Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 347

That very night, news about Alexander and Sophia’s accident spread like wildfire in the circle.

Upon hearing the news, Samuel sprang from his bed and grabbed his phone to call Alexander without delay.

Alas, his calls went unanswered.

At once, Samuel’s imagination went wild. He started wondering if Alexander was in the emergency room, about to die soon.

Panic filled his heart as he got dressed and called Charles.

It was past midnight. Charles was about to sleep when Samuel’s call arrived.

Frowning, he answered the call. “What is it?”

“Charles, Alex and Sophia were in an accident. I called Alex five times, but he didn’t answer his phone. We should head to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Charles nearly cursed out loud when he heard what Samuel had to say. “Have you considered the possibility that they had gone to bed after switching off their phones?”

Samuel paused, holding his pants in his hands. “It’s still early. I don’t think that’s possible, right?”

Charles snorted. “What time is it now?”

Samuel glanced at his watch. “Twenty minutes past twelve.”

“Yeah. Is that early?”

“Fine. It’s a little late.” Samuel was still worried. “Shouldn’t we visit them at the hospital?”

“You can do that yourself.”

Charles ended the call without hesitation. He couldn’t help but wonder if Samuel would burn the Schild family’s assets away with his low IQ.

If something had indeed happened to Alexander, Felix would’ve informed them immediately.

Samuel glanced at his phone in disbelief and started suspecting their friendship.

Why do they seem unbothered when Alexander was in a car crash? Are they that cruel? Don’t tell me Charles doesn’t want to be Alexander’s friend anymore, as there is a possibility he isn’t a Xenos.

Refusing to give up, he called Justin next.

Justin was in a foul mood as he got woken up rudely. “This better be important. Otherwise, we’ll see each other in the boxing gym this weekend,” he warned.

Samuel was rendered speechless.

Why are people so violent nowadays?

Samuel cleared his throat and inquired, “Do you know Alex was in an accident?”


“I called his phone, but he didn’t pick up. I think he’s seriously injured, so I want to visit him at the hospital.”

Justin was speechless for a moment. “Did Felix tell you anything?”


“I’m going to bed. You can go to the hospital if you want,” Justin told him and hung up.

Samuel nearly threw his phone away in frustration. Why are they so heartless?

He put on his pants and grabbed his keys to drive to the hospital. At the garage, Samuel belatedly realized he had no idea which hospital Alexander was admitted to.

He scrolled to Felix’s number in his contact list and was about to make the call when Justin’s words replayed in his mind.

I was too reckless! Felix didn’t inform us anything, so it means that Alex is fine. I wasn’t slow. I was just worried about Alex and ended up making a mistake.

That very night, everyone was gossiping about Alexander and Sophia’s accident. The parties involved, however, were both sound asleep.

Unsurprisingly, the following morning, they woke up to learn that someone had blamed the matter on Dillon.

The onlookers were not naive. If anything were to befall Alexander, Dillon’s family would stand to gain the most.

Last night, Felix had people investigate the driver. He found nothing as the driver had simply stepped on the accelerator accidentally due to him being drunk.

After hearing Felix’s report, Alexander answered curtly, “Got it.”

He hung up and glanced at Sophia, who was still sleeping in bed.

They both went to bed past eleven last night, which was past Sophia’s usual bedtime.

Instead of waking her up, he went over and bent over to give her cheek a gentle kiss before heading downstairs to prepare breakfast.

Sophia jolted awake from a nightmare. She dreamed about last night’s accident, but in her dream, they didn’t get lucky.

She wasn’t in the car, but Alexander’s vehicle was severely damaged in the collision. When she rushed to the site after receiving the call, the paramedics informed her that Alexander had passed away on the spot.

Sophia woke up instantly when she heard that.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw the white ceiling above her. That was when she realized it was just a nightmare. Sophia felt much better after the slumber.

She fumbled about and found her phone to look at the time.

It was almost nine in the morning.

“Genie, open the curtains.”

After washing up, Sophia went downstairs to look for Alexander.

The man was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Recalling the nightmare, she sauntered over and flung her arms around his waist. “Why didn’t you order food?”

“You’re awake?”

“Mm,” Sophia grunted.

She looked up and noticed the gauze on his forehead. “Does it still hurt?”

He looks quite pitiful.

“No, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Alexander chuckled. “I’m no longer a kid.”

It was a deep cut, so Sophia didn’t believe him when he said it didn’t hurt.

Alexander offered her a spoonful of oatmeal. “Here you go. Be careful, as it might be hot.”

Sophia parted her lips and took a sip of the oatmeal. “It’s yummy.”

“Mm. I’ll bring it out.”

Sophia was about to wash the spoon when her phone, which she had placed on the dining table, began to ring.

She arched a brow and went out to answer it. “Hello, Lukas.”

It was Lukas. Sophia assumed he was most probably calling because of last night’s accident.

“Did you get hurt?” Lukas asked.

“I’m okay,” Sophia responded. Concerned that he might not believe her, she added, “I didn’t suffer any injuries, but I hit my arm, and it’s now swollen. Alexander got a cut on his forehead.”

“Mm,” Lukas grunted. “What happened last night? Was it the Xenos family who did that to you?”

“No. It was a driver who drove under influence.”

Lukas remained doubtful. “Did you look into it?”

He knew that feuds involving rich families could result in deaths.

“Alexander told someone to look into it,” Sophia revealed. She paused before continuing, “Dillon only disclosed the information that Alexander wasn’t Zachary’s son yesterday morning, and we saw him at the dinner last night. He wouldn’t be foolish enough to arrange for someone to harm Alexander so soon.”

At the other end of the line, Lukas fell silent for a moment. “Perhaps you should consider staying away from Alexander for the time being.”

Knowing what he meant, Sophie let out a helpless chuckle. “Lukas.”

“Okay.” Lukas knew she was fine and stopped asking questions. “You should get back to work. Take care.”

“Okay. You too.”

After she hung up, Alexander was already waiting for her at the table with two bowls of oatmeal.

Sophia placed her phone down and went over to join him at the dining table. She chuckled and commented, “Mr. Xenos, you are becoming increasingly similar to a caring spouse and affectionate mother.”

Alexander glanced at her. “Why don’t you earn money and provide for me in the future?”

Sophia giggled. “Sure!”

She accepted the spoon from him and started eating the oatmeal. Recalling Lukas’ earlier question, she asked, “Did Mr. Lane find anything?”

Alexander shook his head. “The driver was driving under the influence.”

He was saying that the accident had nothing to do with Dillon.

“Oh, I see.”

Sophia dropped the subject.

The incident wasn’t related to Dillon, but most people assumed he was behind it.

Consequently, people began to question the validity of the rumor that Alexander was not Zachary’s biological child. Given Dillon’s strong desire for Odyssey, many began to speculate about his possible motives.

Naturally, the onlookers were unaware of the actual facts and were merely gossiping and expressing their opinions.

While this issue didn’t significantly impact Alexander and Sophia, it had a considerable impact on someone else.

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