Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 318

The next day at nine in the morning, after Sophia had breakfast, the doorbell rang.

Alexander gave her a look. “I’ll go check it out.”


Sophia took a sip of warm water. She then turned around and went upstairs to change.

Alexander had yet to join her when she finished changing.

Feeling concerned, she arched a brow and went downstairs to check on him.

Sophia caught sight of Kristen standing at the doorway the moment she stepped out of the house.

They hadn’t seen each other since Kristen stopped them at the entrance for Thalia’s sake. Never would she have thought that Kristen would show up today.

Sophia merely stood by the door and watched.

After a short while, she returned to the mansion since the weather was getting hot.

Meanwhile, outside the mansion, Kristen panicked and quickly reached out to grab Alexander’s sleeves as he looked as if he was about to head back. “Alex, he’s your brother. Your biological brother!”

Alexander glanced at his sleeves and frowned. “What he did was illegal.”

“N-No. Can’t you get Mr. Lane to talk to the victims’ families about it? Leonard won’t have to serve that long in prison if they’re willing to accept the compensation and issue a letter of understanding.”

“What’s the point of me sending Mr. Lane over if the victims’ families had rejected your offer to resolve the matter out of court?”

With that, Alexander shoved her hand away and slammed the door in her face.

Such a mood killer.

Alexander’s mood slightly improved when he looked up and saw Sophia.

Sophia handed him a glass of water. “What was the purpose of Mdm. Lambe’s visit? Did something happen to Leonard?”

Alexander took a gulp of water. “Leonard hit someone while driving under the influence last week. The victim, the son of the General Manager of Odyssey’s subsidiary, was declared brain dead. Their family refuses to resolve the matter out of court.”

It instantly dawned upon Sophia what was going on as Alexander kept it clear and concise.

This wasn’t the first time Leonard drove under the influence. She had insisted on calling the police when he drove under the influence last year. Who would have thought that being detained for two weeks wasn’t enough for him to change his attitude?

The accident would serve as a bitter lesson for him since the victim wasn’t just any ordinary civilian. Kristen came to Alexander for help as she wasn’t able to silence the victim’s family with money this time around.

The General Manager of Odyssey’s subsidiary probably didn’t care much about the amount of money Kristen could offer. Alexander was the only person who could get the victim’s family to back down now.

Sophia gave Alexander a look. “Are you planning to help?”


He had gotten Leonard out of trouble several times before this. Moreover, he was able to resolve those matters with money since they were trivial matters. He didn’t think this was a problem money could solve since the victim was in a vegetative state now.

Besides, he was tired of being used by Kristen, Leonard, and Thalia. He wasn’t close to them but had done them a great favor by allowing them to stay in the Xenos residence after Zachary passed away.

They should be content with what they had back then.

Nevertheless, Alexander had decided to cut them off since he kicked them out of the Xenos residence.

Zachary left a few billion for Kristen, whereas Leonard and Thalia were old enough to care for themselves. He wasn’t obligated or responsible for cleaning up their mess anymore.

Sophia gave Alexander a hug as she could sense that he was losing his cool. “Alright. It’s none of our business then.”

Alexander lowered his head to give her a look and soon calmed down. “Okay,” he muttered.

Sophia looked up and reached out to take the glass of water away from him. “So, are we still going to the boxing gym today?”

Alexander’s brow twitched upon that. “Yes.”

He paused. “I’ll go change.”

With that, Alexander caressed her head and went upstairs to change.

Alexander had been staying over at Sophia’s for the past few weeks. Hence, half of Sophia’s walk-in closet was filled with his clothes.

It started with one or two sets of clothes. However, upon his return from his business trip, Alexander kept all the clothes he had brought along in Sophia’s walk-in closet.

Moreover, Felix had sent some of Alexander’s clothes over a few days ago.

Sophia snorted. She picked up her phone and sat on the couch to wait for Alexander.

Katherine had sent her a message asking her how she wanted to celebrate her birthday.

Today was the second of July, which means there would only be two more weeks until the sixteenth of July.

Sophia arched a brow and texted: A small birthday party will do.

She wanted to keep it low profile, but at the same time take care of her friend’s feelings since it was her birthday.

Katherine replied: Oh? I thought you were going to date Mr. Xenos for the entire day.

Sophia could tell that Katherine was teasing her. She texted: How do you know we’re not?”

Katherine replied: Ah. I can’t stand you. Okay, I’ll get the word out. It’ll be the same as last year then.

Sophia smiled. She texted: Okay.

Alexander finished changing and came downstairs just as she finished texting.

Sophia put her phone away and picked up the bag she had packed earlier. Alexander immediately reached out for the bag as she walked over. “Give it to me.”


She was more than happy to let him carry the bag for her.

On the other hand, Kristen never thought that Alexander would be so heartless. How could he not care if Leonard lives or dies?

Kristen paid Leonard a visit to the lockup after she left Sophia’s mansion.

It had been eight days since the accident happened. Hence, Leonard had also been detained for eight days. The victim would never be able to wake up again as he had missed the best time to get treated since Leonard fled the scene right after the accident.

It wasn’t just a simple road accident anymore at this point; it was a criminal offense. The victims’ families had filed a lawsuit against Leonard and wouldn’t budge, no matter how much money Kristen offered them.

Leonard lunged forward as if Kristen was his savior when he saw her. “Mom! What did Alex say?”

Kristen’s face darkened. “He’s not your brother! You don’t have a brother, Leonard! You don’t have one!”

She trailed off and suddenly burst into tears.

Leonard paled. “Mom! What are you talking about? What do you mean I don’t have a brother? Who else can get me out of this mess if not him?”

Right. Who else can get Leonard out of this mess? Who else besides Alexander?

“Mom, please beg Alex for help! I don’t want to go to jail for so many years. I was wrong. I’ve realized that now.”

Leonard would have to be jailed for at least three years. However, he knew he wouldn’t be able to stand it there since he couldn’t even stand three days in the detention center.

The victims’ families refused to settle the matter out of court since one of the victims died on the spot while the other had entered a vegetative state.

Even though she was irresponsible, Kristen had doted on her son too much and spoiled him rotten.

She didn’t want Leonard to be jailed as well. Hence, she wiped away her tears and came to a decision. “Don’t worry, Leonard. I will get you out of here! Take good care of yourself in there and wait for me!”

With that, Kristen hardened her heart and left.

I won’t let Alexander sit back and watch while Leonard wastes away in jail. I’m going to force his hand.

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