Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 3

Sophia deliberately chose a red off-shoulder dress from her wardrobe. She curled her waist-length chestnut-colored hair and spent an hour putting on her makeup. Her bright red lipstick was the same shade as her outfit, giving her a formidable aura.

“Genie, I’m going out to get a divorce.”

“Ms. Yarrow, you can only meet a better man by parting ways with the wrong ones.”

Sophia raised her brows. “Thank you, Genie. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Ms. Yarrow.”

Five minutes before nine in the morning, she arrived at the City Hall. The place had yet to open.

At that moment, Katherine called her, “Soph, are you at the City Hall yet?”

“I just arrived.”

“In that case, I shall congratulate you in advance for ditching that jerk and starting a new chapter of your life!”

A familiar black car came to a halt nearby. Seeing that, Sophia decided to cut the conversation short. “Alexander is here. I’ll talk to you later.”

“All right! I should let you know that I’ve prepared a huge surprise for you today. I guarantee you can hold your head high in front of Alexander!”

“I hope your surprise doesn’t turn into a scare.”

After hanging up the phone, Sophia gazed at Alexander, who was walking in her direction, and put on a wry smile. “Good morning, Mr. Xenos. I’m sorry for taking up your time.”

She handed him the divorce agreement, saying, “I know you don’t trust me. Here. This is an exact copy of the divorce papers I previously gave you. Sign your name, and we’ll proceed with the procedures once the City Hall opens. After that, you’ll be free.”

Alexander’s poker face finally faltered. “Are you serious?”

Sophia looked at him in silence. A few seconds later, she broke into a grin. “Alexander, I’ve always meant everything I tell you.”

It’s just that you never cared enough to take me seriously.

Alexander did not like the way she looked at him; she had never treated him that way.

“The City Hall is now open,” he replied.

If she’s hoping for a divorce, I shall fulfill her wish. This will save me some trouble in the future.

At that instant, Sophia could hear the sound of her heart breaking.

When he questioned if she was being serious, Sophia had harbored the slightest hope that he would ask her to stay or refuse to go through with the divorce. Still, he merely mentioned to her that the City Hall was open.

You’re unbelievable, Alexander.

She straightened her face, turned on her heels, and entered the City Hall.

There were many people there to register their marriage. Sophia and Alexander were the only couple there to file for a divorce so early in the morning.

However, she did not dress in the sense that suggested she was there to get a divorce. As a result, the City Hall staff eyed them in perplexity when they sat down. “You two are filing for a divorce by mutual consent?”

“That’s right.”

She pushed the documents she had prepared in advance through the small window while reassuring the staff.

Getting a divorce was a quicker process than registering for marriage. After both parties signed the papers, they just needed to let an official from the City Hall certify and chop the documents.

After just five minutes, the two of them exited City Hall.

Alexander walked ahead. He did not spare Sophia another glance ever since he received the divorce certificate.

Meanwhile, Sophia stopped in her tracks. Discomfort and anguish churned within her as she gazed at his leaving figure from behind.

Just then, a blue Maserati came to a halt on the roadside. The luxurious vehicle was too eye-catching, distracting Sophia amidst her heartache. She could not help but shift her gaze onto the expensive car.

The door of the Maserati was pushed open, followed by the appearance of a man wearing sunglasses.

Sophia felt that the man seemed vaguely familiar. Before she could react, he called out to her, “Sophia.”

It was Mason Queen. He was a young and handsome man who had gained much popularity in the past year because of his role in a historical television show.

Mason was a tall man with long legs. With just a few strides, he walked up to her. “Congratulations on getting back your freedom and starting a new chapter of your life. Katherine told me to pick you up.”

Sophia felt her head aching. “Why are you playing along with Katherine’s crazy plan? Didn’t you just finish filming your new movie? Aren’t you worried you will be featured in more scandals than you already are, coming here?”

“Don’t be mad, Soph. Katherine said that now that you’ve divorced Alexander, the Xenos family will likely give an official statement regarding this news. Therefore, we must strike first to distract the public’s attention from this matter. Otherwise, they’ll call you a divorcee from a wealthy family!”

His enthusiastic response deeply amused Sophia. “I suppose I should thank both of you then!”

Right after she finished her sentence, a group of paparazzi rushed up to them.

Mason was quick to react. He shielded her from the crowd with his arms, but he did not do a thorough job, leaving her face exposed.

Unexpectedly, someone pushed her, causing her to stumble and fall into Mason’s embrace.

Mason was a famous and exceptionally gorgeous celebrity idolized by many teenage girls. Naturally, Sophia’s heart skipped a beat when she saw his handsome face up close.

Even Alexander had never hugged her in such an intimate manner during their three years of marriage. The faint unique perfume scent on Mason’s body stimulated her senses as he held her in his arms, constantly reminding her of his presence.

Sophia’s face flushed. She wanted to free herself, but Mason suddenly pressed her head down, burying her face in his chest. Aside from his steady heartbeat, she could hear the paparazzi’s relentless questions and the sound of shutters clicking. Feeling dazed, she allowed him to lead her forward.

Inside the black vehicle, Alexander stared intently at the scene outside the window.

His secretary, Felix Lane, was seated in front. “Mr. Xenos, should I help Ms. Yarrow out?” he asked hesitantly.

Alexander retracted his gaze upon hearing Felix’s words and glanced at the latter coldly. “Do you have a hobby of nosing into others’ business?”

Felix shuddered. “That’s not it, Mr. Xenos.”

Unable to refute, he hastily told the driver to start driving. “Let’s go, Kenny.”

Felix did not know if he was imagining things, but he noticed that Alexander’s face seemed to have darkened slightly.

Indeed, Alexander was in a bad mood. My wife- No, my ex-wife just divorced me ten minutes ago, yet she’s already interacting so intimately with another man in front of the City Hall. If this news spreads to the public, others may think I parted ways with her because she cheated on me.

“Stop the car!”

Alexander was not a fan of being a cuckold, nor did he enjoy others spreading false rumors about him being a cuckold.

“Go and bring her over!”

Felix was astonished. He thought his ears were playing tricks on him, but when he turned around and met Alexander’s menacing gaze, he hurriedly got out of the car and advanced toward Sophia and Mason, who were still surrounded by the paparazzi.

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