Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 366

Chapter 366 Everything I Own Belongs To Sophia

Sophia’s appearance took a lot of people by surprise. Even Alexander’s appearance at the current event was nothing shocking. However, when the two of them showed up together, everyone was baffled.

Shortly after the couple entered the venue, many people started gossiping.

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Alexander arrives with Sophia by his side, and the two of them look like they are back together! I thought the Dawson family is going to pick Sophia as their daughter-in-law. What’s going on?”

“How should I know? This birthday banquet is so grand. I thought they are going to announce the engagement between Sophia and Lukas!”

“Two months ago, I heard that Sophia has gotten back together with Alexander. But during this period of time, she has also visited the Dawson residence quite a number of times. If Sophia isn’t going to marry into the Dawson family, why does Mr. Dawson like her so much?”

Gossip and discussions were buzzing wildly, but Sophia ignored all of them. When she found Kylie, she went over with Alexander immediately.

The moment Kylie saw them coming, she excused herself from her guests and called out, “Sophia.”

“Aunt Kylie.”

Sophia greeted Kylie and saw her aunt scrutinizing Alexander. She could not help but feel a little embarrassed. “Aunt Kylie, this is my boyfriend, Alexander.”

Kylie glanced at her and smiled. “So, you have decided not to hide him anymore?”

Sophia was feeling very awkward. “I have never done that.”

Although Alexander was a reserved person, he was still very respectful.

Previously, Kylie had some prejudices against Alexander because of their divorce. However, her displeasure subsided when she heard his casual yet respectful greeting. “We have a lot of guests today. Please forgive us if the service is lacking, Mr. Xenos.”

Kylie then turned to Sophia and said, “Go on and see your grandpa. He’s resting in the lounge.”

With that, Kylie gestured to a waiter and got him to bring the couple to meet Perrin.

The day before, Sophia had already met her granddad. That night, she brought Alexander with her.

It was Perrin’s birthday that day after all. Although the most important thing was to announce Sophia’s real identity, Kylie hoped that everything could go on peacefully. She did not wish for Perrin to be upset if he met Alexander in front of everyone later on.

Sophia understood Kylie’s intention. She turned to Alexander and said, “This time around, we are really going to meet my granddad.”

Alexander lowered his glance and nodded. “Sure. Don’t worry. I’m not nervous.”

Sophia could not help but laugh when she heard that. “I didn’t say you are nervous.”

Alexander pursed his lips and kept quiet.

Sophia felt his grip tighten around her hand, but she did not call him out. Instead, she pulled him along as they followed the waiter.

Very soon, the waiter came to a halt.

“Ms. Yarrow, this is where Mr. Dawson is resting.”

Sophia nodded and thanked him before knocking on the door.

Perrin’s assistant opened the door almost immediately. When John saw Sophia, he smiled. “Ms. Yarrow, you’re here.”

“Mr. Zinn, is Granddad in there?”

“Yes, he is. Please come in.”

John was smart enough to leave them alone, and Sophia went into the lounge while holding onto Alexander’s hand.

The moment she walked in, she saw Perrin drinking coffee. “Granddad.”

Perrin looked annoyed. “Didn’t I tell you that I don’t want to see him?”

Sophia turned around to look at Alexander before she smiled and said, “But, I can’t help it, Granddad. I only like this man.”

When Alexander heard what she said, he cast a glance at Sophia before walking forward. “Mr. Dawson.”

Perrin responded with a cold snort, “Mr. Xenos, you’re a smart man, so I will get straight to the point. I don’t approve of you getting together back with Sophia. If the two of you want to date, I don’t care. But if you want to remarry, I will never agree to it!”

Alexander was mentally prepared, so when he heard what Perrin said, he was not surprised.

He glanced at Sophia and asked, “May I speak privately with Mr. Dawson?”

Sophia raised her brows. She did not expect Alexander to be so confident.


Sophia looked at Perrin and patted his shoulders before she left. “Granddad, it’s only a chat. Please keep things civil. Don’t get rough, please.”

Perrin burst out laughing. “Silly girl! Am I such a person?”

“Of course not. I’m just worried that you may hurt yourself.”

“How dare you! Leave us. I want to hear what Mr. Xenos has to say!”

Sophia took another look at Alexander and whispered into his ears before leaving, “Watch what you say. If not, I’ll be angry.”


Alexander looked at her and acknowledged solemnly.

Without saying another word, Sophia turned around and left, leaving Alexander and Perrin alone.

Just as she shut the door, Perrin opened his mouth. “Now that Sophia isn’t here, just say whatever it is on your mind.”

Alexander nodded. “Do you know why Sophia likes me?”

His words infuriated Perrin. “It’s all because of that face of yours, isn’t it? Do you think Sophia is after your money?”

Alexander was not angry when he heard the old man’s response. In fact, he was quite happy. However, he controlled himself since he was still negotiating with Perrin, so he put on a serious expression. “That’s true. But, there’s something else you may not know.”

Perrin was losing his patience with Alexander. “Just say it. Don’t beat around the bush. I’m not Sophia. I don’t buy this sh*t of yours.”

Alexander was extraordinarily patient. “Twelve years ago, when Sophia was in Jadeborough for a competition, she was nearly abducted by human traffickers. I was the one who rescued her. I have no other intention when I tell you about this incident. I only want to let you know that I didn’t remember that incident back when Sophia first married me. I also had no idea that she married me because she likes me. I’m sure you’re aware of the situation in the Xenos family. I grew up in a loveless family. All everyone cared about is scheming against one another. As such, I find it hard to trust others and certainly don’t believe in love. I’m not trying to find excuses for myself by sharing all these with you. I won’t justify the way I have hurt Sophia during those three years. I just want you to know that I never meant to hurt her.”

Alexander paused for a while before continuing, “What I mean is I used to be a very horrible person. I assumed the worst in a person and knew nothing about love and how to love someone. But, Sophia has taught me that not everyone who gets close to me comes with ulterior motives. Not every romantic relationship is a transaction. She is like a ray of light that brightens up my world of darkness.”

“So? Do you think I will approve of your reconciliation since you tried to appeal to me with these soppy stories?”

“No. I only want to let you know that I love and protect Sophia just like you do. I want nothing but happiness for her. But, I don’t want to leave her happiness in the hands of others. I truly believe that I’m the only person who can make her happy. Before coming here, I got my secretary to consolidate all of my assets. If I allow Sophia to suffer again, everything that belongs to me will go to her. Mr. Dawson, this is how sincere I am.”

Perrin glanced at him and uttered, “We aren’t in need of money.”

“I know but everything I own belongs to Sophia.”

Alexander nodded. “Do you know why Sophia likes me?”

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