Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 348

Dillon was furious early in the morning.

He had not done anything but was somehow made to seem like he had made a move against Alexander.

Rumors of him wanting to get his hands on Odyssey and that he had taken action toward Alexander due to that were currently spreading all over Jadeborough.

Dillon could barely stomach his breakfast after hearing the comments. “If I had known this was going to happen, I should have sent someone to run Alexander over!”

Randy, who sat nearby, disagreed. “Dad, if you really sent someone to run Alexander over, the police would be knocking on our doors right this moment! Truth be told, this isn’t a bad thing. Although there are rumors of our family hiring someone to strike at Alexander, we haven’t actually done anything to him. Let the outsiders say anything they like. Since we haven’t done anything, Alexander can’t do anything to us. The police won’t be paying us a visit either. We only have to carry on as usual. After some time has passed, I’m sure it will be apparent that we have nothing to do with this and that we’ve done nothing to Alexander. When that time comes, perhaps we can suggest that it was an act Alexander put on.”

After listening to his son’s analysis, Dillon felt his mood becoming better. “You’re right. This can be a good opportunity for us!”

Randy snorted. “But of course.”

At that moment, Alexander was unaware of Dillon’s and his family’s schemes. Ever since it was revealed that he wasn’t Zachary’s biological son, Odyssey’s stock prices had been plunging. It had fallen a great deal that day.

Odyssey’s market price had dropped by over six billion in just two days, and the shareholders were already making their complaints known to Alexander.

Alexander’s expression immediately iced over when he received Felix’s phone call.

“Mr. Xenos, the directors are requesting a shareholders’ meeting today.”

Alexander sneered. “Arrange for a meeting this afternoon. I’ll head over then.”

With that said, he hung up the phone.

Sophia, who was lounging on the couch, turned around to look at him. Tilting her head, she smiled. “Do you need some help, Mr. Xenos?”

The hostile expression on Alexander’s lightened a little. He walked over to the couch beside Sophia and sat down. “Well, it’s true that I could use your help.”

“Hmm?” Sophia responded, feeling surprised.

She had only offered to help nonchalantly, fully expecting that Alexander did not seriously care about the threat Dillon posed. Although Odyssey’s stock prices were plunging, it wasn’t quite the end of the line yet.

“I want you to use Sunshine Group to purchase some of Odyssey’s shares as well as the ones the other shareholders are holding.”

Ever since Beau passed away, Alexander had been steadily developing Odyssey.

Many of the other companies that had started at the same time as Odyssey fell after they could not keep up with the times. Under Alexander’s bold reformation, Odyssey managed to keep up with modern developments. With a new product development method, they were able to pioneer a new business scope, thus enabling Odyssey to flourish into what it was today.

Odyssey’s shareholders were not foolish. If Alexander weren’t Zachary’s son or a member of the Xenos family, he would lose the right to inherit the company, and Odyssey would have to appoint a new president.

Dillon had been eyeing Odyssey intently. In order to get the company into his hands, Dillon and his family would try everything at their disposal to besmirch Alexander and stir up trouble. Odyssey was in for some difficult times.

Once Alexander was removed from the Xenos family and Odyssey, Dillon and his family members would then swoop in. It was uncertain if Odyssey would be able to continue to flourish. In fact, it might not even recover its former glory.

The old shareholders were no pushovers. They were with Odyssey for a long time, and the company had developed well under Alexander’s leadership. As they only had to sit on their hands and wait for the profits to flow in, naturally, they gave much thought to the matter. Moreover, the equities they owned weren’t worth fussing over. It would be better to come to terms with the situation and sit back and enjoy the show.

However, since their profits were no longer guaranteed, they were eager to get rid of their shares on hand before Odyssey’s worth fell any further.

Consequently, they would be able to sell off their shares for a lucrative price.

If Alexander was the one who purchased the shares, it would prove that Odyssey was not doomed. As a result, the old men would never be willing to let the long-term dividends slip out of their grasp.

On the other hand, it would be a different matter if Sunshine Group was the one that was making the purchase. While everyone knew that Sunshine Group was an investment company that had emerged in the last decade, there were not many who knew who was behind the company.

If Sophia made her move through Sunshine Group, the shareholders of Odyssey might be willing to part with their shares if the price was right.

However, the funds needed for their plan wouldn’t just cost a few billion. It would probably go up to tens of billions.

While that amount of money would not pose a problem for Sophia, things would become complicated if they used a public account as there would be too many interests involved. While Alexander and Sophia did not mind the cost, that did not mean Sunshine Group’s other shareholders would follow suit.

As someone who would abandon righteousness if there were profits to be had, there was no way Ron would allow it.

“It may not be a good idea to use public accounts if we intend to use Sunshine Group’s name.”

Alexander caressed her face gently. “We don’t need Sunshine Group. Suny would suffice.”

There wasn’t anyone in Jadeborough who did not know of Suny from Sunshine Group. Only the person behind the name remained a mystery.

If Suny were to step forward, it would prove to be convincing.

Both of their line of thought coincided. Sophia had been thinking of the exact same thing.

Upon hearing Alexander’s words, Sophia grinned. “Will I be reimbursed?”

It would cost over ten billion, and that was not a small sum.

Lowering his head, Alexander planted a kiss on her forehead. “This is the reimbursement.”

Sophia snorted in response. “You’re such a rich man, Mr. Xenos.”

“Right back at you.”

They had a good plan and solution to their problem.

Alexander had the shareholders’ meeting that afternoon, and Sophia had to drop by Sunshine Group. The two of them rested at the mansion briefly after lunch. After Alexander dropped Sophia off at Sunshine Group, he headed toward Odyssey.

When Yvonne saw Sophia walk in, she informed the latter about what had happened to Tanya’s husband, Liam, before bringing up Yvette. “Ms. Yarrow, Ms. Saunders came to see you again this morning.”

Sophia raised an eyebrow. “How persistent.” After a moment, she asked, “Did she say why she came?”

Yvonne shook her head. “No, she only said that she came to see you.”

Sophia nodded in response. “Got it.” Glancing at Yvonne again, she said, “Ms. Leighton, please go over my personal assets and find out how much money I can liquidate now. I need about thirteen billion. If my assets are insufficient, check and see which personal investments I can put out for funds.”

Yvonne was shocked to hear Sophia’s words. “Ms. Yarrow, did something happen?”

Sophia chuckled. “Everything’s fine. I’m helping a friend out.”

Yvonne immediately understood the situation. Odyssey’s stocks had plunged in the past two days, and its market value had gone down by six billion. If this continued, Odyssey was unlikely to hold out.

“All right. Please give me some time, I’ll get to it immediately.”

After saying that, Yvonne went to do Sophia’s bidding.

Sophia owned a lot of personal investments, and the companies she had invested in had taken off. One of the companies, Magic Sense, had a market value that was currently as high as one billion after the sixth round of financing this year. Sophia had only invested about eighty million. If Magic Sense had a successful launch next year, the company’s market value would skyrocket to two billion.

As Magic Sense’s largest shareholder, Sophia would be able to net more than three hundred million even if she sold off her shares now.

Junta, which had launched the year before, and Girl’s Heart, which had launched in June, were among the other companies that Sophia had invested in.

Sophia had made the capital investments while the companies were still in their early stages. Hence, she owned up to forty percent of their shares. Once the companies were listed, Sophia’s net worth would be immeasurable.

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