Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 33

“Seven million, going once! Seven million, going twice! Seven million, going thrice! Deal!”

With that, the auctioneer slammed the gavel and announced that Alexander had won the bid for Amour.

Nobody in the audience was surprised when it was revealed that Alexander had won the bid. Instead, it was the woman who made the counterbid who surprised them.

At that point, many people realized that the person who counterbid on the first floor was Sophia, and everyone was busy discussing it.

Alexander looked down when he heard that. He could not tell if that person was Sophia or not because they were more than ten meters apart, and everything was dark underneath.

The auction had finally concluded. Sophia quickly took her bag before hiding inside the crowd as she left, not wanting to run into Thalia and the others.

Bethany, on the other hand, followed Thalia to Alexander’s private room on the second floor. “Alex, congratulations.”

Alexander cast a cold glance at her. “Ms. White, could it be that you have a bad memory? If I recall correctly, I told you the last time that we’re not close, so please refrain from calling me by my nickname.”

“Alex, why are you-” Thalia wanted to speak up for Bethany at first, but when she noticed Alexander’s cold stare, her face fell, and she did not dare to say anything.

“Please get out of my way.”

Alexander had made it clear at that moment that he no longer respected the White family. With her face ashen, Bethany stood aside, allowing him to march away.

Alexander was quickly followed by Samuel. They had only taken a few steps when the former flashed Samuel a check. “Assist me with the procedures.”

“Where are you going then?”

Alexander walked away without responding to Samuel.

Thalia unexpectedly approached Samuel while the latter was scoffing. “Sam, I didn’t drive here today. Can you give me a ride?”

Nonetheless, Samuel had long suspected what Thalia had in mind, so he simply replied, “Sorry. I’m driving my sports car today, and I’m going to pick up Sally later!”

As everyone knew, Sally was the name of Samuel’s Labrador Retriever.

The fact that Samuel used it as an excuse to reject her simply meant that she was not even comparable to his dog.

Feeling shocked, Thalia stood there silently with a whey-face. Only after he had left did she exclaim, “That jerk! It hasn’t even been decided who will be the next Schild family leader!”

The next moment, Bethany came out of the private room. “They informed me that Ms. Yarrow was the one who counterbid your brother, Tally.”

Thalia’s focus immediately shifted when she heard that. “Sophia? How is that possible? Where did she get the money?”

Then, as though recalling something, her expression suddenly became stiff. “How dare she act arrogant! It’s just a poor entertainment company!”

Bethany remained silent with her lips pursed. She thought there was something off about Sophia but could not put her finger on what it was.

After leaving the auction house, Alexander noticed Sophia’s figure from a distance.

Even though he had been married to Sophia for three years, he could not even remember what she looked like back then. However, after they divorced, he was able to tell it was her with just one look.

That’s not good.

Unfortunately for him, he could not stop himself from approaching her. He put a hand in front of her and asked, “Are you also interested in that piano?”

Sophia was taken aback when she noticed a hand suddenly stretched out in front of her. When she looked up, she was surprised to see Alexander.

She admitted graciously, “Yes. Why are you asking? Are you willing to concede it to me?”

If that were the case, she would gladly accept it. After all, that piano was far more valuable than seven million.

Sophia wore a casual outfit that day. She was dressed in a thin blue sweater and an aurora white skirt. She did not wear any make-up, nor did she tie up her long hair.

The instant Alexander saw her, his heart could not help but skip a beat.

He had never seen a woman display such gentleness and voluptuousness in such harmony as Sophia did.

Her soothing yet cold and lazy voice completely captivated him.

Looking at her, Alexander inquired, “Do you like that piano?”

After pondering for a second, Sophia replied, “Yes.”

At first, she felt some psychological pressure for her to lie, but since that person was Alexander, it was a different story.

Subconsciously, Alexander blurted, “I’ll give it to you then.”

His face stiffened right after he said that. Realizing that he had rushed to make the decision, he quickly added, “Consider it as alimony for the divorce.”

Is that so?

Sophia’s expression darkened. “That’s unnecessary.”

With that, she took out the car key from her bag and unlocked her car.

Then, the eye-catching red Ferrari beeped, drawing the attention of the crowd.

Without wasting a moment, Sophia quickly got into the car and closed the door before reversing the car out of the parking space and accelerating away.

Just as Samuel finished the procedures and walked out, he noticed Alexander staring at the back of the Ferrari without moving an inch. “Is that Sophia?” He raised his eyebrows.

Hearing that, Alexander turned to him and stared coldly at him. “Have you completed the procedure?”

“Yes, everything is completed. Mr. Xenos, I’ll have it delivered to your residence tomorrow!” Samuel teased.

Alexander responded with a snort. “Let’s go back.”

With that, he walked to his car expressionlessly, unlocked the door, and got inside.

Samuel had planned to continue hanging out with Alexander that night. Nonetheless, the latter did not even give him the opportunity to speak up.

After a bitter chuckle, Samuel got into the car and dialed Charles’ number.

In response, Charles simply told him that he was busy and hung up the phone.

D*mn! All of them are acting like bosses!

The news about Sophia and Alexander bidding for the piano became trending on the internet within less than half an hour after the auction ended.

It was ten in the evening when Sophia returned to her mansion. At the same time, Katherine had just finished recording for her show. She called Sophia to gossip while sitting in the makeup room, removing her makeup. “Did you get bullied, Soph?”

Sophia burst out laughing when she heard that. “You sure worry a lot!”

“Of course! I’m the person who loves you the most in the world. Was that jerk, Alexander, mean to you? Don’t worry about the piano and just forget about it. It’s not that precious anyway.”

“Sorry, but it’s precious to me.” Sophia pursed her lips.

In this world, no one would complain about having too much money.

When Katherine heard that, she was dumbstruck. “Perhaps we can play the victim and hope he gives up the piano?”

Sophia lowered her gaze to the cup in her hand. “Actually, Alexander told me half an hour ago that he could give it to me.”

“Nice! I suppose he still has a conscience.”

“However, I turned it down.”

“Wow, you’re certainly impressive!”

Instead of just the piano, she was turning down hundreds of millions.

Rubbing her temples, Sophia replied, “I’m somewhat regretting it now.”

As expected, those who flaunted themselves would pay dearly for it.

She could not help but be concerned when she remembered Natalie’s fifteen percent ownership of Spritechnologies.

“There’s no point in crying now that you’ve turned him down!”

When Sophia heard that, she let out a frustrated chuckle. “I’m going to hang up now.”

“All right. Goodbye.”

It was undeniable that Sophia’s mood had improved noticeably after squabbling with Katherine. That night, she slept peacefully and with a relaxed mind.

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