Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 356

Chapter 356 Confidence

Tanya had been staying at the hospital for over two months. Sophia had instructed the hospital staff not to allow anyone other than Tanya’s parents, herself, and Yvonne to see Tanya.

So during those two months, despite Liam’s repeated attempts to see Tanya, security would always escort him out of the hospital before he could get near her.

Tanya hadn’t seen her so-called husband for as long as she had stayed at the hospital.

It had been so long that she’d almost forgotten that she was married.

Right then, Sophia’s mention of the word “divorce” reminded her of her terrible marriage and husband.

The smile on Tanya’s face faded as she became anxious. “He’s not going to agree to the divorce, Sophia.”

Liam was trying to force her into agreeing to a divorce without any compensation. However, Tanya didn’t want to let Liam and the homewrecker benefit from her hard-earned money over the years.

She would never be willing to let them enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Tanya would stand up to Liam for as long as it took him to return her salary.

If she remembered correctly, the homewrecker was almost due. She had all the time in the world for a long battle, but she knew for a fact that they didn’t.

Sophia glanced at Tanya. She knew what was on the latter’s mind.

The Mill family was beyond awful. Sophia didn’t think it was worth the effort to wait another two-year separation period to file for divorce, especially since Tanya was already stuck in the family for three years.

“Don’t worry. Say the word, and I’ll make him beg for a divorce,” Sophie uttered.

A glint fleeted across Tanya’s eyes when she heard Sophia. “As long as he promises to reimburse me with the three years’ salary, I will agree to divorce him!”

“Okay. I’ll bring you to him for the divorce discussion.”

However, Tanya was still concerned. “Sophia, they’re bad people. I’ll go on my own.”

Sophia flashed her a smile. “Don’t worry. I’ve seen my fair share of bad people.”

Tanya had always admired Sophia. Although Sophia had seldom attended classes, she had consistently ranked number one in her course. She had also passed the Ustranasion test with flying colors.

Sophia’s frequent appearances in luxury cars after graduation had sparked rumors she was being financially supported by a wealthy man, leading some to speculate that she might have been a kept woman. She had never bothered to entertain those rumors. After many years, she had become the major shareholder for a few companies and one of the most prominent alumni of Jadeborough University. Her impressive accomplishments had then helped to dispel the rumors and redeem her reputation.

There were a few instances when Tanya had thought that her problems were beyond salvation, but Sophia had made solving the problems look like a piece of cake.

This time, Tanya believed that Sophia would also help her.

She felt so indebted to Sophia that she didn’t know how else she could thank her. She knew that no amount of money could make up for the gratitude she felt for Sophia.

“Thank you, Sophia.”

When Tanya saw Sophia to her door, she reached out to give the latter a hug.

“Just work hard if you want to thank me,” Sophia said.

It was already over four o’clock when she left Moonlight Bay. Sophia went back to Sunshine Group and looked for Yvonne. “Ms. Leighton, could you help prepare the contract on the collaboration with the Mill family? I’m heading there tomorrow.”

Yvonne knew Sophia wanted to bring Tanya to talk about the latter’s divorce. “All right, Ms. Yarrow. I’m going to get the relevant documents ready by tomorrow morning.”


Sophia smiled at Yvonne and looked at the time. Seeing that she still had time to spare, she planned to wait for Alexander to get off work at Odyssey.

Coincidentally, Sophia bumped into Dillon and his secretary being stopped by the receptionist right after she arrived at Odyssey.

“I’m sorry, Old Mr. Xenos. Mr. Xenos has ordered that you’re prohibited from going upstairs.”

Dillon used to be the senior executive of Odyssey for over a decade. His triumphant exchanges with Alexander lately had also made him more confident. He didn’t expect that he would be denied entry at the lobby of the Odyssey building.

In contrast, Sophia was greeted by another receptionist right after she arrived. “Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia nodded in acknowledgment. Her gaze landed briefly on Dillon.

“Ms. Yarrow!”

Dillon’s face went red from fury.

She had just gotten to the elevator when she heard him. She turned around and gave him a faint smile. “Yes, Mr. Xenos?”

“Tell Alexander that he’s going to pay a huge price for the humiliation I’ve suffered today!”

Dillon then let out a furious snort and turned around to leave with his secretary.

Sophia smirked. As she watched the old man leave, her almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly.

Dillon has quite the nerve coming here.

After recollecting herself, Sophia entered the elevator.

There was someone in Alexander’s office when she arrived at his floor. Felix approached her and said, “Ms. Yarrow, Mr. Xenos is entertaining a guest in his office right now. Could you wait over here for a moment?”


Sophia didn’t have to wait long before Alexander was done meeting his guest.

She lifted her head when she heard someone talking. Alexander coincidentally looked in her direction as well.

Sophia smiled and mouthed the words: You’re so busy, Mr. Xenos.

Alexander’s brows twitched when he noticed her. He headed out of his office right away.

Felix saw the guest to the exit. There were only a few secretaries on that floor. At that moment, Alexander and Sophia were alone in the reception room.

Alexander lowered his head to give Sophia a kiss on the forehead right after entering the reception room. “Didn’t you go visit Ms. Gomez?”

“She’s discharged.”

Sophia felt her forehead and was left speechless. “I’m going to Bera tomorrow.”

Cocking a brow, Alexander asked, “For work?”

“Tanya’s old place is there.”

She wanted to accompany Tanya for the divorce discussion.

“I’ll go with you?”

Sophia stared at him. “Do you think you’re not recognizable enough?”

Alexander did not answer her and instead asked, “So, what do you feel like for dinner?”


Alexander knew that when Sophia said “anything,” she really meant that she was open to anything. If she was craving something, he knew she would tell him instead.

“I’ll get Mr. Lane to book a place.”


Then, he took a seat beside her and reached out to take the cup of coffee that Sophia was having moments ago.

“Don’t you find it too sweet?” Sophia asked as she eyed him.

“Sweet, huh?”

Sophia was all too familiar with Alexander’s double entendre by now. Her face turned crimson. “I saw Dillon on my way up here.”

“Mm,” Alexander hummed nonchalantly. “What did he say to you?”

Sophia chuckled when she thought about what Dillon had said. “He said he will make you pay a huge price for the embarrassment he suffered today.”

Alexander scoffed, “Where did he get the confidence?”

Sophia couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. “I’m guessing from the plummeting share prices of Odyssey.”

Sophia’s curiosity was piqued. “Do you really plan to let Odyssey’s shares keep plummeting like this?”

“Yeah. It’s not a big deal. I’m not short of money,” Alexander replied nonchalantly.


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