Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 34

Alexander did not sleep well. Ever since he divorced Sophia, he would not have a good night’s sleep whenever he met her.

The night before was no exception. As a result, Alexander’s expression was as cold as ice during the meeting in the morning. Sitting next to him, Felix dared not even breathe loudly.

He’s too terrifying!

After the meeting, Alexander glanced at Felix, who was unusually quiet. “The piano auction house will deliver the piano this afternoon. You take a look at it by then and send it directly to Ms. Thompson of Spritechnologies.”

Felix nodded nervously and replied, “Yes, I understand. Mr. Xenos, is there anything else?”

Alexander waved his hand, gesturing Felix to get out quickly.

Holding the meeting documents, Felix intended to turn around and leave. However, the man behind him suddenly spoke when he reached the door. “Wait.”

Felix had a bad feeling about that. As expected, in the next second, he heard Alexander order, “Search for the buyer of Heintzman Crystal Piano and think of a way to buy the piano!”

As everyone knew, an anonymous bidder bought the Heintzman at the price of 3.22 million in an auction after a famous pianist performed with the piano during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics Games.

Twelve years had passed, and Heintzman was never revealed in front of the public. It also proved that the bidder did not intend to sell the piano.

Felix’s face fell as he said, “But…”

“Is there a problem?” asked Alexander.

“No! No problem!”

Seeing Alexander’s gaze, Felix dared not to mention any problem.

“After buying the piano, send it directly to Sophia’s place,” ordered Alexander.

At that moment, Felix was honestly shocked. He asked, “To Ms. Yarrow?”

“Do you have a hearing problem?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Xenos. I only wish to make a confirmation.”

Alexander was slightly annoyed. “You heard it right. Send the piano to Sophia’s place!”

Amour was for Natalie. Alexander had pondered for a long time on the previous night. Since Sophia also liked pianos, he would give the Heintzman to her.

Sensing that Alexander was irritated, Felix did not dare ask anything else. He merely nodded and hastily left the office.

Since Sophia had failed to bid Amour, she was no longer bothered by the shares Natalie possessed.

In fact, she had already lost hope of gaining the latter’s favor. However, to her surprise, Natalie’s secretary contacted Yvonne, asking to meet Sophia.

Although Sophia was slightly taken aback by the fact, she would not refuse when Natalie reached out to her.

At the end of October, Jadeborough was greeted by the fall. Sophia changed into a Hepburn-style dress and arrived at the café five minutes earlier to wait for Natalie.

Natalie Thompson was a legendary woman. It was said that she came from a poor background. However, she built her business step by step with her own capabilities. Sophia could only imagine the hardship Natalie had gone through.

Despite that, there were rumors saying that Natalie gained her status through men. Nevertheless, these claims remained unproven.

Sophia had not met Natalie in person in the past. Therefore, she would not make any assumptions before knowing the latter’s true character.

Not long after Sophia sat down, she saw Natalie strolling toward the café in a white knitted dress.

Sophia was surprised by the fact that although the latter was nearly fifty years old, she did not look her age. There was no sign of aging on her youthful face at all. On top of that, her every movement was elegant and sophisticated.

“Suny? Sophia Yarrow? Alexander Xenos’ ex-wife?” questioned Natalie as she took her seat.

The woman had revealed Sophia’s identity as soon as she spoke.

Sophia smiled before replying, “Ms. Thompson, you don’t seem surprised at all.”

Hearing that, Natalie chuckled. “Maybe you forgot about it, but we met two years ago at a dinner. I just arrived at that time, and you were leaving.”

Sophia was stunned for a moment. That was the only dinner she had attended back then, and she had only stayed for fifteen minutes before leaving because Kristen had phoned her hysterically, urging her to return home.

At that time, Sophia had left in a hurry. When she reached the entrance, she had indeed bumped into someone. However, she was in a rush and did not notice the person.

“No wonder.” Sophia let out a sigh of relief.

Flashing a smile, Natalie said, “In fact, it’s not hard to guess. Your real name is Sophia Yarrow, so the name Suny is derived from your initials. Plus…”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “Half a month ago, I heard about the bidding of Amour between you and Alexander at the auction.”

Sophia was speechless for a second before she exclaimed, “Ms. Thompson, you’re certainly brilliant!”

At least you’re smarter than that idiot, Samuel!

“Ms. Yarrow, you have great achievements despite your young age. When I found out you’re Suny, I was also dumbfounded,” said Natalie.

Sophia was humble, but her expression remained calm without a hint of humility on her face. “I’m only young and reckless. Coincidentally, I’m also lucky.”

Natalie’s lips curled into a grin. “Enough of the humble pleasantries. I’m here today to tell you good news.”

Before coming to the café, Sophia was already mentally prepared. However, she could not help feeling excited deep down. Despite that, her expression remained composed as she spoke. “Ms. Thompson, do you plan to sell the shares to me?”

“It’s indeed easier talking with smart people.”

Natalie was a woman with a forthright manner. Otherwise, she would not become successful.

Both of them discussed the matter frankly. After more than ten minutes, they had agreed on the details for every aspect.

Before parting ways, Sophia hesitated and asked, “Ms. Thompson, may I know your reason for choosing me?”

Natalie reapplied her lipstick and flashed an attractive smile at Sophia. “I know you can offer the same price as Alexander. However, I should see who’s more sincere. I’m indeed obsessed with Amour, but the thing between you and Alexander reminds me of the past. I do things based on my emotions, and I like your personality. Alexander is not the right choice. Hence, the reason I chose you is just that simple.”

Although Natalie did not say it out loud, Sophia still grasped the meaning of her words. The former had implied that even she could not stand idly by to watch a jerk like Alexander bully Sophia.

Even though Sophia did not believe that Alexander had wronged her, she did not mind it at all, as she could effortlessly benefit from the situation.

Lowering her head, Sophia stared at the half cup of coffee she did not finish and uttered, “I liked him for seven years.”

“Don’t worry. You deserve someone ten times better than Alexander with your characteristics!” comforted Natalie.

Natalie had something else to tend to after. Hence, she left after saying goodbye to Sophia.

Raising her head to look at Natalie’s leaving figure, Sophia lifted her brows and smirked. Then, she got up and left.

Just as she stopped in front of the red light, her phone suddenly rang.

Sophia was sensitive toward numbers. With a glance, she recognized the number belonged to Alexander’s secretary.

Tilting her head as she stared at the phone, she did not plan to accept the call. She let the phone ring until it hung up automatically. Then, it did not ring anymore.

When Sophia drove her car into the pathway, she spotted a truck parked in front of her mansion’s entrance. Furrowing her brows, she stepped on the gas and reached the gate of her house.

Before getting out of her car, she spotted Alexander’s secretary.

As soon as Felix noticed Sophia, he quickly walked over. “Ms. Yarrow, this is the piano that Mr. Xenos ordered me to send to you.”

Sophia chuckled after taking a glance at the crystal piano at the back of the truck. “Well, I refuse to accept it.”

With that, she opened the gate with a remote, then drove into the mansion.

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