Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 319

Sophia and Alexander woke up feeling rather tired because they had trained for over three hours in the boxing gym the day before.

However, it was Monday, so Sophia had to go to Sunshine Group for a morning meeting.

The meeting lasted for over an hour. Shortly after Sophia returned to her office, Yvonne knocked on her door and entered the office. “Ms. Yarrow, Mdm. Lambe is at the front desk downstairs, and she said she’s here to see you.”

“She’s here to see me?” Sophia raised her eyebrows. “Send her up.”

Sophia knew Kristen was there to see her because of Leonard. Is Kristen that naive? If Alexander doesn’t care about it, what makes her think I’m any different?

Soon, Yvonne and Kristen arrived upstairs. Upon hearing the knock on the door, Sophia composed herself and said, “Come in.”

“Hi, Ms. Yarrow.” The door opened, and Yvonne led Kristen into the office.

Sophia lifted her gaze to cast a glance at Kristen before asking, “What brought you here today, Mdm. Lambe?”

“There’s something I need to talk to you about. It’s about Alex, and I think you would be interested to hear what I have to say,” Kristen answered.

Hearing that Kristen was beating around the bush, Sophia arched her eyebrows and looked at Yvonne. “Ms. Leighton, you can go back to work.”

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow,” Yvonne replied.

Kristen only went to find Sophia because she wanted to see if she could make use of Sophia to save Leonard. Hence, she paid no attention to other matters around her.

That was why she didn’t notice how polite Yvonne was toward Sophia.

After answering Sophia, Yvonne turned and exited the office. By then, Sophia and Kristen were left alone in the office.

Sophia got up from her office chair and walked toward a couch nearby. “Have a seat, Mdm. Lambe.”

Prior to that, Kristen was always finding fault with Sophia, even after Sophia and Alexander were divorced.

Sophia didn’t bother offering Kristen anything to drink before she sat down on the couch. If that were to happen in the past, Kristen would have said that Sophia lacked manners.

That day, however, Kristen didn’t make such comments. Instead, she said, “I went to look for Alex yesterday, and I think you’re aware of it.”

Sophia flashed a faint smile and replied, “Are you here today to ask if I could urge Alexander to help Leonard?”

“Since you already know why I’m here today, I guess I should just cut to the chase,” Kristen answered.

It’s obvious that Kristen loves Leonard dearly, but Alexander is also her son, no? Yet, she’s here asking me to trouble Alexander just so that she could save Leonard. She’s so biased. Sophia knew how anxious Kristen was, but Sophia wasn’t in a hurry. Hence, Sophia smiled and queried, “Don’t you think you’ve looked for the wrong person, Mdm. Lambe?”

Still smiling, Sophia added, “Alexander is only my boyfriend now, but even if we were still a married couple, I think you’re well aware of the grievances between both of us, Mdm. Lambe. If Alexander decides to help Leonard, I would still object to the idea. Secondly, I think Alexander had already told you about his viewpoint when you looked for him yesterday. You’re not going to achieve anything by looking for me today.”

As soon as those words fell, so did Kristen’s face. She then gritted her teeth and whipped out a folder before giving it to Sophia. “Once you’ve taken a look at this, you’re going to help me.”

Sophia swept a glance at the folder before letting out a chuckle. “You sound confident, Mdm. Lambe. I hope you won’t get disappointed later.”

With that, Sophia took the folder and slowly opened it to take out the documents inside.

Kristen knew what was about to happen next when she saw Sophia picking up the folder. Hence, her face, which had turned pale moments prior, gradually turned rosy, and she grew less anxious.

Sophia’s smile faded when she saw the paternity test before her eyes. She then cast a glance at Kristen to see her looking calm and confident. Does she think I’m going to give in after I see this paternity test?

With that in mind, Sophia retracted her gaze and kept the documents back in the folder. After that, she looked at Kristen once again and asked, “Did you think this is going to work on me, Mdm. Lambe?”

Kristen let out a cold snort in response. “I don’t know if it would work on you, but I know Alexander might not be able to keep his position for long if I were to show it to the other members of the Xenos family.”

“In that case, why didn’t you just give it to Alexander? I think these documents pose a greater threat to Alexander than to me. Why do you think these documents would make me meddle in Alexander’s business?” Sophia scoffed.

Needless to say, Kristen was enraged when she heard those words.

Sophia was right. Naturally, it would be better to show the paternity test to Alexander. However, Kristen knew Alexander well enough to not do that. After all, he was her son for over a decade.

If Kristen were to show the paternity test to Alexander, not only would Leonard not get the help he needed, but there was also a huge chance Alexander would force Kristen out of Jadeborough.

Since Alexander could convince Beau to give Odyssey to him before the old man died, that showed how capable Alexander was.

Although Zachary was Beau’s son for almost sixty years, Beau still refused to let Zachary inherit the business. Besides, Leonard was all over Beau before he died. Yet, Beau chose Alexander over Leonard as the heir.

That ultimately proved how proficient Alexander was.

Deep down, Kristen knew she was no match for Alexander. If I were to show Alexander a paternity test that proves he isn’t a descendant of the Xenos family, he’ll surely come after me. Well, it’s not like I’m eager to go up against him. Heck, I was planning to bring the secret to my grave. After all, I know how incompetent Leonard and Thalia are. Even if they were to inherit the Xenos family’s wealth, they’re going to squander all the money. Hence, both of them will treat Alexander as their own sibling if I keep my mouth shut. That way, Alexander would still look after them after I die. However, Alexander is now refusing to lend a helping hand. Thus, I have no choice but to look for Sophia. All along, I know how much Sophia is into Alexander. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have endured my abuse for three years. If Bethany didn’t return to the country, Sophia could very well still be married to Alexander!

Evidently, Kristen only went to look for Sophia confidently because she knew how much Sophia liked Alexander.

However, upon hearing Sophia’s response, Kristen couldn’t help but panic. “Are you not afraid that the Xenos family might kick Alexander out of the family?”

Sophia leaned back on the sofa and looked at Kristen with a smile on her face. “It’s not like I’m poor, so that doesn’t matter to me. If they were to kick him out of the Xenos family, I can still support him.”

“Y-You…” Kristen panicked because she didn’t expect such a response from Sophia. The paternity test is a double-edged sword! Now that I’ve already told Sophia about it, she’ll surely let Alexander in on it after I leave. That’s not the result I was hoping for!

When Sophia saw how Kristen’s eyes were darting back and forth, Sophia knew Kristen had lost the plot. Hence, Sophia called out for Yvonne, “Ms. Leighton, please see my guest out.”

“Sophia! Are you sure you know what this means for Alexander?” Kristen was scared, but she refused to accept her fate.

“I know, but I’ve already told you, no? I’m rich, so I don’t care if Alexander is related to the Lambe family or not.”

Those words had definitely crumbled all of Kristen’s hopes. “You’re not going to help me, right? Fine! Let’s pretend that we’ve never met today, and you’ve never heard or seen anything.”

“You’re so funny, Mdm. Lambe. If things have already happened, how am I supposed to pretend they didn’t?” With that, Sophia shifted her gaze toward Yvonne, who had already entered the office, and said, “Ms. Leighton, please send Mdm. Lambe down.”

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow.” Yvonne went up to Kristen and uttered, “This way, Mdm. Lambe.”

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