Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 317

“Alex, Sophia!”

Sophia had just teed off when Samuel walked over with a girl. She was the same girl Sophia had seen the other day from afar.

Sophia glanced at Alexander and chuckled. “I don’t suppose she’s one of Mr. Schild’s cousins?”

Even Alexander was slightly surprised. “How rare.”

He couldn’t believe Samuel had managed to invite a girl out. That’s a first.

“Alex, Sophia, this is my friend, Samantha Stone.”

Then, he turned to Samantha and said, “Samantha, this is Alexander and Sophie. I think you should’ve heard about them.”

Samantha had undoubtedly heard of the famous Alexander and his ex-wife, Sophia.

However, she only knew them from others’ gossip, and that was her first time meeting them in person. Her heart skipped a beat as she was captivated by Sophia’s exquisite facial features at first glance. Nonetheless, taking in Alexander’s poker face, Samantha didn’t dare to show her excitement. Instead, she smiled politely and greeted the couple, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Yarrow and Mr. Xenos.”

Alexander nodded in response while Sophia flashed a grin. “Have you played golf before, Ms. Stone?”

Samantha instantaneously relaxed, listening to Sophia’s gentle voice and taking in her pretty, cheerful mien. “This is my first time here.” If it weren’t for the sake of returning the debt, I wouldn’t have shown up here.

Sophia nodded understandingly. “In that case, let me teach you.”

Alexander, who was standing at one side, furrowed his brows slightly after hearing that. In contrast, Samuel was delighted. “Alex, let’s have a match. It has been so long since I last played.”

Alexander glanced at Sophia and noticed the latter beaming at him. Only then did he turn around and walk away with Samuel.

Sophia asked someone to bring over a golf club. “Actually, golf is not difficult to learn. There are a few techniques…”

Sophia’s pleasant voice sounded like a treat for Samantha’s ears. Her explanation was simple and straight to the point. Sophia even held Samantha’s hands and guided her on the steps to swing the club. Samantha picked up the skill in no time.

Sensing Samantha had gotten the hang of it, Sophia stepped to one side and gazed at her with a faint smile. “Go ahead and give it a try.”


Sophia was more beautiful and tender than Samantha imagined, so the latter was no longer worried about getting put in a tight spot as she did when she first arrived. Just half an hour later, the two were able to chat like old friends.

“You look even prettier in person than in pictures,” Samantha uttered sincerely.

She sipped on her water while gazing at Sophia, whose cheeks were slightly reddened as she sat in the sun.

Sophia giggled. “Thank you. You’re gorgeous too.”

Good-looking people always had bewitching smiles. Samantha calmed her palpitating heart and initiated a conversation. “Do you know how I became acquainted with Samuel?”

“I don’t reckon you got to know each other because Mr. Schild asked for your phone number?”

Samantha laughed. “You’ve guessed half of it correctly.”

“Hmm?” A little taken aback, Sophia couldn’t help but arch her brow.

Samantha briefly recounted the incident the other night. “To be honest, if my friend weren’t there when I was writing down my contact number, I would’ve left a fake one.”

Samuel suddenly appeared next to the girls while they were chatting. “What fake one?”

Samantha was startled and subconsciously shifted her eyes onto Sophia. Sophia chirped, “It’s nothing. We were just discussing whether a celebrity’s nose is real.”

Samuel did not doubt her words. “Oh. You can ask me regarding matters like this. I know a lot of insider information.”

The Schild family was involved in the filming and entertainment industry, so Samuel was indeed well-informed about such tittle-tattles.

Sophia mentioned a random celebrity’s name. Samuel scratched his nose awkwardly. “Regrettably, I don’t know about that. I’m not familiar with details of lesser-known celebrities.”

Sophia clucked. “It seems like Samantha knows more about things like this, then. She’s Yelena’s assistant.”

Yelena Zastrow was a popular celebrity under Planetary Media, and Samantha worked as Yelena’s assistant. Hence, Samantha was exposed to plenty of the entertainment industry’s hearsay.

Samantha added, “I merely heard others talking about it.”

Samuel’s interest was piqued. “What other gossip do you know?”

Hearing his question, Samantha glanced at him and replied, “That’s all.”

He was immediately displeased. “Weren’t you discussing with Sophia a few moments ago?”

“Oh. That’s because she’s stunning, and her attractive appearance prompts me to have the urge to engage in longer conversations with her.”

She was implying that Samuel wasn’t sufficiently appealing, in her opinion.

Samuel’s temper rose. “Although I’m not handsome to the extent of being idolized by others, my appearance isn’t so off-putting that you don’t even want to talk to me, right?”

Samantha didn’t respond and merely stared at him silently.

Samuel felt disheartened. He quickly turned to Alexander and Sophia. “What do you two think?”

Alexander shot him a disdainful look while Sophia snickered. “You are right. Still, your appearance isn’t exactly inviting enough to stimulate others’ desire to speak with you further.”

Samuel was rendered speechless. So what if you’re good-looking?

It turned out that being physically attractive had its perks. When the quartet went to have their meal, the restaurant’s manager approached them right after they took their seats. He wanted to discuss with Sophia and Alexander if they could become their models for the restaurant’s Valentine’s Day promotional photos. In exchange, the restaurant would pay for the couple’s meals and gift them additional cash vouchers.

Samuel, who was sitting at one side, failed to control his emotions. He grasped Samantha’s hand and piped up, “Can’t we participate in the photography session instead?”

Samantha wanted to break free, but Samuel held on to her with his vice-like grip. Realizing her attempts were futile, she could only roll her eyes in resignation.

The manager glanced at Samuel and Samantha before explaining with a smile, “My boss mentioned this mister and miss’s temperament is more in line with our restaurant’s vibe.”

Samuel was stumped. Thank you very much. I’m deeply offended.

Samantha seized that opportunity to shake Samuel’s hand off. “We’re not a couple, anyway, so don’t try to get free food here.”

“I’m not lacking the money to pay for this meal. I’m just—” He caught himself ultimately. Never mind. I have a feeling I’ll only embarrass myself.

The manager asked Alexander again but was firmly refused by the latter. In the end, he could only leave in disappointment.

Sophia glanced at Samuel. “Don’t be discouraged, Mr. Schild. You’re still loaded, after all.”

Samuel thought she was comforting him initially, but after listening to the second part of her sentence, he fumed, “Sophia, you—”

Samantha interjected him, “She’s quite right.”

Samuel felt as though he was destined to be humiliated that day. What was I thinking, asking Samantha to tag along?

Still, that had overall been an enjoyable day.

After dinner, Sophia and Alexander parted ways with Samuel and Samantha.

As the car gradually came to a stop at a red light, Sophia turned sideways to look at Alexander. “What do you think of Samantha?”

He knitted his brows a little. “I don’t know.”

He couldn’t even remember Samantha’s countenance at that moment.

Sophia rubbed her chin. “Do you think she will become an item with Mr. Schild?”

After interacting with Samantha for almost half a day, Sophia thought she was all right.

“That’ll have to depend on Samuel.” Having said that, judging by the Schild family’s stance, it won’t be an easy feat if Samuel is determined to be with Samantha.

Naturally, the same thought crossed Sophia’s mind as well. When she married into the Xenos family in the past, Kristen’s existence alone caused her more problems than she could imagine. Not to mention, both of Samuel’s parents were still alive, and he also had a biological elder sister.

“However, I don’t think Samantha is interested in him.”

Sophia couldn’t quite guess if Samuel was inclined to court Samantha or not since Sophia didn’t know him all that well.

Alexander grunted in response. Then, he continued to drive as the traffic light turned green.

When they reached home, the time was still considered early, around nine o’clock at night. After spending the whole day outside, Sophia was a little exhausted.

She changed into casual wear and saw Alexander talking on the phone when she went downstairs to pour herself a glass of water. When she noticed him frowning, she couldn’t help raising her brows, wondering what was going on. After filling her glass with water, she walked up to him.

Alexander had just ended the call when he saw her approaching. He wrapped his arm around her waist, lowered his head, and took a sip of the water.

“What happened?”

Although Alexander’s expression was usually grim, he wasn’t one to frown all the time.

“Something happened to Leonard, but there’s no need to mind him.”

Alexander didn’t want to concern himself with Leonard’s issues. Sophia nodded and didn’t probe further.

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