Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 349

In truth, Sophia was merely joking when she asked Alexander for reimbursement. Even though Alexander had a net worth of more than forty billion in Anglandurn currency, the majority was the market value of Odyssey’s shares. Without selling the shares off, it was probably difficult for Alexander to take out ten billion within a short period.

Since the man was willing to approach her, she thought she could lend him the money first.

That was why as soon as Sophia returned to Sunshine Group, she asked Yvonne to work out the available funds she had on hand.

Actually, it was not easy for Sophia to take out thirteen billion as she wished so quickly.

In no time, Yvonne had the sum worked out. Sophia only had about six billion available funds and another two billion set aside for investments.

Sophia nodded. “Help me contact Mr. Anderson from Junta—”

At that exact moment, her phone rang.

Lowering her head, she looked at the caller ID and realized it was from Alexander. She instinctively arched her brow and shifted her gaze to Yvonne. “Let me answer this call first.”

“No problem, Ms. Yarrow.”

Yvonne tactfully turned to leave and shut the door behind her tight so that Sophia would have some private space to answer the call.

“What’s the matter?”

If I remember correctly, Alexander should be in a shareholder meeting right now, yes?

“What’s your account number?”

Sophia was briefly taken aback. “What is it? Do you want to send me money?”

Alexander, on the other end of the phone, answered, “Didn’t I say I’ll reimburse you?”

Hearing his words, Sophia clucked her tongue. “We’re talking about thirteen billion here. Do you have that much funds on hand, Mr. Xenos?”


Sophia broke into a smile and immediately told the man her account number.

“All right, do keep an eye on it. I’ll get Felix to wire you the money later.”

Sophia huffed. “Where did you find so much money?”

Being rich is one thing, but we’re talking about available funds now. Where did Alexander get so much money? That’s thirteen billion. If I get that sum in cash, they’ll probably fill up my entire room, won’t they?

“I earned it.”

In truth, Alexander had no intention of keeping her in the dark. After some hesitation, he added, “I’ll tell you tonight, okay?”

At that, Sophia lifted the corners of her lips into a wide smile as she supposed there was some inside scoop on the matter. “Sure, since you know how to read the room, Mr. Xenos.” She paused for a moment before she continued, “Shall we hang up now?”


Even though Alexander agreed to it, he did not end the call.

Sophia stared at her screen for a second before she reached her finger out and pressed the button to end the call.

After that, she cupped her chin with her hands and began to mull over. She then called through the internal landline and asked Yvonne to head in.

Very quickly, Yvonne pushed open the door and stepped in. “Yes, Ms. Yarrow?”

“No need to contact Mr. Anderson anymore. Help me pay close attention to this account. There’ll be a huge sum of money wired over later this afternoon.”

Those words stunned Yvonne. Bafflement filled her as she reached her hand out to receive the card. “Ms. Yarrow, did you suddenly ask for so much money because of Mr. Xenos?”

“That’s right.” Sophia took a sidelong glance at Yvonne. “But he got reimbursed. There’s no need for me to fork out the sum now.”

Yvonne was about to persuade Sophia to think twice when she heard those words from the latter.

Instinctively, Yvonne took in a deep breath. Where did Mr. Xenos manage to get that much money? It’s true he’s wealthy, but over forty billion in Anglandurn currency are all Odyssey’s shares. It’s not like he’d sell off those shares, right? Anyway, there are rumors that he isn’t Zachary Xenos’ biological son. Perhaps there’s a need to re-evaluate his net worth. Then again, it’s over ten billion funds we’re talking about here. The fact that he can easily fork out this sum proves that he’s richer than everyone assumes.

At this point, Yvonne shifted her gaze at Sophia, only to realize the latter was staring back at her with a smile. That undoubtedly left Yvonne both embarrassed and nervous. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll get back to work now, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia waved her hand. “Okay, go on.”

She flashed Yvonne a faint smile as she finished speaking.

At about five in the evening, the receptionist called again, saying that Yvette, who had asked to meet Sophia several times previously, had turned up again.

Yvonne furrowed her brows. She keeps showing up everywhere, isn’t she? Why is she perpetually pestering Ms. Yarrow?

Despite her strong disliking toward Yvette, Yvonne still fulfilled her duties as a responsible secretary. As soon as she concluded the call with the receptionist, she called Sophia on the company’s internal line and asked for her opinion.

Like Yvonne, Sophia thought Yvette was unusually persistent. Following a light scoff, she uttered, “Let her come up.”

She wanted to see what tricks Yvette had up her sleeves this time.

Less than five minutes after the internal line was concluded, Yvonne knocked on Sophia’s office door and brought Yvette in. “Ms. Saunders is here, Ms. Yarrow.”

Lifting her gaze to look, Sophia noticed that Yvette looked almost like a changed person in a short two-month period. Aside from her terrible complexion, her eyes seemed to contain a hint of lunacy.

“Please bring in two cups of coffee.”

Yvonne hummed an acknowledgment and headed out to make some coffee.

Sophia got up from her office chair and walked past her desk to the couch nearby. “Have a seat.”

With her bag in her hand, Yvette walked over and sat on the couch opposite. “Sophia, I’ve been looking for you many times.”

Sophia pulled a weak smile. “I heard about it. It seems like you’re pretty unlucky. I’m always not around when you’re here.”

Yvette let out a snort of laughter. “You don’t have to put on a pretense in front of me. Don’t you merely want me to come and look for you?”

Upon hearing that, Sophia raised her brows. “I don’t understand what you’re trying to imply, Ms. Saunders. We don’t seem to have a deadly feud between us.”

All of a sudden, Yvette snickered icily. “Sophia, I’ve made my way here, yet you’re still pretending. It’s no fun at all! Are you trying to shrug off responsibility after doing it?”

“Huh? Shrug off responsibility after doing it? What are you referring to?”

The smile on Sophia’s face faded slightly as she stared intently at Yvette.

At that point, the latter opened her bag, pulled out a stack of something, and threw them on the table. “I’ve checked. What happened at my wedding was caused by you!”

Sophia took a glance at the photos. “Oh, you’re referring to this matter. That’s right; I got someone to do it.”

Finishing her words, she arched an eyebrow and shot Yvette a look, seemingly using her expression to ask the latter if she had a problem with it after finding out that she was the culprit.

Colors drained from Yvette’s face almost instantaneously. Throughout her life, the setbacks she suffered were always because of Sophia.

Before entering the university, she had always been labeled the prettiest girl in class and campus belle. Not only did she have excellent results, but she was also good-looking. She was always the center of attention wherever she went and always a goddess in the eyes of many men.

However, things began to change after she met Sophia upon entry to the university.

When she was picked as the prettiest in class, people mocked it was surprising how she could outshine the campus belle, Sophia.

Compared to how Sophia could effortlessly score high marks on her papers, Yvette’s good grades no longer seemed to be as impressive as before.

Despite all of that, Yvette chose to swallow her pride. After all, Sophia was way above her in all aspects except for one—her family background.

Yvette came from a family who ran their own business. Her monthly pocket money could go up to several tens of thousands, thus explaining why she was always dressed very differently from the other students in the university. That alone made up for the difference between her and Sophia.

Sadly, that upper hand Yvette had did not last too long. In their second year, Sophia began to enjoy getting driven to and from school in a luxury car.

During then, it was rumored that Sophia was a rich man’s mistress. Yvette saw that as an ill-gotten gain and thus felt that she was still the winning party.

That was the only thing Yvette believed she could outshine Sophia. Yet, the latter married Alexander right after graduation. When the two ex-classmates reunited five years later, Sophia was already a major shareholder of a listed company and the director of an entertainment company.

Once again, Sophia had left Yvette beneath her. Nonetheless, at the thought of how Henry and her family still had to rely on the Xenos family’s support, she had no choice but to force herself to change her mindset and butter up to Sophia.

Unfortunately, when she tried to show good intentions, Sophia dug out all of her past, thoroughly ruining her wedding and destroying her life.

From that day onward, she got divorced from Henry. The business collaboration between the Zimmerman family and her family fell through as they severed ties and became total strangers to each other.

As a result, the Saunders family’s business suffered detrimental damages in all ways and went downhill day after day.

The only person Yvette could think of was none other than Sophia.

Initially, she could not wrap her head around why Sophia would do something like that. After all, they did not have any deep-seated grudge against each other. That was why she waited so long before she came to look for Sophia.

The realization only dawned upon her recently that everything Sophia had done was because of Tanya.

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