Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 320

Kristen glared at Sophia and saw how composed she was. Seeing that, Kristen could only grit her teeth and leave.

After watching Yvonne lead Kristen out, Sophia went ahead to close the door gently.

Upon closing the door, Sophia was left alone in the office, and the smile on her face suddenly faded.

Truth be told, she was just pretending to appear calm and nonchalant because she was stunned to find out that Alexander wasn’t related to either Kristen or Zachary.

Back then, everyone knew about how Kristen eloped with a third party after giving birth to Alexander. If someone from the younger generation were to ask around, they could easily obtain the information from the older generation.

That was why Kristen was condemned for years. The Xenos family did remarkably well, and Kristen became the matriarch after Beau and Zachary died. Even so, there were still people talking about what she did back then.

The public was saying how cruel Kristen was and how she was a promiscuous woman.

However, throughout the years, Kristen never told anyone Alexander was neither Zachary nor her kid.

It was only revealed that day when Kristen gave those documents to Sophia, telling her that Alexander wasn’t a part of the Xenos family and that he wasn’t related to any of them by blood.

Sophia knew that if the information was leaked, it would definitely cause an uproar. I can’t imagine how hard this is going to hit Alexander. Before Old Mr. Xenos died back then, he named Alexander as the successor. However, that was because everyone thought he was a member of the Xenos family. If Alexander isn’t a member of the Xenos family, he would have to give up his shares. In fact, it was written in Old Mr. Xenos’ will. Old Mr. Xenos transferred all his shares to his eldest grandson, Alexander. However, Alexander isn’t even Old Mr. Xenos’ grandson and is not a member of the Xenos family. The branch families of the Xenos family had been going after the company shares all these years. If Kristen were to show them the paternity test, there’s going to be a huge fight within the Xenos family.

Sophia thought about the matter for a while before she regained her senses and grabbed her purse and her phone to leave the office.

When the elevator door opened, Sophia bumped into Yvonne, who had just sent Kristen off.

Yvonne was startled when she saw Sophia leaving with her purse. “Are you leaving, Ms. Yarrow?”

Sophia nodded. “I have something to attend to. Please get Mr. Murphy to entertain the people from Glacier Corporation later.”

Yvonne saw the frown on Sophia’s face and knew she most probably had to deal with something urgent. “Okay, Ms. Yarrow.”

“All right. I’ll go now.” With that, Sophia entered the elevator.

Half an hour later, Sophia’s car came to a halt in front of Odyssey.

That was the first time she had gone to Odyssey to look for Alexander after their divorce.

That day, Sophia wore a light orange skirt, carried a purse, and wore high heels. Undeniably, she looked as gorgeous as a movie star. When the two new receptionists saw her at the front desk, they were stunned momentarily. Then, one of the receptionists quickly came to her senses and asked, “Are you here to see Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow?”

After the receptionists were employed, they had to memorize photos of the people in the company’s upper management. One of the photos was Sophia’s.

Although Sophia wasn’t working for Odyssey, most of the employees in Odyssey knew about the relationship between Sophia and Alexander. Not only is this woman Mr. Xenos’ ex-wife, but she’s also his future wife! We can’t afford to wrong her.

Sophia smiled in response. “Yes, but I came unannounced.”

In other words, Sophia hadn’t made an appointment beforehand.

“Mr. Lane instructed us to lead you upstairs if we ever see you, Ms. Yarrow.”

With that, the receptionist left the front desk, led Sophia to the private elevator, and keyed in the password.

Since Sophia was there for a serious matter, she merely thanked the receptionist and entered the elevator.

Meanwhile, the other receptionist had already informed Felix about Sophia’s arrival. After getting the call from the receptionist, Felix went into Alexander’s office and said, “Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow is here.”

Upon hearing that, Alexander was stunned, and he raised his brows when he asked, “She’s here already?”

“She’s already in the elevator.”

Alexander immediately closed the documents in front of him and said, “Prepare a cup of chamomile tea.”

Felix was startled, but he instantly came to his senses and nodded. “Yes, Mr. Xenos.”

Alexander never drank such a drink, so the pantry had everything apart from chamomile tea.

Therefore, Felix had to run to the employees’ pantry downstairs to fetch the tea. By the time he was done telling someone else to make the tea, the elevator opened, and Sophia walked out of it.

Seeing that, Felix hurried toward her and greeted, “Hi, Ms. Yarrow.”

The treatment I’m getting now is far different compared to before. Sophia glanced at Felix and asked, “Is he inside?”

“Yes. Mr. Xenos is inside.”

With that, Felix led Sophia to Alexander’s office and knocked on the door. “Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow is here.”

A few seconds after Felix’s words fell, Alexander opened the door and looked at Sophia. “What brought you here?” Alexander asked.

Felix tactfully retreated to the side and watched Sophia enter the office. At that moment, she still hadn’t figured out how to start the conversation, so she smiled and asked Alexander, “Would you believe me if I say I’ve missed you?”

Alexander would definitely believe her, but he also knew that wasn’t the reason for Sophia’s visit.

Before they got divorced, Alexander knew nothing about Sophia. After their divorce, however, he knew she wasn’t an impulsive person.

Obviously, she wasn’t a passionate person either.

Therefore, he grabbed her hand, pulled her to the couch, and sat her down. “Did Kristen look for you?”

“You’re so smart, Mr. Xenos!” She looked at him and smiled alluringly.

Alexander gulped at that sight, and he wanted to kiss her.

Right when he was about to do so, someone knocked on the door and said, “Mr. Xenos, I’ve prepared the tea for Ms. Yarrow.”

Alexander’s gaze darkened, and he uttered coldly, “Come in.”

Felix brought the tea in. I don’t know if I have interrupted them, but I know I should move as quickly as possible! I’ve already been Mr. Xenos secretary for so many years, so I already know how to read the room!

With that in mind, Felix moved as fast as a flash and left the office before Alexander told him to do so. Upon exiting the office, he even closed the door behind him and told his assistant to not knock on the door again no matter what.

In the office, Sophia took a sip of the chamomile tea and said, “It’s sweet.”

“Is that so?” Alexander asked. “Let me have a taste.”

With that, he did what he wanted to do moments prior, lifting her chin and kissing her on the lips.

Sophia was caught off guard, and she couldn’t stop him in time. Within seconds, the lipstick she applied to her lips was eaten off by Alexander.

By the time he let go of her, Sophia felt as though she were burning up from within.

Hence, she shut her eyes, calmed herself down, and opened her eyes before saying, “Kristen told me something.”

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