Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 351

Sophia’s voice was particularly clear in the spacious office, and Yvette was as still as a statue.

Looking at Sophia in disbelief, she whispered, “Do you really dare to do that?”

“If you dare to, so will I.”

Sophia glared at her, no trace of relenting in her eyes.

Yvette had been confident at the start, thinking that Tanya’s life would be ruined if she were to circulate the video she had.

Sophia had spent so much effort in improving Tanya’s condition, so Yvette refused to believe that Sophia would just watch as Tanya ended her own life.

That was what Yvette thought would happen earlier, but reality had slapped her in the face.

Yvette had forgotten that she was not the only one who was involved; the perpetrator, Connor, was too.

Not only was Sophia settling the score with her, but she was also going after Connor.

If Yvette had once not believed that Sophia was capable of doing anything to them, she now knew that, even without Alexander, crushing them would be a piece of cake for Sophia with her current connections and wealth.

Connor’s family was more powerful than hers, but even it could not hold its ground against Sophia, so how was her family going to withstand Sophia targeting it?

A cornered animal would bite.

If Sophia were to use the Wilkinson family to threaten Connor, Connor would not mind adding Yvette to the list of his victims.

Yvette had to admit that she could not be as ruthless as Sophia.

After a while of staring at each other, Yvette looked away, defeated.

Despite that, she could not simply accept her defeat and flee from the scene. “I’ll give you the videos I have, including the negatives. I don’t want your money anymore, so can’t you just let the Saunders family go?”

She was pleading for Sophia to spare her family, but she was the furthest thing away from a beggar.

Of course, it was not as if Sophia was going to let Yvette go just because Yvette begged her to.

They were adults. Since Yvette was capable of doing something like that, she had to be punished for the instigation she had done back then.

“Do you think you have the right to bargain with me, Yvette?”

Sophia briefly raked her gaze over Yvette before summoning Yvonne into the room. “Ms. Leighton, please send her off.”

There was no way Yvette was going to leave willingly. It had been difficult for her to meet with Sophia, and it was highly likely that she would ever get to meet the latter again after leaving that day.

Yvonne walked over to Yvette and said, “Ms. Saunders, this way, please.”

“Sophia, must you be such a bully?”

“A bully?” Sophia burst into laughter when she heard Yvette’s words. “Did you think about how you were a bully when you encouraged Connor to go after Tanya? Did you think about how much of a bully you were when you were hiding in the shadows, watching Tanya struggle as you filmed her with your phone? Please don’t say that I haven’t given you a chance. It has been so many years. If you had grown a conscience and handed the police the recording you had, you wouldn’t have had to come to me today! Also, it’s only been half a year, but I hope you haven’t forgotten about why Tanya is in the hospital. If not for you bringing people to her house and reminding her about her old trauma, I wouldn’t have been such a bully,” Sophia uttered, biting every word before asking Yvonne to summon security upstairs.

Two minutes later, two security guards came upstairs and dragged Yvette away.

“Ms. Leighton.” Sophia lifted her hand to rub her temples and suppress her anger. “Please send some people to keep an eye on Yvette. She has a video of Connor raping Tanya with her, and I can’t let her circulate the video.”

Then, after a pause, “Try to get someone to hack into her computer or trick her into deleting all those videos she has.”

Yvonne did not expect Yvette to have a video like that, so she was taken aback when she heard Sophia’s words. Once she returned to her senses, she nodded. “I understand, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia bobbed her head. “Thank you, Ms. Leighton.”

The smile on her face was still a faint one. Yvette’s video truly infuriated Sophia. She had initially given them a chance, but since they did not appreciate it, she was not going to show them any mercy anymore.

Sophia glanced at the two cups of tea on the table. After pursing her lips, she took out her phone to make a call to Tanya.

Sure enough, Tanya was getting better and better, and she would be able to leave the hospital on Friday.

By the time Sophia ended the call, she had calmed down. Hence, she continued reading the earlier documents and signed them.

Alexander’s money came while the two were eating. When Sophia received the message Yvonne sent to her, she lifted her head to look at Alexander and smiled. “I got the money.”

A brief pause later, she asked, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll run away with the large sum of money?”

As Alexander put a slice of deboned fish onto her plate, he returned the question. “Will you?”

Sophia raised her brows. “Who knows?”

Alexander glanced at her. “It’s fine if you hold onto the money as long as you don’t run off.”

Sophia could not help but chuckle at that. “All right, I’ll reluctantly take this then.”

The two of them went back to the mansion after dinner. Right as Sophia was done with the call, she turned around to find Alexander putting a watermelon platter on the coffee table.

Sophia smiled and walked over. Taking one of the slices, she said, “Where are you getting all these funds from?”

Alexander took a piece of tissue to wipe his juice-stained hand and answered, “I started a company when I was in university.”

Alexander had not studied at a local university, so Sophia knew little about his matters during his university years.



“What company?”

His company must not be a small company if he can get this many funds.

Alexander turned to her. “Fortuna.”

Sophia clicked her tongue. “Who would’ve thought?”

Fortuna was a company that rose to fame five years ago. As a technology company, Fortuna’s products perfectly fit the customers’ demands for new technological products. It grew in the Anglandurn market tremendously, and just three years after getting listed, its market value had surpassed tens of billions.

Furthermore, Fortuna’s chairman was a puzzle to all. Some said that he was a mysterious man of Chanaean ethnicity, while others said he was from Ustrana. There were various theories about his identity.

Joshua was curious about his identity in the past as well, but in the end, he found no answers. Fortuna’s chairman was truly a hermit, and in fact, it was rumored that even Fortuna’s executive members had never seen the chairman before.

Sophia would have never guessed that the famous chairman of Fortuna was none other than the man by her side, Alexander Xenos.

“I could say the same of you,” Alexander said as he looked at her with a rare smile on his face.

Sophia eyed him. “No wonder you weren’t worried about Dillon at all.”

Odyssey was one of the largest companies in the country, but it was definitely not one of the largest companies in the world.

Alexander was talented, and he managed to transform Odyssey early on to avoid it from meeting its demise. Alas, it was a traditional business, and its main business was starting to lose out in its competition against modern trends. Therefore, it would eventually be eliminated from the race.

On the other hand, as a tech company, Fortuna was expanding more and more. It would only be a matter of time before it surpassed Odyssey.

After a moment of rumination, Alexander said, “It’s not that I’m not worried about it.”

It was more because Dillon did not pose a threat to Alexander.

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