Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 4

“Mrs- Ms. Yarrow.”

Felix was still not used to the change, so he nearly made the mistake of calling Sophia Mrs. Xenos.

Sophia forcefully pulled the hand on her head away when she heard someone calling her name. Looking up from Mason’s embrace, she saw Felix appearing in the middle of the commotion.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Lane?”

After being pushed by some of the paparazzi, Felix lost his balance and staggered pathetically. He managed to steady himself after a few seconds. “Ms. Yarrow, Mr. Xenos asked you to go over.”

Sophia raised her brows after hearing his words. She gazed past Felix at the black car parked over ten meters away.

Though she could not see Alexander’s face through the tinted car window, she could sense that he was staring directly at her.

Curling her lips, she responded, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lane. Please relay this message to Mr. Xenos. To avoid unwanted speculations, I think it’s best for him to treat me as a stranger if we meet each other from now on.”

Meanwhile, the paparazzi continued to bombard them with volleys of questions. Mason was worried that something terrible might happen when his fans arrived, so he dragged Sophia along. “Let’s get in the car first.”

Sophia did not have anything else to say to Felix, so she nodded in agreement and got into the car.

A large group of Mason’s fans flooded the scene right after Sophia fastened her seatbelt. Seeing the impressive sight, she felt extremely glad that she had gotten into the car. Otherwise, she might be torn apart by Mason’s female fans.

The Maserati blended into the traffic, gradually throwing off those fans and paparazzi who attempted to follow Mason.

“Are you all right, Soph?”

She glanced at him. “You should avoid heeding Katherine’s suggestions in the future.”

She had wondered what kind of surprise Katherine had planned for her. Unexpectedly, the latter stirred a ridiculous ruckus.

Sophia’s head ached at the thought of herself becoming Mason’s rumored girlfriend and the focus of discussions on the internet.

Beside her, Mason arched a brow. “In my opinion, Katherine’s idea is brilliant.”

Sophia laughed in exasperation. “Did you pick up her bad habits after hanging out with her for so long?”

“Don’t wrongly accuse me, Soph. I just can’t stand another person bullying you, even if that person is Alexander.”

Mason halted the car as the traffic light turned red ahead. Then, he turned his head sideways and regarded her with a solemn expression.

Sophia was touched by his genuine concern. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry. No one can bully me.”

So what if he’s from the Xenos family? She had allowed them to step all over her because she was too naive to believe that she could someday win over Alexander’s affection. However, she had gained clarity now. She would never let them do as they pleased anymore.

Meanwhile, Felix finally snapped back to his senses when he saw the Maserati pulling away. The paparazzi surrounding him earlier were gone as well, chasing after Mason.

Standing rooted to his spot, he gazed at the black car nearby. He didn’t know how he should report to Alexander.

“Mr. Xenos.” After a while, Felix returned to the car and glanced at Alexander. “Ms. Yarrow didn’t want to come over.”

Alexander’s expression was icy. “I’m not blind.”

He had witnessed Sophia getting into the car with the male celebrity.

Felix pursed his lips. “Ms. Yarrow asked me to pass along a message to you.”

At that, Alexander’s somber expression lightened up a little. “What did she say?”

I suppose she’s not completely tactless. At least she knows to let Felix relay a message to me.

“Ms. Yarrow said that to avoid unwanted speculations in the future, she thinks it’s best for you to treat her as a stranger if you two meet each other from now on.”

Alexander’s face fell instantaneously as he snorted. “Very well. Do not mention her in front of me ever again!”

“Yes, Mr. Xenos.”

Felix fell silent afterward, not daring to make a sound.

After working for Alexander for so many years, he could distinctively sense the burning wrath of his boss at that moment.

“Start the car!” Alexander’s stern voice caused the driver’s hands to tremble.

Recollecting himself, the latter apologized repeatedly.

Alexander did not speak afterward. He merely stared at the partially dispersed crowd outside while wearing a grim expression.

Inside a parking lot, the blue Maserati stopped in the only available spot. Sophia glanced outside the window and asked, “Did Katherine tell you to bring me here as well?”

“She’s just concerned about you.” Mason unbuckled his seatbelt and beamed at her innocently.

Sophia found it difficult to look away from his dazzling smile. “Don’t go overboard, Mason. Do you think I won’t dare to lay my fingers on a younger man or make a move on my subordinate? Is that why you’re trying to captivate me with your bewitching smile?”

In response, Mason clicked his tongue. “If you wish to have me, I’ll gladly offer myself to you. I’ll take a shower and lie on your bed, waiting for you to make a move on me.”

Sophia was rendered speechless.

He’s not someone I can mess with.

The two of them got out of the car and walked toward the building’s entrance.

Specter Entertainment was a company established only five years ago, but in the past two years, it was able to produce a few popular male celebrities.

Mason was one of them.

Katherine was done filming her movie last month, so she had nothing arranged in her schedule. With plenty of free time on her hands, she immediately made plans for Sophia right after the latter’s divorce.

Sophia rarely visited the company, so most employees there did not know she was the boss. Nevertheless, everyone greeted them politely along the way because they saw Mason personally leading her into the building.

When they reached Katherine’s office, Mason stopped in front of the door. “Soph, Katherine is waiting for you inside. I’ll ask someone to send some snacks over for you two.”

She eyed him. “What’s the matter? Weren’t you an expert in causing trouble earlier? Are you running away now that it’s time to settle the score?”

Mason and Katherine had come together to carry out their plan just now. After what they did, it would almost be impossible for Sophia to keep a low profile.

With a grin, Mason helped her push open the door. “Katherine came up with this plan all by herself. You should settle the score with her.”

Sophia chuckled. “Fine. Go home and get some rest. Why’d you come to put on a show even during your day off? It’s not like the company will give you an award for your dedication.”

“I don’t mind, as long as you won’t blame me.”

With that, Mason wisely took his leave. Sophia then walked into the lavish office and closed the door behind her.

Upon turning a corner, she saw Katherine casually lying on the couch. “Do your fans know about how ungraceful your posture is in private?”

Unfazed by Sophia’s mockery, Katherine waved at Sophia while holding a tablet in her other hand. “Come quickly, Soph. You’re trending!”

“Weren’t you the one who made that happen?”

Katherine pulled Sophia over to sit next to her. “Look at this. What do you think about this trending topic? I’d like to see if those people will still dare to make fun of you for being obsessed with Alexander in a one-sided relationship!”

She placed the tablet in Sophia’s hands and continued, “You can rest assured because I’ve arranged everything. Today was Mason’s turn. I’ll ask Howard to show up when he returns from his advertisement shoot a few days later!”

Sophia had yet to regain her senses as she stared at the trending topic that claimed that she was Mason’s secret crush for many years. When she heard Katherine’s speech, she was stumped.

Still, Katherine thought it was not sufficient. After all, she knew how much Sophia had suffered all those years in the Xenos family. Now that Sophia managed to get herself out of there, Katherine wanted her to hold her head high and show her worth to those haters who insulted her.

“Aside from that, we also have to hold a party to celebrate you becoming single again since you’ve divorced Alexander. I’ve booked an entire place to host a banquet tonight. That way, you can flaunt your riches!”

“Are you paying for the venue?”

Instantly, the smile on Katherine’s face froze. “Um… Well, this celebration won’t be meaningful if I’m the one paying.”

Sophia snorted. “Why are you pretending to be generous when you don’t have the money?”

“I may not have the money, but you do!”

Once again, Sophia was at a loss for words.

Why do I have a friend like her?

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