Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 2

Chapter 2 What Games Are You Playing

Alexander was silent, and the tension in the room was palpable. After a momentary standoff, Sophia shrugged. “Okay, I won’t disturb you anymore, Mr. Xenos. See you nine in the morning at City Hall on Monday.” With that said, she lifted her hand to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Nevertheless, feeling upset about her defeat, she said, “Congratulations, Alexander Xenos. You’re free. You’ve finally escaped from the shameless woman that is me.” Sophia then let out a self-deprecating chuckle as she stared at him. “What games are you playing again?”
Alexander finally asked, his words as harsh as always. Sophia glanced at him. “Don’t worry, this is serious. Though I have to tell you this as well. This is your one and only chance to escape from me. Cherish it.” Sophia’s eyes felt hot. Not wanting to lose her dignity by shedding tears in front of him and letting him have the opportunity to laugh at her, she turned and left. Alexander watched her leave until she disappeared around the corner before he flipped the pages of the divorce agreement. Sophia was the one who hired a lawyer to draft the divorce agreement. She would take nothing from him. In fact, she would be leaving the marriage empty-handed. Alexander was not surprised by Sophia’s request for a divorce. After all, he had never once treated her as his wife throughout all three years. However, he refused to believe that she would not want anything from the divorce.
Sophia was a greedy woman. After saving Kristen back then, she had asked to marry him when the Xenos family asked her what she wanted in return for the favor. Unfortunately, she made the wrong plans. Before marriage, Alexander had done the notarization of personal assets so that he would be able to dismiss her anytime he could not stand her anymore. It seems like she’s trying to pull another trick again. Alexander curled his lips into a mocking smile before throwing the divorce agreement aside and dismissing the event. When Sophia exited the building, she immediately spotted Katherine’s flashy sports car. Just as Sophia walked over, Katherine opened the door to the front passenger seat and asked, “How was it? Did he sign it?” Sophia leaned over and got into the car. “He didn’t.” “That shouldn’t be. Bethany’s back. Shouldn’t he be in a hurry?” Buckling her seatbelt, Sophia glanced at Katherine.
“Kathy, are you doing this on purpose?” She’s so mean with her words. If not for our years of friendship, I’d definitely kick up a fuss! With her mind read, Katherine guiltily rubbed her nose. “It’s my first time seeing someone so excited about a divorce, so I wanted to find out if you’ve really given up on him or if you’re just angry with him.” “Be nicer, Katherine.” Not wanting to waste more of her breath on her heartless friend, Sophia closed her eyes and shied away from the world. Half an hour later, the sports car stopped. Sophia opened her eyes and unbuckled her seatbelt. “Thanks.” With that, she got down from the car and walked to the back to get her suitcase. Katherine remained in the car and gave her two flying kisses.
“Don’t cry on your own, Soph. Love you!” Right as those words were out of her mouth, the red sports car sped off. Sophia snorted, only half-angry. What kind of friends am I making? Before returning, she had asked the housekeeper to clean up the house. Moreover, her door was connected to a smart home system, so all she needed to do was to say, “Open the door, Genie.” Immediately, the wooden door opened inward. “Welcome home, Ms. Yarrow.” “Genie, heat up the water.” Sophia then brought her suitcase to the master bedroom on the second floor. In her suitcase were the things she had in the Xenos residence for the past three years, and they were the things she had brought over in the beginning. After she put her suitcase aside, the water was done boiling. Sophia mixed it with some cold water before downing half a cup. When her tears fell, Sophia was surprised. Thinking back to what Katherine said before she left,
Sophia began scoffing at herself. I really can’t stay cool, huh? It’s fine. I’m only losing it when I’m alone. After holding herself back for the entire morning, Sophia finally could not bear it any longer. Upon putting her cup down, she sprawled at the bar and began sobbing. She loved Alexander for ten years, but at the end of the day, she received nothing but a humiliating marriage that lasted three years. Of course, she was upset about the matter. However, her misery was useless. Alexander never loved her, anyway. After leaving the Xenos residence, Sophia spent her next two days in a daze. She kept sleeping and sleeping, but she never even got to have a good sleep. In the dark, her dreams were odd. Sophia even dreamed about the incident that happened when she was fifteen. A naive girl she was back then, she thought that the elderly woman needed help. However, as it turned out, she was just prey to the others. When those people dragged her into the car, she was desolated and fearful. Sadly, in that narrow, dark alley, misfortunate events like these often happened.
No one would come to save her, and no one dared to save her. Yet, just as she surrendered to fate, a boy kicked away the man who was holding her, grabbed her hand, and fled the despairing alley with her. Sophia did not know how long she ran, for she only stopped when the boy stopped. While they fled, she never had the time to take a good look at his face. Thus, it was only then that Sophia realized the boy had a dreamy face. He had dark eyes that seemed like whirlpools, luring her in and trapping her in them. “What’s your name?” she eagerly asked after their great escape. “Alexander Xenos.” The boy’s voice was as captivating as his eyes. Sophia never knew that her heart could beat so quickly. “Thank you for saving me.”
“You’re safe now, so I’ll leave.” The boy then let go of her and turned to leave. Instinctively, Sophia ran after him. “Alexander, can I-” Yet, in the next second, the young Alexander abruptly turned into an adult. He looked at her in disgust and uttered, “Sophia Yarrow, what games are you trying to play this time?” Sophia woke with a start. Her alarm clock kept ringing and ringing by her ear. Frowning, she lifted her hand to wipe her damp eyes. “Genie, turn off the alarm.” Instantly, the noise ceased, and peace returned to the room. Sophia took her phone and glanced at the screen. Half an hour ago, Katherine had sent her a message, wishing her good luck. Right. It’s Monday today. I’ve asked Alexander to meet me for the divorce procedures today.

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