Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 367

Chapter 367 Sophia The Granddaughter

Sophia bumped into Lukas when she came out of the lounge. There were plenty of notable guests that night, and Lukas only came up when he finally found some free time.

When he saw Sophia standing in the corridor, he guessed that Alexander had to be chatting with Perrin privately in the lounge.

Lukas still did not like Alexander because of Sophia’s disastrous three-year marriage. As her older cousin, Lukas did not wish to see Sophia returning to a time like that.

If Sophia was not his baby cousin, Lukas would have admired Alexander.

Alas, that was not possible. Being a family meant they would be unreasonably biased toward their own.

When Lukas saw Sophia standing before the railing, he walked over to her and asked, “Alexander’s inside?”

“Lukas,” Sophia greeted, surprised to see him. She then nodded. “Mhm. He said he wanted to have a private talk with Granddad.”

Lukas glanced at the tightly shut door. “Aren’t you afraid that it’ll go wrong?”

A laugh escaped Sophia. “I don’t think Alexander will push his luck that much.”

Lukas turned back to her and stared at her for a while. “You trust him quite a bit.”

Sophia could hear the disgruntled tone in Lukas’ words, and she stiffened. “Lukas, can I ask you a question?”

“What is it?”

“If I weren’t married to Alexander for those three years, or if I didn’t get a divorce from Alexander, would you still dislike him this much?”

It was a straightforward question to say the least.

Lukas knew that Sophia was smart, but he was still surprised with how Sophia managed to keep a clear head despite being in the middle of the matter.

“I won’t deny that he’s an outstanding man, but an outstanding man does not equate to an outstanding significant other.”

Sophia nodded in contemplation. Then, an even more straightforward question came out of her. “So, Lukas, will you be an outstanding significant other?”

Lukas, who was trying to convince his cousin to give up on Alexander, turned speechless at that.

Sophia cocked her head and watched him for a while. “Lukas, no one’s perfect.”

A rare smile went past Lukas’ lips. “There’s no use in you trying to convince me on that. I’ve never been the largest obstacle between the two of you.”

Sophia chuckled. “I know.”

She just wished that her family would be able to accept Alexander.

Right as the two of them were chatting away, someone suddenly opened the door behind them.

Sophia instinctively turned around. When she saw Alexander walking out of the room, she smiled and said, “You’re done?”

Alexander gave Lukas a glance. “Mr. Dawson.”

As he spoke, he walked over to hold Sophia’s hand and nodded.


Just as Lukas returned the nod to Alexander, Perrin called him.

“I’ll be taking Grandpa downstairs. You should head down too.”

“Then we’ll be going down first.”


Lukas glanced at Alexander again but he said nothing else before turning and entering the lounge.


Perrin turned toward him and uttered, “Alexander told me some things earlier.”

Lukas raised his brows a little. “He’s a silver-tongued businessman. Don’t step into his trap.”

Perrin scoffed. “I’ve lived for over eighty years, and I’ve seen more things than he has. Does he really think he’ll be able to dismiss how he has hurt Sophia just with a few words? He can dream on!”

“What do you have in mind, then? It looks like Sophia really likes him.”

“There are so many smart young men around, and Sophia’s such a pretty girl. Who knows who she’ll end up with, really?” A smug grin grew on Perrin’s lips as he spoke. “Doesn’t the boy from the Swain family want to court Sophia?”

Lukas pursed his lips. “Horatius is too much of a playboy.”

Perrin shot a glare at Lukas. “You know so many people, but are none of them a good match for Sophia?”

“I don’t think anyone is a match for Sophia.”

She’s so smart and pretty. Besides, she’s kind too. Personally, I don’t think anyone’s worthy of her.

Previously, he had introduced her to Zayne, but that was only for the sake of pissing Alexander off. Furthermore, with Zayne’s personality, Lukas knew that he would not be able to get together with Sophia in the end.

Perrin agreed with Lukas. “Yes, but we still need to get someone to protect Sophia.

Lukas could only hum in agreement.

Old people always felt that young people should start a family and have their own careers.

“It’s almost time. Let me take you downstairs.”

Perrin nodded. “Let’s go downstairs now. It’s not just my birthday today, after all!”

Lukas smiled and led Perrin down the stairs.

Most of the guests were there already. Once Sophia and Alexander were downstairs, they went to Kylie and Kasper’s side.

Even though it was a grand banquet that night, Kylie was the one who had organized everything; she did not get the other branch of the Dawson family to help out at all.

Not too long ago, people in the social circle were talking about how the other branch of the Dawson family had a falling out with the Dawson family and that the Dawson family wanted to cut contact with members of the other branch of Dawson family.

Even though Kylie did not get anyone to help her out today, and even though the other branch of the Dawson family was there as well, they were treated as guests. Everyone could see how things were, and after that night, many were going to look at the other branch of the Dawson family in a new light.

Standing beneath the stage, Susan was close to crushing her teeth from gritting them as she stared at Sophia, who was by Kylie’s side.

She never thought that Kylie would be this merciless. She had been by Kylie’s side for more than two years. Even if she were just a pet, Kylie would have still grown feelings for her. However, that night, Kylie did not even chat with her parents after they arrived.

Initially, Susan wanted to use this opportunity to dismiss the rumors in the social circle, but when she went over to Kylie with a smile to offer her help, Kylie said, “You’re a guest. How can I ask you to help us out?” Kylie’s response affirmed everyone’s guesses that the Dawson family had a falling out with the other branch of the family.

Furthermore, the reason for the falling out was none other than Sophia, who had just been brought back into the family.

Nevertheless, Susan’s fury was pointless, for, after that night, everyone was going to learn that Sophia was Perrin’s granddaughter.

When Perrin and Lukas came down the stairs, the people who were chatting in the room fell silent.

Perrin then took the microphone Kylie passed to him and smiled before starting, “Actually, I have something important to announce today.”

Right as Perrin said that, the discussion among the guests began again.

Their topics revolved around Lukas and Sophia.

However, both Sophia and Alexander were standing at the side, and Lukas, who was beside them, did not look annoyed at all.

Hence, the guests wondered when the Dawsons had become such magnanimous people.

Right in the middle of the discussion, Perrin’s voice traveled to every corner of the room. “Everyone knows that our family lost a daughter over thirty years ago, but my wife and I have never once given up looking for my youngest daughter. Alas, fate is cruel, and my youngest daughter, Rachel, passed away in a car accident ten years ago.”

The mention of Rachel seemed to put Perrin into a daze. His unfocused gaze was fixed in a spot a short distance away, and while no one knew what he was looking at, none said a word.

After two seconds of pause, Perrin continued. “Fortunately, Rachel was married and had a child before she passed away. Even though she’s no longer around, her daughter is still with us. Therefore, I’d like to introduce a person to all of you today. This is the daughter of my youngest daughter, Rachel—Sophia Yarrow.”

Standing beneath the stage, Susan was close to crushing her teeth from gritting them as she stared at Sophia, who was by Kylie’s side.

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