Chapter 368 No Point Knowing Them

Right as Perrin’s words were out in the air, the crowd flew into an uproar.

Many people had made guesses as to what Perrin was going to announce, but they were not expecting to hear him say that Sophia was one of the Dawsons and was Perrin’s biological granddaughter.

“Oh my god! Sophia’s so lucky! I can’t believe she’s Perrin’s biological granddaughter! The only grandchild they have was Lukas, so that means Sophia won’t need to worry about anything in life after being accepted into the Dawson family!”

“She’s really too lucky! Now that she’s Perrin’s granddaughter, she’s definitely a match for Alexander. Alexander’s back together with her, and he’s even showing up here with her today. They are probably getting married soon! By then, Sophia will be part of the Xenos and Dawson families! She has truly hit the jackpot!”

As the guests chattered away, Perrin glanced at Sophia before giving her a loving smile. “Sophia, come here. Say hello to everyone.”

Kylie gently patted Sophia’s shoulder. “Go on.”

After a glance at Alexander, Sophia went up the stage and walked to Perrin’s side. “Hello, I’m Sophia Yarrow.”

Sophia had just come from the airport with Alexander, so the dress she was wearing was a casual champagne-colored dress that glittered under the lights. She was elegantly standing beside Perrin, and while the people were envious of her status, they had to admit that Sophia was simply too attractive.

As a matter of fact, she bore some resemblance to Penelope.

Many of the older people knew that the Dawson family had lost a daughter over thirty years ago, but the Dawsons did not continue looking for her in high profile after more than a decade. Hence, as time passed, the older people spoke lesser and lesser about the matter to the younger ones. Hence, many of the younger generations did not know about the incident.

Still, even though many did not know the original story, none questioned Sophia’s identity after hearing Perrin’s announcement.

Once the introduction of Sophia was completed, Perrin was done with one of the two important tasks he had for the night.

Meanwhile, when Sophia came back down from the stage, there were more people who paid attention to her.

Nevertheless, Sophia grew up under the watchful eyes of most people, so she was used to the attention. Even after leaving the stage, she continued to have a small smile on her face as if she was unfazed by how she suddenly gained an identity that would make many envious.

After the banquet, Sophia went back to the Dawson residence with Perrin and the others. As for Alexander, he had no choice but to stay in the hotel.

Just a while after Sophia’s shower, she noticed several friend requests on WhatsApp.

Sophia lifted her brow, but she neither accepted them nor rejected them.

Soon, she found out why she was getting that many requests.

Sophia did not know what Alexander had said to Perrin, but Perrin had asked Lukas to give her number to several young men from prestigious families. Clearly, Alexander’s chat with Perrin had not gone too well.

Sophia’s trip there was a short one, and she had booked a flight back to Jadeborough at ten the next morning.

Before she left, Perrin, who was standing by the doorway with a cane, said, “I’ve asked Lukas to introduce a few excellent men to you. Do meet them even if you don’t like them. It’ll be good for you to be friends with them.”

Sophia glanced at Lukas, a little flustered. “Got it, Granddad.”

Perrin scoffed. “I knew you were going to say this to me, and I know you’re not going to meet them. Don’t you try to fool me for I know their parents!”

Sophia was exasperated. “I’ll go and meet them, Granddad.”

After a glance at the time, Lukas reminded Perrin, “Grandpa, she only has one and a half hours left.”

“All right, send your cousin to the airport.”

It was only then Sophia let out a sigh of relief.

Lukas was surprisingly free that day, so he personally sent Sophia to the airport.

Forty minutes later, the car came to a stop.

Lukas cocked his head to the side to look at her. “Dillon isn’t anyone good, so be careful, okay?”

Sophia nodded. “I will.”

As she spoke, she opened the door. “I’ll be going in now, Lukas.”

“Okay,” Lukas answered. He only drove off after watching Sophia enter the airport.

By the time Sophia reached the security checkpoint, Alexander was already waiting for her there.

The two of them traveled light the day before, so they did not have much to bring back as well.

“Let’s go,” Alexander said as he held her hand the moment she reached him.

Looking at him, she smiled. “What did you tell my grandfather yesterday?”

Alexander lowered his head to look back at her. “I’ll be honest with you.”

And he did just that and shared with her how he saw the situation.

Sophia huffed. “Granddad asked Lukas to introduce a few young talented men to me.”

Right as Sophia said that, Alexander’s grip on her hand tightened.

“What’s the point of getting to know them?”

Alexander furrowed his brows, looking gloomy.

“But my granddad insisted that I have to meet them before I left the house this morning.”

Alexander pursed his lips for a while before uttering, “Just once.”

Sophia could not help chuckling. “I can’t guarantee that.”

Fate was unpredictable, and coincidences happened. Meeting them only once was something she could not guarantee.

However, just as those words left Sophia’s mouth, Alexander’s expression darkened.

It was a rare sight for Sophia to see ever since they got back together.

Amused, Sophia reached out to touch his furrowed brows, but he let go of his hand on her waist. In the next second, Alexander pulled her into his arms and wrapped an arm around his waist.

“What are—”

She could not finish her sentence before Alexander pecked a kiss on her lips.

Right then, it was their turn at the security checkpoint, and the officer behind the window was looking at them as he said, “Next.”

It felt as if someone had lit Sophia’s face on fire. She glared at Alexander before walking over to the counter with her ID card and flight ticket.

It was exactly half-past twelve when the plane touched down at Jadeborough. Since the two of them had no check-in luggage, they headed straight out of the airport.

Right as they reached the escalator, Sophia heard someone calling her name.

Turning around, she realized it was a young man.

“Mister, are you asking for me?”

“Ms. Yarrow, I’m Chandler Shaw. We met last night.”

Sophia soon recalled who he was. “Oh, it’s you, Mr. Shaw. Hello.”

Chandler gave her a smile before raking his gaze across Alexander. “It has been a while, Mr. Xenos.”

Alexander gave Chandler an icy look. “It has been a while, Mr. Shaw.”

“I have something to attend to, Ms. Yarrow, so let’s talk next time.” As if Chandler did not sense Alexander’s irritation, he waved his phone before leaving and said, “By the way, Ms. Yarrow, please add me on WhatsApp.”

Just as he said that, he walked off, leaving the scowling Alexander behind.

Sophia was certain that Chandler was doing it on purpose. She turned to Alexander and chuckled. “Is there something between you and Mr. Shaw?”

“Why does he have your number?”

Sophia hummed. “Lukas gave it to him.”

Alexander, who had intended to settle the score with Chandler, was rendered speechless at that.

“What’s the point of getting to know them?”

Alexander furrowed his brows, looking gloomy.

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