Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 365

Chapter 365 Feeling Nervous For The First Time
Connor recalled that Sophia’s classmate was the one who told on him when he intended to drug Sophia during graduation.

That woman even hounded me like a mad dog due to that incident, but it made no difference since, in the end, she’d watched on helplessly as I was acquitted!

Never did he expect Sophia to seek him out many years later because of that matter. “You’re going to such lengths to ensure my demise just for her sake?” he asked in disbelief.

News regarding Sophia had more or less reached his ears, although he had not been in Jadeborough for several years.

Moreover, she was recently invited to give a speech at Jadeborough University during its anniversary celebration as an outstanding alumna.

Even though Connor did not keep himself up to date with Sophia’s accomplishments in the past years, he was aware that she was doing very well in life.

The woman vanished into thin air right after their university graduation, and there had barely been a whisper about her. Initially, he had plotted to stage an appearance when she was in deep waters.

It was his firm belief that she would crawl back to him after being hammered by the harsh realities of society.

Sophia thoroughly snubbed him when he pursued her for two years while they were in university.

His ego as a man was bruised, and he did not think he would ever get over her indifference toward him.

During high school, his family was paid several million in compensation when their house was demolished. His parents subsequently opened a company following that, and he, too, founded a cosmetics company after graduating from university. Even though his company had not reached the point of being publicly listed, he was still much better off than most of the general populace.

As someone with a net worth of tens of millions, Connor believed that Sophia would actively approach him without the need for him to lift a finger should he show up before her.

That was what he had assumed two years ago. Unfortunately, his bubble burst as soon as he knew that Sophia was Alexander’s ex-wife.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have expected her to reach out to him after he had given up on her.

When Sophia heard his words, she knew there and then that he would remain unrepentant for his whole life. With a placid smile on her face, she said, “That’s right. What can you do to me, Connor?”

In the past, Connor would have arranged for a group of mobsters to assault her at her provocation.

Nonetheless, the reality was that the tables had turned. There was nothing he could do to her.

“I’m certain that I’ve never harmed you in any way. Therefore, why are you so adamant about destroying my life?” he questioned.

“The damage was done when you spiked my glass of wine. I’m demanding justice on behalf of Tanya. I hope you enjoy the rest that is to come, you worthless scum.”

After saying those words, Sophia hung up immediately and blocked his phone number.

Connor’s face had darkened at her pronouncement, yet there was nothing he could do but accept his fate.

Sophia was the only one who could solve all his problems if she was the perpetrator.

Alas, he could not reach her when he tried to call her.

Only then did he realize she had blocked his number.

It was worth noting that Connor was also a big shot at Jadeborough University, though he did not belong in the same league as Sophia and Joshua.

Because his household became wealthy overnight from the demolition when he was in high school, he was a profligate skirt chaser who drove a BMW around and gained notoriety for being a player in university.

Moreover, his incident with Tanya had blown up and become widely known throughout Jadeborough University.

Although he had graduated many years ago, all the girls he had toyed with rejoiced at his family’s downfall.

In just a matter of days, the online forum of Jadeborough University was flooded with posts on how curses, like chickens, came home to roost. They were all aimed at Connor.

Tanya, who worked at Sophia’s company immediately after her divorce, had never foreseen ever coming across news regarding Connor years after graduating.

Haunted by her traumatic experience with him over the past few years, she was caught off guard to hear of his ruination.

Nevertheless, she soon grounded herself back in the present and discovered that those who were tied to that incident many years ago, such as Yvette and Connor, were in troubled waters.

Tanya was no longer a naive child. Her notions about how everyone would reap the harvest were long since dispelled when Connor was acquitted back then.

Yet, to her surprise, Yvette and Connor were paying for their crimes, and the only one she could think of was Sophia.

Sophia had meted out justice to Liam, Connor, and Yvette, the ones who had wronged her in the past, on her behalf.

Tanya held on to her phone for several prolonged moments before ultimately deciding to give Sophia a call.

When Sophia heard her phone ring, she subconsciously arched a brow.

At the sight of Tanya’s caller ID lighting up her screen, she waved her phone at Alexander and answered the call. “Tanya?”

“It’s me, Sophia.”

“Are you going to treat me to a meal?” Sophia chuckled as she remembered their conversation from when she accompanied Tanya to sign the divorce papers.

“Sophia, I heard that both Connor’s and Yvette’s families have gone bankrupt.”

There, Tanya paused before continuing, “Thank you, Sophia.”

“It’s all over, Tanya.” Sophia had no plans to hide her involvement in those matters from Tanya. After all, she was not a benevolent person and was merely paying her debt to the latter.

“You’re right. I promise to move on in life and make it worthwhile.”


Sophia stared at her phone after ending the call. Moments later, the corner of her lips quirked upward into a smile.

Alexander, who was next to her, asked, “Did something good happen?”

She lifted her head to glance at him. “Those unpleasant experiences are but a thing of the past.”

He was privy to the incidents that befell Tanya and had pulled several strings behind the swift bankruptcy of Connor’s family.

“It is indeed an occasion worth celebrating,” he remarked.

Sophia could not hold back her laughter as she eyed him. “Fingers crossed that my grandad won’t be apoplectic when he sees you later.”

With that, she rested her head on his shoulder.

Alexander held her hand as he pursed his lips in silence.

Truth be told, it was his first time experiencing the feeling of nervousness in his entire life.

Soon, the airport broadcast reminded them of the boarding of their flight, so they got to their feet and made their way to the VIP lane to enplane.

The journey took approximately two hours, and it was six o’clock when they touched down at Doveston.

In addition to Perrin’s birthday celebration, the Dawson family would also announce Sophia’s identity. As such, it was a very grand occasion.

Lukas most likely had no desire to see Alexander, considering that he did not show up at the airport and had arranged for a chauffeur to pick Sophia up instead.

The Dawson family had always kept a low profile. The only other time they had held such an extravagant banquet was during Penelope’s sixtieth birthday celebration.

Perrin was used to having a minimalistic lifestyle, so he merely had a simple celebration for his sixtieth birthday.

Many speculated about whether a wedding announcement would be made for Lukas due to the exceptionally grandiose celebration.

Sophia was undeniably one of the most likely candidates whom Lukas would marry.

Even so, those within the inner circle were aware that Sophia and Alexander were an item, as there had been sightings of the couple for several months.

While the social circles of the upper class in Doveston were not identical to Jadeborough, some who occupied those positions were the same. Since everyone was more or less acquainted with one another, it only took a spark for news to spread like wildfire.

The banquet hall was already crowded before seven o’clock in the evening.

The Dawson family held superior positions of power in both the political and business spheres. Therefore, the guests at the banquet were all influential people of high status.

Sophia turned to face Alexander as the car made its stop in front of the hotel entrance. “Are you nervous?” she asked.

“Not really.” Alexander detected that she was jesting and slightly tightened his grip on her hand.

As if.

Sophia harrumphed and got out of the car after him.

As the two of them had arrived directly from the airport, she was not splendidly decked out. Nonetheless, she still managed to attract the attention of many in a simple dress due to her good looks and graceful air.

She lifted her head to glance at him. “Those unpleasant experiences are but a thing of the past.”

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