Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 350

Yvette gritted her teeth and hissed, “I know who you’re doing these things for, Sophia!”

By then, the smile on Sophia’s face had faded away. She stared at Yvette and asked, “If you do, then why are you here?”

Right as she said that, Yvonne knocked on the door and came in with tea and some snacks.

The air inside the office was tense, so after Yvonne put down the food and drinks, she left the room and closed the door behind her. Soon, only Sophia and Yvette were the only ones left.

“Nothing. I just want to ask you something. Since you’re so concerned about Tanya, and since I have something interesting on hand, I was wondering if you’d spend some money to buy it.”

Yvette had come prepared. Right as she said that, she took out her phone to play the video before placing it on the table.

The volume was not high, but neither spoke in the office, so the desperate voice of the woman in the video filled the air in the room.

“No! Please! Let me go! Please let me go!”

Smack! “B*tch, who asked you to spill the beans? You like tipping people off, don’t you? You love paying attention to my matters, don’t you? Do you like me? You should’ve told me if you like me! Why wouldn’t I want a woman who’s throwing herself into my arms?”


With that said, the man tore the woman’s clothes off.

As less and less clothing covered the woman, she was struggling more and more. At her thrashing, the man smacked her hard.

The two people in the video were none other than Connor and Tanya.

Not only was Connor raping Tanya, but he was recording it as well.

Sophia had never been this furious in her life, and she tightened her grip on the couch beneath her.

Yvette then paused the video. When she saw Sophia glaring at her, she smugly grinned. “I heard that Tanya’s been getting treatment for her depression. Say, what do you think will happen if I send her this video?”

What will happen if she sends Tanya this video? Tanya’s definitely going to lose her mind!

Tanya had not climbed out of hell yet; she had only climbed to its edge and was finally seeing some light. But if Yvette were to stomp on her hand at a time like this, Tanya was going to let go from the pain and fall back down. Upon falling, she would never come back up again.

“How much do you want?”

Sophia’s hands were even shaking from fury by then.

She had never seen someone as disgusting as Yvette.

Lifting her hand, Yvette revealed five fingers and said, “This.”

“Fifty million?”

Is that all?

“No. It’s five hundred million.”

“You’re greedy. Do you really think that I’ll give that to you?”

Sophia had never been threatened in this way before.

Keeping away her phone, Yvette clicked her tongue and said, “Greedy? Me? Well, I guess Tanya isn’t as important to you, then.”

Staring at Yvette, Sophia suddenly laughed. She rose to her feet and leaned over to place her hands on the table instead. Looking right at Tanya, she said, “You can try it, Yvette. Try and send this video to Tanya or her family. If you do that, I’ll have a hundred and one ways of making your life such a living hell you’ll be begging for me to kill you.”

After a pause, she added, “You were the one who showed me the video. If I ever see it circulating anywhere, I’ll be holding you accountable, regardless of whether it was you or not, Yvette Saunders.”

Yvette had never seen Sophia act in this manner before. She thought that her bargaining chip would be able to frighten Sophia into relenting. Yet, not only did Sophia not do that, she even became furious.

Yes, it was fury. A raging fury that would devour Yvette whole.

All of a sudden, Yvette was scared, but that fear went away in the next second. She soon recollected herself and uttered, “Sophia, do you think I’m such an easy person to scare? If you don’t want Tanya to die, you better fork out five hundred million for me. Five hundred million, and I swear that I’ll delete all the copies of the video.”

“What if I don’t?”

“If you don’t, I’ll have to let Tanya relive those memories again.” As she spoke, Yvette lifted her hand to comb her hair. “Tanya’s my university classmate of four years too. Honestly, I’m glad to see her getting better, but whether she lives or dies will be up to you, Sophia. Of course, if you can steel yourself to be this ruthless, I’ll have to be equally ruthless. After all, you and I aren’t the ones who are about to commit suicide from depression.”

Right then, a laugh escaped Sophia. “Did you think that you brought a fantastic bargaining chip to me today? What a pity you might lose that confidence of yours after you see what I’ve brought for you.”

With that, Sophia turned around to grab a file and threw it in front of Yvette. “Maybe you should go through this before negotiating this deal with me.”

Yvette furrowed her brows, but she did not move. She knew that she was there to strike a deal with Sophia, and she could not let Sophia take control of the situation. “I don’t need to look at it. My determination won’t waver regardless of what it is.”

“Is that so?” Sophia curled her lips and opened the file herself. She then threw the papers on the table and continued, “But I think you know this person. Connor Wilkinson. You were so close with each other back then, and you’re both suffering in the same way now. Are you sure you don’t want to know anything about this?”

The mention of the familiar name made Yvette blink. Despite herself, she lowered her head to glance at the papers. When she saw the words on the documents, her hands trembled.

Yvette reached out to pick up the documents. After reading them, she paled drastically.

Sophia took a sip of her tea, which was turning cold. “Are you done reading them? What do you think?”

Yvette ground her teeth. “He doesn’t have a bargaining chip, but I do.”

Connor’s family was no ordinary family, but Sophia had set many traps up for them. No wonder I heard that Connor’s family has fallen from grace.

Connor’s family was not in the area, so Yvette had not dwelled on the news. She never thought Sophia was the one behind it.

Not only was Sophia targeting her, but she was also targeting the culprit behind the matter, Connor Wilkinson.

“I merely had a slip of the tongue back then, but the true perpetrator was Connor. Sophia, do you think it’s fair for me to suffer the same punishment as him?”

“Is it not fair?” Sophia gave her a look. “Have you forgotten what you said to me during the gathering of our classmates?”

If they didn’t agitate Tanya, perhaps her condition wouldn’t have worsened so quickly, and she wouldn’t have needed to stay in the hospital for three months.

Yvette stiffened when she heard Sophia’s words.

Evidently, she recalled what she said. But by then, it was too late to regret what she had done. “So, you don’t care about whether Tanya lives or dies?”

Yvette did not believe that Sophia would be able to ruthlessly ignore Tanya. Otherwise, Sophia would not have spent so much time and effort helping her out.

Yvette was indignant. She was upset with the way Sophia was making everything hard for her just because she made a mistake when she was younger—just because she was involved in the matter back then.

All Yvette wanted was money. She would leave the country with the money and never return.

Five hundred million was more than enough for her to have a cushy life abroad until the day of her death. She would not need to fear for her life every day like she would in the country.

Sophia snorted. She then enunciated, “Yvette, have you ever thought about this? Now that Connor’s in this position, do you think he’ll do it if I were to tell him that I’ll spare him if he does to you what he did to Tanya?”

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