Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 29

Sophia would never expect that Samuel and the others would see her as someone powerful. At that moment, she and Katherine had just arrived Nocturne. The neon lights at the entrance were so bright that Sophia’s eyes were momentarily blinded when they arrived.

Mason and Howard were already inside the club, and they had reserved a private room on the second floor. As soon as Sophia arrived, Jonice led the staff and entered the room with a cake that was half a person’s height.

The people in the room were mostly from Specter Entertainment. Even James, who had just joined the company a few days ago, was also there.

Sophia was not close with Mason and the others. However, after her divorce, Katherine asked her to be in the trending headlines with them, and she complied. Even though she had their phone numbers, she never really contacted them.

Hence, Sophia was surprised when Jonice told her that Mason and the others wanted to celebrate her birthday with her. At first, she wanted to refuse them, but Katherine persuaded her and managed to change her mind.

Counting in Sophia, Katherine, and Joshua, there were a total of eleven people in the room. There were not a lot of people, but the atmosphere was much livelier than in Corona.

Sophia had drunk a lot of alcohol at Corona. Thus, after she cut the cake, she sat at the side and watched the others discuss the latest gossip in the industry.

Mason and the others knew about Katherine and Joshua’s relationship. They were also celebrities, so Katherine was not worried that they would reveal her relationship to the public.

It was until 12 a.m. that they parted ways.

Sophia was already feeling sleepy. Having a healthy schedule, she usually went to sleep before 11 p.m. Sophia was so tired that she could not help but yawn as she sat on the couch.

In the meantime, Katherine had drank a few more glasses of alcohol when Joshua was not looking, so she was already drunk. Hence, Joshua carried her and walked up to Sophia. “Let’s go.”

Hearing that, Sophia got to her feet and smiled, saying, “Katherine’s drunk. You should send her home. I’ll just take a taxi.”

However, Joshua was a little worried. “It’s not convenient to take a taxi. The alcohol hasn’t hit her yet. Just let me drive you home.”

Katherine not only had bad alcohol tolerance, but she also had a bad drunk personality. She often over-drunk and caused trouble.

At that moment, she was lying in Joshua’s arms quietly, but she would go crazy once the alcohol kicked in.

As soon as Joshua finished his sentence, Katherine, who was in his arms, suddenly shouted, “Soph, you are amazing!”

As she spoke, she pushed Joshua away and pounced on Sophia.

Sophia immediately pushed her away and turned to Joshua. “Hurry up and take her home. Otherwise, she’ll be in tomorrow’s headlines.”

After Sophia finished her sentence, Katherine turned around and hugged Joshua. “Josh, I love you so much.”

Hearing that, Sophia and the others felt speechless.

If you want to show affection to each other, please do it at home!

Joshua held onto the dizzy Katherine and glanced at Sophia. “Call me the moment you get home.”

Since they had been friends since young, Joshua treated Sophia like a sister.

Upon hearing that, Sophia gave him an “okay” gesture and personally opened the door of the private room for him. “Okay.”

Katherine would not stop shouting and moving around. Left with no choice, Joshua scooped her up and carried her. With that, they left the room.

The other people in the room were also getting ready to leave. Sophia had parked her car at Corona, so she was really planning to take the taxi.

On the other side, James had just come to the city not long ago, so he did not have a car. Jonice was worried that he might get into scandals, so she personally drove James home.

Before they left, Jonice asked Sophia if she needed a ride, but Sophia refused.

The company dorms were in the south while Sophia’s mansion was in the north. It would take them half an hour to return to the dorms, but if they gave her a ride, they would need to drive an extra thirty minutes.

Howard had also drank some alcohol, so Jonice gave him a ride. The only other person in the room who did not drink and had a car was Mason.

After sending off Jonice and the others, Sophia turned around and smiled at Mason. “It’s late. I should get home.”

As she spoke, she pulled out her phone and lowered her head to call for a taxi. Just then, Mason walked over and remarked, “Let me drive you home, Soph.”

Sophia raised her eyebrows. “Thank you for the offer, but your house is not the same way as mine.”

Mason looked at her and cocked his head slightly toward the presents on the couch. “It’s hard to get a taxi at night, Soph. Besides, it’ll be difficult for you to carry all those presents.”

Only then did Sophia remember she had a big bag of presents to carry home.

Staring at Mason for a while, she uttered, “Looks like I’ll have to trouble you.”

“It will be my honor.”

Mason shot her a smile before leaning forward and picking up the bag of presents on the couch. Then, he walked to the door and opened it. “After you.”

Glancing at him, Sophia smiled as she walked out of the private room.

Mason drove his Maserati that day. It was not the first time Sophia went on a ride in it.

She had drunk quite a lot of alcohol that day, and the alcohol was starting to kick in. After she got into the car, she felt drowsy and wanted to sleep.

Mason did not turn on the radio so that she could have a peaceful nap. The car was extremely quiet. If Mason did not suddenly crash into another car, Sophia would have dozed off.

Fluttering her eyes open, Sophia stared at the black Maybach in front of her. Just when she thought it looked familiar, Samuel stepped out of the passenger seat.

After taking a glance at the car, Samuel clicked his tongue. “Look at that scratch.”

As he spoke, Alexander stepped out of the driver’s seat.

He instantly spotted Sophia sitting in the Maserati, and his already grim face darkened even more.

Mason did not expect to be so unlucky. Of all the cars on the road, it just had to be Alexander’s car.

Glancing at Sophia, Mason uttered, “Soph, why don’t you stay in the car?”

Sophia never planned to get out of the car to face Alexander. Even though she pretended not to care about the kiss with him a few hours ago and left without looking back, she was actually bothered by it.

“Okay. Be nice. Don’t cause a fight.”

Although it was late and there were not many cars or people on the road, Mason was still a public figure. It was possible that there were paparazzi around waiting for Mason to cause trouble so they could expose him and incite public opinion.

Despite being drunk, she was only slightly giddy and was not completely drunk like Katherine. At that moment, she was awake and aware of everything that was happening.

Taking a deep breath, he opened the car door and got out of the car, immediately apologizing, “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. Sir, please let me know how much I have to compensate you for the repair fees.”

Alexander glanced at Sophia, who was in the passenger seat. The woman had her eyes closed, and she was covering her forehead with a hand. It was hard to see her face.

Does she hate seeing me that much?

He then recalled the peck they had two hours ago. Thinking about that, he narrowed his eyes and sized up the man in front of him coldly.

Alexander remembered who the man was. He’s Mason, an actor who became an A-list celebrity after he got famous for acting in a fantasy drama. Back when Sophia and I filed for a divorce, he was the one who picked her up at the entrance of City Hall. Besides that, he even expressed his admiration for Sophia on his personal social media account.

Alexander suddenly felt that Mason was becoming more of an eyesore. “One hundred thousand.”

The smile on Mason’s face instantly faded. “Sir, don’t make absurd demands.”

“Absurd?” Alexander scoffed. “You can ask the person sitting in your car whether I have time to waste on you just for a mere one hundred thousand.”

Samuel, who was watching from the side, also thought that Alexander was being ridiculous. However, after hearing the latter’s words, he glanced at the passenger seat of the Maserati and could not help but ponder.

Huh. It looks like Alexander’s mad at something else instead of the scratch on his car.

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