Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 35

Felix stood at the mansion gate as he watched the back view of Sophia’s car slowly disappear as the gate closed. He lifted his head and looked at the piano on the truck, not knowing what to do next.

Actually, he had thought of the possibility of the scenario that just played out.

At that moment, his phone suddenly rang.

What a series of misfortune. The other piano, Amour, was also returned by Natalie from Spritechnologies.

The workers waiting at the side asked what they should do next when they saw Felix had hung up the phone.

What to do? What else can we do? She already rejected it. We can’t force the piano into her house, right?

“Let’s move the piano back to the mansion first.”

After that, he turned to get into his car and drove toward Odyssey.

Within twenty minutes, his car arrived at Odyssey’s parking lot.

Felix quickly headed from the basement to the floor where Alexander’s office was located. As soon as he came out of the elevator, he bumped into Alexander, who had just finished a meeting.

Alexander seemed to be in a good mood. When he saw Felix, he asked straight away, “What did she say?”

Naturally, Felix knew who Alexander was talking about.

Felix looked at Alexander, and the former had no choice but said, “Ms. Yarrow said she refused to take it.”

After Alexander heard what Felix said, his expression turned cold. “She refused?”

“Yes, Mr. Xenos.”

Alexander recalled the other night when Sophia also rejected in a straightforward manner.

He felt he had put his face out there for her to slap. Humiliated, he looked at Felix coldly before he walked toward his office.

“Mr. Xenos, there’s something else…”

Felix knew that Alexander was not in a good mood. It was not that the matter regarding Spritechnologies was urgent and had to be discussed at that moment. However, if he did not say it now, he still had to find another chance to talk about it later.

I’m going to get into trouble anyway. Might as well I tell him now.

“What is it?”

Alexander stopped in his steps and looked at Felix with an icy cold gaze.

Chills went through Felix’s spine. He lowered his head as he did not dare to look at Alexander. “Ms. Thompson’s secretary from Spritechnologies called me just now. Ms. Thompson has returned the piano.”

“What’s going on?”

Felix felt goosebumps all over from Alexander’s gaze. “I’m not sure at the moment.”

After a brief pause, Felix continued, “However, from the tone of Ms. Thompson’s secretary, I’m assuming that Ms. Thompson probably has sold her shares to somebody else.”

In the end, it was nothing but a wasted effort.

Alexander’s expression was no longer just displeased. Something that was a sure win for him had turned into a messy defeat.

He felt that somebody had played a prank on him. However, he understood that everything was done under mutual consent in the business industry. Thus, even if they could not reach an agreement, he could not blame Natalie.

Despite that, he thought the matter was not as simple as it seemed. “Go and investigate who Natalie gave the shares to!”

“Yes, Mr. Xenos. I’ll do it immediately.”

Felix finally had the chance to escape the dangerous situation he was in. He was not going to pass on the chance to leave.

However, news from Natalie’s side was sealed tightly. It was not until the last moment whereby he finally got some information.

When Felix found out that Natalie had given the shares to Sunshine Group, Spritechnologies had changed the name of their chairman on their official website. He was only two hours ahead of finding out before the officials made their changes.

“Sunshine Group?”

It had been a few days since the incident, so Alexander’s anger had subsided. When he heard the words “Sunshine Group,” he subconsciously knitted his brows.

He remembered that Sunshine Group had given Samuel some problems before this. Now, this person, Suny, from Sunshine Group, had pushed him to a corner.

Initially, Alexander was not interested in who was behind Sunshine Group. However, now he really wanted to know what this person was capable of.

“Who is Suny from Sunshine Group?”

Felix shook his head. “Nobody in the industry knows who she is.”

Alexander scoffed, “Then investigate and find out who she is!”

Felix could only nod. “Yes, Mr. Xenos.”

As Alexander’s secretary, he had no choice.

After the update on the official website of Spritechnologies, an uproar broke out within the business industry in Jadeborough.

After taking over Natalie’s shares, Sophia was in a good mood these days. She had been sleeping well at night too.

When the news of the change of chairman in Spritechnologies was announced, she was visiting Katherine at work.

After they discovered that Sophia was the owner of Specter Entertainment, everyone at the filming site, even the director, was very courteous toward her.

Specter Entertainment had invested in two movies this year. Each investment was worth tens of millions. The whole filming industry was currently trying to score an investment from Specter Entertainment after seeing their generosity.

When it was break-time halfway through filming, Katherine walked to Sophia with a head full of heavy accessories. “I’m so jealous. Do you know how much wealth you have now?”

Sophia raised her eyebrows. “I’ve never made a proper calculation ’cause it’s too much. I don’t want to waste Ms. Leighton’s time.”

That’s pretty arrogant of you to say! Katherine gritted her teeth and asked, “How did you get Natalie to change her mind?”

Sophia was honest. “To tell you the truth, I was very surprised too!”

Katherine clicked her tongue. “Tell me the truth. Did you seduce Natalie’s son?”

Sophia glared at her. “Her son is only eighteen years old.”

“It’s only a difference of seven or eight years. It’s not impossible.”

Sophia laughed out of frustration as she passed what was on her hands to Katherine. “Joshua asked me to pass this to you. I’m going to make a move.”

Sophia would not be visiting the filming site for no reason. It was not like she was bored.

It was because Technology Innovations was listed in Xanfield yesterday. As Sophia and Joshua were two of the biggest shareholders who held the same amount of shares, she decided to be polite and went over for a visit even though she preferred not to reveal herself.

Joshua still had to stay back another couple of days at Xanfield for a social engagement, so Sophia came back by herself first. Hence, she brought over the bag Katherine had always wanted to buy.

Natalie would be going overseas in the coming week. After that, it was not certain when she would return. Therefore, she wanted to have a meal with Sophia before she left.

If it were anyone else, Sophia would not have agreed. As she did not like these kinds of socializing, she never revealed herself in public. However, Natalie was different.

Once Sophia left the filming site, she drove straight to the restaurant she had agreed to meet Natalie. When she arrived, there was already somebody at the dining table.

Sophia thought she had the wrong table number and was stunned. “I’m sorry, but is this table number seventeen?”

The man who was playing with his phone lifted his head impatiently. When his gaze fell on Sophia, his eyes glimmered from her beauty. “Are you Ms. Suny?”

This is interesting.

Sophia smiled as she sat. “Are you Ms. Thompson’s son?”

“My name is Joachim Sanders. Nice to meet you.”

Joachim put down his phone with a sudden change in his attitude.

Right then, Natalie returned from the restroom. “Ms. Yarrow, my apologies. I was at the restroom for a moment.”

Sophia gave a smile. “No worries. I just arrived anyway.”

Natalie took a seat next to her son. “I’m sorry, Ms. Yarrow, but this is my son, Joachim. I brought him over today because I wanted to ask you for a favor.”

Sophia smiled. “Ms. Thompson, is there anything I can help you with?”

Natalie went straight to the point and said, “Ms. Yarrow, you know I will be migrating soon and won’t be back here often. Previously, Joachim was under the custody of his dad. Now that he’s of age, I thought he would be willing to migrate with me, but Joachim said he wants to go into the entertainment industry instead. I know Specter Entertainment is under your name. The reason I’m bringing Joachim this time is to ask and see if you could sign him.”

Natalie poured some coffee for Sophia while continuing by saying, “You don’t have to give him special attention. Just let him be based on whatever standards or capability that he has. I just thought it’s better to sign him over to a company I trust than others. I trust you, Ms. Yarrow. I believe if Joachim is in your company, nothing that I am worried about will happen.”

As soon as Natalie finished speaking, the young man beside her was already sitting upright, looking at Sophia with anticipation and anxiety in his eyes.

The matter was not as simple as signing Joachim from Sophia’s perspective. Since Natalie entrusted her son over to Sophia, if anything happened in the future, Sophia would be responsible.

Sophia did not like trouble. Hence, she decided after a few seconds. “Ms. Thompson, I understand what you mean. However, I believe you also know that I am the type of person who would like to avoid any trouble. I’m afraid I can’t help you in this matter.”

Natalie seemed to have expected her response. “You’re overthinking it. I just want to put Joachim under your company. I understand how the entertainment industry works. He’s an adult now, and since it’s his own choice to go into the industry, he’ll have to bear his own consequences. Of course, I understand your concerns, Ms. Yarrow. Therefore, I’ve also prepared a contract. No matter what happens to Joachim in the future, it will not be related to you. As compensation, I will also give your company all the payments he gets from films and endorsements within these three years.”

Natalie came well prepared. There was no reason for Sophia to reject a money opportunity. Three years was not a long nor a short period of time. It was still worth it for her to sign over a new talent at no cost.

“Since you’re being straightforward, I shall not turn you down, Ms. Thompson.”

Sophia took over the contract and signed it. After that, she lifted her head and looked at Joachim. “Later on, I will get my manager to contact Mr. Sanders.”

“Ms. Suny, you can call me Joachim,” Joachim said happily.

Sophia raised her eyebrows and replied, “Then you can call me Ms. Yarrow in the future, Joachim. Not many people in Jadeborough know that I am Suny.”

“Okay, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia did not expect herself to have that meal with Natalie. Not to mention signing the latter’s son over to her own entertainment company.

Did Katherine’s words just come to pass?

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