Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 358

Chapter 358 It Has Been A While

Cocking a brow, Sophia replied in a non-committal tone, “Why don’t you make a wild guess?”

Alexander continued to stare at her until the lights turned green. Only then did he retract his gaze.

For the rest of the journey, he didn’t say another word.

Sophia, thinking that he was angry, couldn’t resist asking when they returned to the mansion, “Are you angry?”

Since when did he become so petty?

Before she could finish, Alexander pulled her into his embrace.

Sophia went along with his tug and wrapped her arms around his waist once she fell into his arms. “Hmm?”

“I’m not.”

Alexander lowered his head to look at her. He stroked her face before planting a kiss on her lips.

Thinking that it would end with a peck, Sophia was surprised that he followed up with another kiss. Unsatisfied still, he pried open her mouth to ravage her with his tongue.

What started as a slow kiss gradually evolved into a passionate one. She felt as if a gentle wave had turned into a maelstrom that slowly engulfed her senses.

Dazed by her lust, she murmured, “We haven’t showered yet.”

Taking the opportunity to catch his breath, Alexander carried her up from the couch. “Let’s do it together.”

Upon hearing his words, Sophia felt her mind go blank.

After carrying her into the bathroom upstairs, he laid her down on the countertop and turned on the shower.

The first cold spurt of water jolted Sophia back to her senses. Throwing her arms around Alexander’s neck, she flashed a smile at him. “I’m heading to Bera tomorrow.”


Despite hearing a grunt from him, Sophia had no idea if he actually heard her. The next second, he carried her back down.

As warm water began to flow down her head, she felt as if she was being immersed in water.

Alexander pressed himself against her back. She tilted her head to look at their tightly clasped fingers, then closed her eyes and allowed herself to be intoxicated by his fiery passion.

The next morning, Sophia was woken up by her alarm. When she opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, it took her a few seconds for her to regain her senses. On that day, she was due to accompany Tanya to complete her divorce procedures with Liam.

After giving her temple a quick massage, Sophia gradually got out of bed.

The sudden soreness she felt in her thighs reminded her of the wild session from the night before. As her cheeks began to blush, Sophia shook her head to stop the images from flooding in non-stop.

She couldn’t deny that Alexander’s stamina was a lot better than hers.

When they were training together in the boxing gym, she would gasp for air after forty minutes, while he would continue without breaking a sweat.

When it came to love-making, his stamina was naturally carried over. Even though he was clearly the one doing all the work, he looked just as vibrant the next day, while Sophia’s body ached all over. He had even gotten up an hour earlier just to prepare breakfast.

Sophia finally gathered her thoughts. “Good morning, Mr. Xenos.”

With breakfast in his hands, Alexander came over and gave her lips a peck. “Good morning.”

After that, he returned to the kitchen to continue cooking.

Brushing her fingers across her lips, Sophia glanced at his silhouette as a slight smile emerged on her face.

Bera wasn’t located far from Jadeborough and could be reached in forty minutes via high-speed rail, which was a lot more convenient than taking a plane.

Wanting to ensure that the divorce between Tanya and Liam could be completed that day, Sophia had gotten Yvonne to make an appointment on Tanya’s behalf for two-thirty in the afternoon. Once both sides completed the negotiations, she would have them seal the divorce.

There’s no way they can’t come to a settlement unless the Mill family wants to lose everything.

By the time Sophia gathered her thoughts, their car had already arrived at Sunshine Group. After she unbuckled herself and opened the door, Sophia smiled slightly at Alexander. “I’m heading up now.”

“You really don’t need me to go with you?”

“No. I’ve gotten Ms. Leighton to make all the arrangements.”

“Let me know when you return.”

Sophia looked at him with a glint in her eyes. “Okay.”

Once Sophia emerged from the elevator, Yvonne had prepared all the necessary documents. “Ms. Yarrow, we have everything you need.”

Sophia nodded. “Get ready. We’re going to pick Tanya up.”

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow.”

Yvonne had already arranged everything for the day. After running a quick check, she gave the driver a call.

Upon signing a document from the day before, Sophia left her office and headed to Tanya’s.

Well aware that Sophia would be taking Tanya back to Bera, Tanya’s parents were worried that the ladies couldn’t handle themselves.

All this while they had been living an honest life and raising an extraordinary daughter. Just when they thought they could retire peacefully, Tanya not only encountered the incident at university but also married someone as terrible as Liam.

Given that they had suffered at the hands of the Mill family, Laura was worried that the same would happen to Sophia. She held Sophia’s hand before Sophia left. “Ms. Yarrow, I don’t know much and can’t really offer any advice, but the Mill family isn’t one to be trifled with. If things don’t work out, we’ll just go with Tanya’s plan. What matters is that you keep yourself safe and don’t get into trouble on Tanya’s account. Otherwise, I’ll feel guilty for the rest of my life.”

Feeling moved yet sympathetic at the same time, Sophia nodded with conviction. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Gomez. I’ll definitely keep Tanya and myself safe. The Mill family is past the peak of their influence now. Unless they’re prepared to lose everything, there’s no way they will disagree with the divorce.”

Although Laura was cognizant of how capable Sophia was, the Mill family was still a force to be reckoned with. Sophia’s words had failed to fully reassure her.

Tanya added, “Mom, don’t worry. Sophia and I know what we’re doing.”

Since she was discharged from the hospital, Tanya looked much more energetic and vibrant. Despite the light makeup, she appeared stunning that day due to her inherent beauty. It was as if the Tanya of old had returned.

Sophia grinned at her. “And here I was, worried that you would feel unsettled.”

Momentarily stunned, Tanya chuckled in response. “My life is great now, Sophia, and I believe it will keep getting better. You’re right that there’s still a wonderful world out there, where my fans are waiting for me. I can’t let those who are trying to hold me back succeed!”

Sophia beamed proudly at her. “It has been a while, Tanya.”

Her words brought tears to Tanya’s eyes. “Indeed, it has.”

It was ten by the time the group got onto the high-speed train, and they arrived in Bera close to eleven. When they exited from the station, the car Yvonne arranged was already waiting. With that, the group got in and headed to see the Mill family.

Recently, the Mill family had fallen into difficult circumstances. Their suppliers had suddenly cut off their supply of raw materials, preventing them from delivering on the massive contracts that they had signed. Consequently, the compensation for reneging on the contracts was enough to bankrupt the family.

They begged every single supplier they could find. The smaller ones were out of stock, whereas the larger suppliers refused to cooperate.

With the delivery day approaching, Liam’s family began to grow desperate after exhausting all avenues of potential help.

It was noon when Sophia and Tanya arrived at the Mill family’s factory.

The sun was shining brightly in the sky. The languid security guard was jolted by the sight of Tanya. “Mrs. Mills, it’s you. Did you just come back?”

Tanya could hear the mockery in the security guard’s tone. “Is Liam inside?”

“Yes, but I’ll have to call him before letting you in.” The security guard subsequently shifted his attention to Sophia. “Oh, is this a friend of yours, Mrs. Mill? She’s really pretty!”

Yvonne stepped forward to block his view. “Can you tell Mr. Mill that the person in charge of Rising Group is here?”

The security guard didn’t seem to be bothered when all he saw was a group of women. Sophia emerged from behind Yvonne with a smirk. “This factory is about to go bust, and you’ll be out of a job soon. Are you sure you don’t want to call your boss to verify if we’re the suppliers your factory desperately needs now?”

Cognizant of the factory’s predicament, the security guard looked grim upon hearing Sophia’s words. “Wait here!”

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