Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 364

Chapter 364 Still Remember Me


Alexander gazed at her with slightly furrowed brows.

Sophia tied her hair up, walked over to him, and nestled into his arms. “My granddad already knows what happened.”

The man was unusually taken aback. “It’ll be fine.”

She looked up at him and chuckled. “But he gets mad the moment he sees you.”

“That won’t happen soon enough.”

Intrigued by his remark, Sophia arched an eyebrow and asked, “What are you planning to do?”

“I had Mr. Lane prepare an agreement,” Alexander admitted.

“What agreement?”

Not saying anything, he grabbed his phone from the side, opened up the electronic document, and placed it in front of her.

She shot him a glance before taking the phone and swiping her finger across the screen to read the agreement he had mentioned.

A prenup? Oh, no, to be exact, it’s an agreement that would take effect both before and after marriage.

The agreement stated that if Alexander were ever unfaithful to Sophia, all of his assets would be transferred to her, regardless of whether the two of them were dating or already bound by marriage.

No one would ever complain about having too much money.

Alexander’s shares in Odyssey itself were already worth over four million in Anglandurn currency, but those were not the only shares declared in the agreement. Even his Fortuna shares were listed in it.

In other words, the man was betting his entire fortune on his relationship with Sophia and could lose everything in one night if he were to cheat on her.

While money did not mean as much to Sophia as it did to many others, not to mention that she was also wealthy, she was certainly still astounded by all those assets worth over a hundred billion in Anglandurn currency laid out in front of her.

The woman stared at the electronic document for a while before letting out a chuckle. “Aren’t you worried I’d get someone to set you up?”

Alexander glanced at her. “You wouldn’t.”

He spoke with absolute confidence while clutching her hand.

Feeling her cheeks burn from his stare, Sophia tried to retract her hand but could not do so due to his tight grip on it. She then gazed up at him, crinkling her eyes in a smile. “Do you think my granddad will give in just because of this?”

“Whether or not he does is a different matter, but this is my way of showing my sincerity.”

He certainly was sincere.

Sophia huffed. “I want some oatmeal tonight.”

Having taken the train and spent nearly an hour in the car, she did not want to eat much else.

Alexander finally let go of her. “Okay. I’ll get someone to send some over.”

After taking care of matters between Tanya and Liam, Sophia had Yvonne handle the rest regarding Connor and Yvette.

The trap had long been laid for Connor, while Yvonne had already gotten someone to find and erase all the videos in Yvette’s hands.

It was about time those two paid for their crimes.

Yvette had anticipated such a day to arrive the moment she found out she had lost all the videos; it was just far sooner than she had expected.

Nevertheless, she had already fled the country several days ago. It was none of her concern if others scorned her for being selfish. She was genuinely terrified of Sophia at that point.

After receiving a call from her parents, Yvette gazed at the setting sun outside the window and recalled the incident from eight years ago. If she had not said all those things to Connor back then, would she have gotten married to Henry and started her own beautiful family by then?

Alas, there were no ifs. Everything changed the moment she met Sophia.

She used to blame Sophia for robbing her of everything she had, as well as for refusing to let her go until the end.

It was only after hearing from her parents that her family had gone bankrupt and was even over eighty million in debt did Yvette suddenly realize that Sophia was never to blame. It was her own fault all along.

Everything had happened because of her own jealousy and narrow-mindedness.

However, it was all too late by then. There was no going back in time.

At that thought, the woman covered her face and began to sob.

Meanwhile, Yvonne reported to Sophia immediately after learning that the Saunderses had contacted Yvette. “I’ve found out where Yvette is, Ms. Yarrow. She’s currently in Jetroina.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia lifted her head and glanced at Yvonne. “I thought she’d have at least run off to Epea. I didn’t think she’d be in Jetroina instead.”

She must really have reached the end of the road, seeing that she couldn’t afford to flee to Epea, though it’s no surprise. The Saunderses are bankrupt now, so I suppose she doesn’t have much money left on her. I can imagine just how miserable her life will be from now on. Then again, it has nothing to do with me. None of this would’ve happened to her if she hadn’t committed those misdeeds back then.

“What about Connor?” Sophia asked while tapping her pen on the paper.

“His bride left with all his savings, so he’s been trapped in his own house thanks to all the creditors going after him.”

Sophia could not resist clicking her tongue at the thought of how Connor used to go around flaunting his wealth at school. “Do you have his number?”

Yvonne took out her phone, browsed her contact list, and sent Connor’s number to Sophia on WhatsApp. “I’ve sent it to you, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia smiled as her phone screen lit up. “Okay, thanks. You can get back to work now.”

Yvonne nodded and showed herself out of the office, closing the door behind her.

Sophia was not the type to kick a man when he was down, but that time around, she was adamant about letting a scumbag like Connor know what he did wrong.

Of course, whether or not he would repent was none of her concern.

After glancing at the number displayed on her phone screen, Sophia stood up and walked toward the floor-to-ceiling window, where she made the call.

No one picked up the first time, so she patiently tried again, only to receive the same result. Unlike her usual impatient self, she dialed the number for the third time without a frown on her face.

The misery Connor faced in his life then was completely unprecedented. He went bankrupt out of the blue and even owed tens of millions in foreign debt. Creditors would show up at his door each day, demanding that he pay what he owed them.

His bride ran off with all the gold bars and cash he had at home, and his cars were towed away as collateral.

Still, those cars were not enough to clear his debts. His workers, who had not received their pay, would crowd around outside his mansion every single day, whereas calls from loan sharks kept coming.

At present, Connor glanced at the unknown number that was calling him for the third time. It seemed plain obvious to him that the caller was one of his creditors, so he instinctively wanted to smash his phone to free himself from the annoyance.

Yet, as he stared at the number, he was seized by a sudden impulse and ultimately decided to answer the call.

He was not sure why, but for some reason, he secretly hoped that it was his runaway wife calling.

To his disappointment, what came through the line was an unfamiliar woman’s voice. “Hello, Connor. Do you still remember me?”

Sophia paused briefly before continuing, “This is Sophia Yarrow speaking.”


She was the woman he had failed to woo, even after his two-year courtship of her when they were in university; the woman he had always wanted but could never have.

Connor had no idea what she wanted from him, given that she was suddenly calling him when it had been five years since their graduation. “How did you get my number?” he asked.

“Is it that unusual? Not only do I have your number, but I also know what’s been going on in your life.”

Men always had a maniacal stubbornness to appear tough in front of the women they wanted but could not have, and Connor was no exception. “What do you know?” he demanded, feeling a stab in his heart from Sophia’s words.

He refused to believe it.

“Nothing much. All I know is that your family’s company has gone bankrupt, and you haven’t paid over a hundred employees their wages. You’re also unable to pay off the remainder of your projects, so you now have a foreign debt of about seventy million,” Sophia remarked.

She then chuckled and added, “Oh, and it looks like your wife ran off with all your family’s cash and jewelry.”

“You’ve been spying on me?”

“Please don’t put it that way. I don’t have such a hobby.”

A moment of silence later, Sophia continued, “I just tend to have more confidence in the things I do myself.”

“It was you! You did it! Why? Why would you do this to me? Is it just because I courted you for two years back in university?”

Unsurprisingly, Tanya was just an insignificant character in his life, so he had long forgotten the horrible thing he had done to her.

“Have you forgotten what you did to Tanya?” Sophia scoffed.

“Who’s Tanya? I’ve dated about a hundred girls in the past! You can’t possibly be coming after me because of them—”

Suddenly, Connor’s expression stiffened.

The misery Connor faced in his life then was completely unprecedented. He went bankrupt out of the blue and even owed tens of millions in foreign debt. Creditors would show up at his door each day, demanding that he pay what he owed them.

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