Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 30

Mason arched a brow. “If so, then let us go through the proper procedures.”

As he spoke, he fished out his phone and was ready to call the cops.

Meanwhile, Alexander, who was standing nearby, stared at him coldly. “If you’re not afraid of appearing on the headlines of tomorrow’s entertainment news, I shall go along with your decision.”

Mason’s expression darkened. He was in the talks for a male lead role in a movie as of late. Should he be plagued by bad press then, it would most definitely affect his work in some way or another. The worst part was that he could lose out on the role.

Naturally, Mason had no desire to be involved with the police, but he also did not want to be a scapegoat. Alas, Alexander had Mason’s weakness in his hands. There was no other choice for Mason but to fork out the money. The accident was to be a lesson to him. “Fine, a hundred thousand it is.”

However, Alexander no longer wanted Mason to pay him the hundred thousand. “Have the person in the car disembark and apologize to me. I’ll waive the fees then.”

Mason was instantly infuriated. “Mr. Xenos, I know that you’re rich. But that doesn’t mean I can’t afford to pay a hundred thousand.”

Nonetheless, Alexander had already changed his mind, and he could not be bothered with Mason’s excuse. Instead, he directly declared in a cold voice, “Have her come out of the car, or I’ll call the police. It’s your choice.”

Mason was tongue-tied momentarily. He then exclaimed, “You’re going overboard, Alexander!”

Mason did not wish for Sophia to intervene in the matter at all.

Nevertheless, as soon as Mason’s words left his mouth, an impassionate woman’s voice rang out. “Mr. Xenos, did you need something from me?”

It was Sophia. Before the men knew it, she had opened the car’s door and emerged from the car.

The moment Mason saw her, his expression wavered. “Sophia…”

Sophia smiled at Mason. “It’s all right. Go back into the car. I’ll settle this myself.”

Back when she was still seated in the car, she already realized that Alexander was hassling Mason, as five minutes had passed without the matter being settled. That was why she opened the car door.

As soon as she stepped out of the car, she heard Alexander offering his ultimatum to Mason. After a moment of deliberation, she came to the conclusion that Alexander was vexed about the kiss they had at Corona.

In reality, Sophia harbored some regrets. The few months after she was divorced, she lived a good life, and her ex-husband, Alexander, was akin to a stranger from a previous life.

She sighed. This is what happens when people rush into things.

Mason wanted to speak, but he stopped himself when his eyes met Sophia’s confident gaze. He nodded his head and promptly returned to the car.

Sophia’s attire took Samuel’s breath away. He had always known that she was a singular and incomparable beauty. However, not only did the woman not stand out, but she also kept a rather low profile. Sophia tended to keep to herself in the Xenos residence for the past three years, and whenever she attended evening banquets on occasion, she typically dressed moderately.

However, at this moment, her appearance was absolutely brilliant in the eyes of others. It was as if a pearl covered in dust had finally been polished.

When Samuel was still in astonishment at Sophia’s soul-stirring beauty, he noticed Alexander shooting a cold look at him.

Samuel had originally wanted to be a quiet onlooker, but with a single glare from Alexander, Samuel had no choice but to return to his car.

Since all the insignificant people were no longer present, Alexander turned his gaze upon Sophia. Her cheeks appeared slightly flushed, perhaps due to her makeup or some other reason. Sophia’s alluring eyes stared at Alexander calmly. Her floor-length dress clung to her slim figure, showing off her thin waist.

As Alexander gaped at Sophia, the thought of covering her up in a large cloth crossed his mind.

The notion irritated him to the extreme, but what was worse was the kiss that happened a few hours prior.

Sophia seemingly waited for quite some time, but Alexander never opened his mouth. As such, she unwittingly raised her eyebrow and asked, “Mr. Xenos?”

When Alexander heard Sophia urging him by his last name, his expression darkened in a split second. “Leave.”

Sophia’s smile faltered. “Well then, thank you for your generosity, Mr. Xenos.”

Her words were cordial, but her smile seemed indifferent. From head to toe, Sophia oozed an air of detachment and coldness.

Alexander’s chest grew heavy. It felt as if his heart had been pierced.

As he stood there under the moonlight, his face appeared as terrifying as the devil.

By then, Sophia had already turned around and returned to her car. She shot a glance at Alexander, who was standing outside, through the car’s window. Then, she retracted her gaze immediately and tilted her head down to fasten her seatbelt.

“I hope he didn’t cause you any trouble?” Mason asked.

Although it had only been half a minute, Mason was still worried about Sophia despite witnessing that Alexander took no action against her.

Sophia chuckled softly upon hearing Mason’s question and answered, “How could he possibly cause me any trouble?”

Mason was instantly taken aback by the smile in her seductive eyes, and his throat tightened. “That’s good then.”

Meanwhile, a thought appeared in his mind. Ah! My lady boss is too beautiful! I’ve suddenly lost the motivation to work.

“It’s getting late. Let us depart.”

Mason nodded and withdrew his gaze, not daring to gape at Sophia any longer. After all, he had rear-ended the other car because he was sneaking a glance at Sophia.

By the time the car stopped at the door to Sophia’s mansion, it was already one o’clock in the morning. Sophia was extremely drowsy by that point. She simply bid Mason good night, then went straight into the mansion with the gift bag in her hand.

“Genie, turn off tomorrow’s alarm.”

“Copy that, Ms. Yarrow.”

It had been about five years since Sophia last went to bed that late. As she climbed into bed after her shower, she fell asleep instantly.

Sophia slept soundly that night.

In the meantime, Alexander had a tumultuous sleep, or more accurately, he barely had any sleep at all.

He almost went mad as the kiss he shared with Sophia invaded his mind for the entire night. He could not stop thinking about their kiss and the image of her face under the moonlight when their cars collided.

She was mesmerizingly beautiful, so beautiful that she had captured his soul.

Throughout his three years of marriage with Sophia, not once had he looked at her properly. The image of his ex-wife in his mind back then had been a good-looking but adeptly pretentious gold digger.

However, in the four months since their divorce, she had consistently broken that image he had of her.

Alexander had thought that Sophia was a gold digger and that she had married him for the sake of his money. He had believed that the reason why she liked him was that his appearance suited her taste. On top of that, he came from an affluent background. However, Sophia wanted nothing from him during the divorce proceedings. She was contrary to the behavior of a gold digger.

During their three years of marriage, Sophia had been constantly tormented by Kristen in the Xenos residence. The latter had phoned Alexander occasionally to complain that Sophia was a worthless fool.

Alexander did not consider her to be foolish back then. After all, if she were a fool, she would not have asked him to take her as his wife. As Alexander gave it a thought once more, he found that Sophia was indeed somewhat foolish. She was married to him for three years, yet she did not ask for a single dime during the divorce proceedings.

The truth was that he never intended to divorce her so quickly. He had planned to wait for the perfect opportunity, then pay her a handsome fee as compensation for the divorce.

Nevertheless, back in the day, Sophia had brought the documents divorce agreement directly to City Hall and waited by its entrance. During the four months following their divorce, Alexander was convinced that she would regret her decision and come running back to him.

Alas, that did not happen.

Not only did she bear no regrets, she never came begging him too. Contrarily, she led a better life than when she lived at the Xenos residence. Furthermore, her life continued to improve by the day.

Sophia was often trending on the internet with different men on a daily basis. Her life became much more vibrant after she had left Alexander. At one point, Specter Entertainment had somehow become hers.

Essentially, she had given everyone who called her a gold digger, including Alexander, a metaphorical slap on the face.

Alexander lit a cigarette. As the smoke swirled around him, he suddenly recalled the day when he got married to Sophia. She had gazed into his eyes and said, “Alexander, I entrust the rest of my life to you, in sickness and in health.”

One thought popped into his mind. Wow, the apocalypse must be arriving. To think that I would reminisce about that day.

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