Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 357

Chapter 357 Do You Not Want To

“All right now, let’s go grab a bite.”

Alexander got to his feet and held out his hand to her.

With a smile on her face, Sophia took his hand and left Odyssey together with him.

Felix had made reservations for a newly opened restaurant for them. Upon their arrival, they found the place fully packed. They also saw someone familiar.

Having caught a glimpse of Samuel, who was nearby, Sophia couldn’t help but cock a brow. “Isn’t that Mr. Schild?”

I don’t think I made a mistake.

Even though she had no idea why Samuel was suddenly working as a waiter at the restaurant, she was certain that she wasn’t seeing things.

Samuel, too, was surprised to see the two of them there.

If I were to greet them, wouldn’t it ruin my reputation as a rich bachelor? No, I can’t do that. I can’t let them recognize me.

Samuel raised his tray to shield his face and slipped away when Alexander looked in his direction.

Nonetheless, Alexander had managed to get a good look. “Yeah, it’s him.”

Only Samuel is capable of doing something as unbelievable as this.

When Sophia saw Samuel hiding behind his tray, she couldn’t resist chuckling. “It seems Mr. Schild doesn’t want us to expose him.”

Alexander’s brows furrowed slightly. “Just ignore him.”

Despite that, fate works in mysterious ways.

After running into Alexander and Sophia in the lobby, Samuel figured it would be safer to serve the private rooms. At the very least, he didn’t need to reveal himself. If he was recognized and had his picture taken, he would be in a dilemma whether to admit it or not.

In order to avoid such a conundrum, Samuel decided to wait on the tables on the second floor instead.

Unfortunately, the moment he opened the door to the private room, a barrage of swear words flooded into his mind.

As he pushed the serving cart, the smile on his face froze at the sight of Alexander and Sophia.

Sophia exchanged a look with Alexander, then gave Samuel an indifferent glance as if she didn’t know him at all. “Please bring us two plates of spaghetti.”


Alexander added, “And two bowls of soup.”


Samuel acknowledged their orders while serving their table with the dishes on the cart.

Once he was done, he noticed that Alexander and Sophia weren’t as puzzled or surprised as he had expected. In fact, Sophia even smiled and asked, “Do we need to settle the bill now?”

Samuel began to wonder if there was something wrong with their eyes. Why didn’t they greet me?

“No. You can do that after the meal.”


Sophia nodded as she received a bowl of soup from Alexander.

Unable to resist it any longer, Samuel asked, “Don’t both of you find me familiar?”

Alexander gave him a disgusted look. “No. We don’t know anyone as ugly as you.”

“That’s too much, Alexander. How could you label me ugly when all I did was change my clothes?”

Samuel had thought that it would be embarrassing for Alexander to see him working as a waiter.

Little did he expect the latter not to recognize him. It was then that he felt their twenty-year friendship meant nothing at all.

“You have misunderstood me. What I’m saying is that you have always been this ugly.”

Samuel was stunned.

Is he addicted to personal attacks now?

Upset by the comments, he pulled a chair and sat down beside them. “I’m Samuel. Don’t you guys recognize me?”

Sophia broke into a smile, amused. “Mr. Schild, Alexander and I can see perfectly well.”

“Then were you just pretending not to recognize me?”

After swallowing the soup in her mouth, Sophia retorted, “Weren’t you the one who didn’t want us to recognize you?”

Samuel was rendered speechless by Sophia’s point.

“Um, aren’t you curious why a CEO like me is working as a lowly waiter?”

Sophia gave him a look. “Perhaps you have a secret fetish. It’s not our place to judge.”

The mockery in Sophia’s tone upset Samuel. “What bloody fetish are you talking about? If I hadn’t gotten on the nerves of my friends, I wouldn’t—”

Before he could finish, the walkie-talkie he was carrying began to beep. Once he pressed a button, someone asked him where he was, for there were other guests waiting to be served.

After acknowledging the person, Samuel returned his attention to Sophia and Alexander. “Forget it. I’ll explain to you later. I have to get back to work now.”

“There’s no need for explanations. We’re not interested in hearing it.”

No sooner had Samuel walked to the door than Alexander’s voice rang out. If it wasn’t for his walkie-talkie ringing again, Samuel swore he would have turned around and given Alexander a good beating.

When the door to the private room finally closed, Sophia let out a chuckle. “Mr. Schild seems to be pretty hardworking.”

She was surprised to learn that the CEO of Midway Media had to moonlight as a waiter in a restaurant to satisfy his desire to work.

Alexander furrowed his brows slightly. “Perhaps he likes the uniforms here.”

Upon hearing his words, Sophia tilted her head at him. “Aren’t you worried if Samuel cut ties with you?”

“He can’t beat me in a fight.”

Sophia was suddenly intrigued when she recalled Samuel’s previous words. “Is that the reason you kept asking him to go to the boxing gym when we first got divorced?”

“What’s wrong with some exercise?”

“Nothing at all.”

I just sympathize with Samuel for getting beaten up all the time.

Since he had been recognized, Samuel decided to go along with the fact.

He came in with the payment terminal when they were about to settle the bill. While swiping Alexander’s card, he invited them to go out to sea during the weekend.

Unfortunately, Alexander rejected him, saying that he wasn’t free.

Once the bill was settled, Samuel couldn’t help throwing Sophia a glance.

Sophia’s brow arched in response. “You’ve got the wrong idea. I just felt a sudden sense of sympathy for you.”


Samuel was baffled. Being rich and single, he couldn’t figure out what it was that elicited her pity.

Sophia simply glanced at him with an indiscernible smile. “No reason. I just suddenly felt it.”

It isn’t easy being a human punching bag at all.

Before Samuel could say anything else, Alexander had led Sophia out of the room.

It’s always hoes before bros with him!

At eight in the evening, a soothing breeze blew in the air.

Holding her fluttering hair down, Sophia turned toward Alexander. “My granddad’s birthday is next week.”

“I’ve already gotten Mr. Lane to prepare a present.”

Sophia let out a snort. “Why are you so sure that I’ll be taking you?”

Upon reaching a red light, Alexander brought the car to a stop and turned to look at her. “Don’t you want to?”

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