Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 316

It was past eleven when Alexander carried Sophia from the bathroom to the bed. Recalling how her phone had vibrated several times earlier, the woman was about to head downstairs to retrieve it, only to be stopped.

“What do you want?” asked the man.

“My phone?” Sophia replied while touching her scarlet face. “And watermelon.”

She had only taken one bite of the sweet fruit.

Hearing that, Alexander couldn’t help but chuckle.

All the coldness in his eyes disappeared in a flash as he gazed at her tenderly. “I’ll get them for you.”


Sophia pulled the thin blanket over herself.

After watching him leave the room, she looked down and smiled to herself.

The man soon returned with the plate of fruit and her phone, and she turned red at the sight of two missed calls from Lukas.

It was past eleven by now, and Lukas had called about forty minutes ago.

I can’t call him back right now. It hasn’t even been an hour. If I call him now, he’d probably be able to guess what I was just up to!

The woman’s face grew increasingly warmer at the thought of what had just happened.

Then, she shot Alexander a glare. “It’s all your fault.”

The man glanced at her screen. “Should I help you call him back?”

“Do you want me to get yelled at?” Sophia asked, exasperated.

If Lukas were to learn that Alexander had been staying at her place and refusing to leave, he would probably be on his way over from Doveston to unleash his wrath.

Alexander stared at her. “That won’t happen. He’d just yell at me.”

Sophia wasn’t buying that. “I’ll call him back tomorrow.”

The next day, she was up by around seven just to return Lukas’ call. “But it’s still so early,” Alexander, who was lying behind her, murmured with furrowed brows.

“I have to call Lukas back.”

Struggling to break free from Alexander’s embrace, Sophia grabbed her phone and sat up. “You can go back to sleep. I’m heading outside.”

Just as she was about to leave, the man in bed held onto her. “There’s no need for that. Call him right here.”

Sophia cast him a glance. “Okay.”

It took Lukas a mere few seconds to pick up her call. “Sophia?”

“Good morning, Lukas.”

She fell silent for a moment before explaining, “I slept pretty early last night.”

Lukas knew how strictly she kept to her daily schedule.

“Your birthday’s coming up soon. Grandpa’s asking if you want to come back and celebrate in Doveston.”

Sophia removed her hand from her face. “We could have a meal together.”

This was the first year she rejoined the Dawson family, so she naturally wanted to spend her birthday with them.

In fact, the woman had already planned out her activities. She would first celebrate her early birthday in Jadeborough before heading over to Doveston on the day itself and having cake with the family.

Lukas understood her intentions. “Okay. I’ll let Grandpa know,” he responded before pausing briefly. “Does Grandpa already know about you and Alexander?”

“He does,” Sophia answered sheepishly. She wouldn’t dare tell him that Alexander was, in fact, right next to her in bed.

“You’d best be prepared this time. Grandpa isn’t as easy to fool as I am,” Lukas reminded, not wanting to say much else.

Sophia didn’t get it at first, but it soon dawned on her that he was talking about Zayne.

“I understand,” she replied awkwardly.

“Okay. Take care of yourself.”

“You too, Lukas.”

She turned to Alexander after hanging up. “Guess what Lukas told me.”

The man hugged her from behind. “To not leave me?”

Sophia shook her head. “If he wanted me to leave you, he would’ve already taken me back to Doveston long ago.”

“Is your grandpa planning to matchmake you?”

The woman scoffed. “You’re a smart one.”

Alexander’s face clouded over immediately. “Can you not go?”

“This isn’t for me to decide.”

What if the guy shows up at the Dawson residence? I wouldn’t be able to do anything about that.

Alexander tightened his arm around her and gently sighed over her ear, choosing not to continue the subject.

Meanwhile, Samuel had proven his sincerity by sending an address over early that morning.

After putting on some light makeup, Sophia headed out to the restaurant with Alexander. Samuel was already waiting for them when they arrived.

“Hi, Alex, Sophia,” he greeted.

Sophia beamed at him. “Long time no see, Mr. Schild.”

“You’ll get me into trouble if you call me that,” Samuel uttered while eying Alexander briefly.

As expected, the latter glared at him as soon as his words fell.

Given how long it had been since the two men last saw each other, that also meant it had been a while since Samuel got on Alexander’s nerves. The former couldn’t help but click his tongue upon seeing his old friend. “Alex has such a rotten temper, Sophia. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider?”

His remarks made Sophia laugh, whereas the man next to her stared at Samuel icily. “You’re better off keeping your mouth shut.”

“I can’t stay quiet. In fact, I owe Sophia my thanks.”

Aware that he was referring to last night’s events, the woman smiled. “Don’t mention it. It was as easy as lifting a hand. I did it for you.”

Rather, she had helped him out by not lifting her hand during the final bid.

Samuel grew full of himself as he heard that. “In that case, I hope you’ll continue to show me your kind consideration over matters like this.”

Overall, Sophia enjoyed the meal.

Despite being a man of few words most of the time, Alexander was a lot chattier with Samuel.

While Sophia had always wondered why Alexander could be so shameless, it finally dawned on her today.

Birds of the same feathers flock together.

There had to be a reason the two men could be friends; perhaps it was their similar traits.

Samuel’s a lot more shameless, though. I guess I’ve learned something new today.

“It’s been a while since we last played golf! How about a few rounds?” Samuel proposed after paying for the meal, seeing how perfect the weather was.

Alexander merely threw him a disdainful glance. “No.”

“Why not? Do you guys have other plans? Take me with you!”

Sophia watched the two men in silent amusement.

Alexander snorted. “Why? So you can be a third wheel?”

Samuel turned to Sophia. “Aren’t you going to do something about this behavior of his, Sophia?”

The woman laughed. “I think he’s right, though.”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

It sucks to be a single pringle.

Feeling attacked, he called out to them, “I’m leaving. Don’t try to stop me!”

Yet, he turned back after taking just two steps forward. “No, wait. Let me come along! I’ll bring a friend. I promise we won’t get in your way.”

While Alexander remained uninterested, Sophia seemed to have an idea. “Okay. You’re more than welcome to join us if you bring a girl.”

Samuel felt there was more to Sophia’s words than she was letting on, but it wasn’t as if he had anything better to do today. “In that case, you guys can head over to the golf course first. I’ll bring someone with me and meet you there.”

Sophia smiled. “Okay. See you there.”

“See you!”

Ecstatic about the sudden plans, Samuel hastily whipped out his phone and dialed Samantha’s number.

Sophia tugged on Alexander’s arm gently. “Let’s head over to the golf course, then.”

The man frowned as he watched Samuel make a phone call in excitement, but upon noticing the smile in Sophia’s eyes, he could only nod in agreement. Still, he had to remind her, “Most of the girls Samuel is close to are his cousins.”

In other words, they were all spoilt little princesses.

Of course, he would never let them walk over Sophia; he just didn’t want her to get upset.

Sophia arched a brow at him. “Did you forget about the girl I saw him with that day?”

Realizing her intentions, Alexander squeezed her palm. “We don’t have to worry about him.”

Sophia grinned. “I like lending a helping hand every now and then, you know?”

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