Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 31

Sophia turned off the alarm and slept through until over ten o’clock the next morning.

She felt light-headed due to the hangover from drinking last night. Hence, she woke up in a bad mood.

Yvonne was indeed the best secretary. The former had asked around and reckoned that Sophia would have woken up at this hour. Her call came in right when Sophia just finished washing up.

“What’s the matter?” Sophia asked in a calm tone. Even though she was in a bad mood, she was not a superior who liked to vent her emotions on her staff.

Despite that, Yvonne still answered very cautiously, “Ms. Yarrow, people from Midway Media would like to meet you.”

“Let them dream of it then.”

Once Yvonne heard those words from Sophia, she could instantly tell that the latter was in a foul mood.

Therefore, she wisely shut her mouth. “All right. I won’t disturb you then.”

“Hmm,” Sophia grunted a reply and hung up. She then headed downstairs to have breakfast.

Meanwhile, in the office of Midway Media’s CEO, Samuel was in a good mood after seeing Alexander humiliated the day before. At the thought of the latter’s reminder, Samuel had ordered his secretary to contact the mysterious person, Suny of Sunshine Group, early in the morning.

Nevertheless, his had secretary warily reported to him a few moments ago, that Suny had refused to meet him.

Samuel was rendered speechless.

He had never encountered someone as conceited as Suny before.

He made a wild guess that Suny was most likely a foreigner, who had no idea about the basic etiquette in Chanaeans’ business world.

With such a thought in mind, even though Samuel was unhappy about it, he could only reluctantly forgive the unappreciative Suny.

However, Samuel remained curious about the legendary Suny. Therefore, once he heard that there would be things going on in Sunshine Group recently and that Suny would be attending the directors’ meeting as well, he did something extremely childish, which was to wait for Suny’s appearance.

It was indeed silly for the CEO of Midway Media to wait at the office building of another company, attempting to come across their chairwoman by luck.

Having nothing to do, Samuel called Alexander.

Alexander, who had just come out of the conference room, hang up Samuel’s call right away.

Nevertheless, Samuel continued calling him again and again. When he picked up the call, Samuel did not give him any chance to blow a fuse. “Alex, guess where I am now?”

“Samuel, don’t you have anything else to do?”

Samuel automatically ignored his words. “I’m at Sunshine Group! They’re having a directors’ meeting today. I’m sure I’ll be able to meet Suny now that I’ve resorted to waiting for her right here at her office building.”

The corner of Alexander’s lips twitched slightly. He sneered, “You really have too much time on your hands.”

Just as he finished, Samuel suddenly cursed and said, “Sh*t! Am I seeing things? Why is Sophia here?”

Alexander’s expression instantly changed upon hearing the name. He held back the urge to hang up the phone and asked, “What about her?”

Nevertheless, the call ended with a beep.

Samuel, you’re such a jerk!

Samuel immediately hung up the phone and got out of the car when he saw Sophia. He walked up to her and greeted, “Ms. Yarrow, what a coincidence! It’s an honor to meet you in person, Suny.”

I see. So Sophia is Suny. No wonder she wants to sell the copyright of “Dreams” to Planetary Media to step on my nerves!

While Samuel thought he had figured out the truth, Sophia looked at him as though he was a fool. “Mr. Schild, what nonsense are you talking about?”

The corner of Samuel’s mouth froze. “Aren’t you Suny? The chairwoman of Sunshine Group. You’ve been hiding it well!”

While he sounded sarcastic, Sophia’s expression remained unchanged. “Well, if that’s what you think, then there’s nothing I can do about it.”

She appeared overly indifferent, without revealing a single trace of awkwardness from being exposed. In fact, she even looked at Samuel in a rather mocking way.

Samuel was instantly dumbfounded. “If you weren’t Suny, what’re you doing here today at Sunshine Group’s high-level meeting?”

Sophia tutted. “Well, Mr. Schild, don’t you know what kind of company Sunshine Group is?”

Samuel could sense Sophia’s disdain. “Are you saying… that you’re planning to invest in Sunshine Group?”

With her eyebrows raised, Sophia asked, “Can’t I?”

“S-Sure. You can.”

D*mn it! I’ve made a fool out of myself!

Rather abashed, Samuel tried to come up with ways to save himself from embarrassment. “Ahem. In that case, did you get to see Suny?”

Sophia nodded. “Yes. Mr. Schild, do you want to meet Suny too?”

Samuel gritted his teeth. “I do. I haveve to see who on earth Suny is. I still haven’t managed to meet her after requesting several times.”

Sophia pondered for a moment and looked at Samuel while replying with a straight face, “She is pretty and has a nice personality. However, there’s a shortcoming with Suny. I heard that she’s someone who fawns over good looks.”

She paused momentarily and nodded in feigned seriousness. “Since she’s refused to meet you several times, it’s probably because your look isn’t to her liking.”

Even though Sophia said so tactfully, Samuel could understand that she was indirectly calling him ugly.

What’s going on? Why has Sophia become so cocky after getting divorced from Alexander?

Samuel felt a lump forming in his throat. Before he could find the words to retort Sophie, the latter quickly said, “I have something on, so I’ll take my leave first. As far as I know, Suny hasn’t left yet. Mr. Schild, you can continue waiting here. Who knows, you might be fortunate enough to run into her!”

Samuel was truly intrigued by Suny right now, so he did not bother haggling with Sophia for calling him ugly. He believed he would be lucky enough to meet Suny.

“All right. You may leave first. Thanks!”

Sophia replied briskly, “No need to thank me.”

With that, she walked straight to the car not too far away.

Meanwhile, Yvonne, who was following behind Sophia, had been trying hard to hold back her laughter.

She could not hold it in any longer and burst out laughing once they got into the car.

Sophia tilted her head to look at Yvonne and smiled as well.

Yvonne was a call and rational secretary, after all. She resumed her usual elegance after laughing for a few seconds and asked in concern, “Ms. Yarrow, will it be okay for you to lie to him like that?”

Sophia lifted a brow. “If he believes what I said, then he can only blame it on his low IQ.”

Yvonne thought for a moment and nodded in accordance. “Well… Mr. Schild’s intelligence has indeed exceeded my expectations.”

Sophia huffed in agreement.

“Ms. Yarrow, do you really plan to keep it this way?”

Sophia pondered for a moment. “We’ll see. I don’t want to have everyone pestering me.”

Sophia could imagine the commotion that would happen in Jadeborough once others came to know that she was the chairperson of Sunshine Group.

Sophia and Yvonne soon got down to business after they were finished talking about personal matters.

Magic Sense, the company which Sophia invested in under her name two months ago, had launched their first-generation app and started publicizing it over the internet, and the response was great. Once its popularity among the netizens grew, Magic Sense would then be able to develop the relevant marketing feature as well as other related functions.

It was undeniable that the foresight of Robert’s team was excellent. With Evil had made use of the advantage of big data. By marking the position after analyzing the photos uploaded by its users, the app could provide a friendly reminder to the users accordingly if any perpetrator appeared around them next time.

Once the app garnered sufficient users and fell into place, they could then develop the app by expanding the types of services it provided, thus increasing the users’ dependency on it for daily necessities.

Sophia was quite satisfied with that. “Keep your eyes on it.”

The greatest challenge for an investor was the amount of funding they should invest to further develop a business.

Businesspeople could make the most out of the smallest amount of money, and the same applied to Sophia.

With that, Yvonne nodded and got out of the car after the contract was signed.

Before leaving, Sophia slanted her head to glance at Samuel, who was still waiting in his car. She could not help but chuckle.

Pfft! I can’t believe there’s a fool like him by Alexander’s side.

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