Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 1

“Hey, my dear sister-in-law, what are you doing? Are you trying to run away from home?”

Right as Sophia Yarrow brought her luggage and went downstairs, Thalia Xenos’ sarcastic voice traveled into her ears.

However, Sophia ignored her words. She only glanced at the other woman briefly before continuing her way down the stairs.

Coincidentally, she encountered Alexander Xenos’ mother, Kristen Lambe, on the first floor. The rich woman, who always looked down on her, stared at her and questioned, “Where are you going with the suitcase so early in the morning?”

Sophia had been her daughter-in-law for three years. Instantly, she knew that this was a sign that Kristen was about to put her in a difficult spot.

Under normal circumstances, she would definitely apologize carefully and coax the older woman. However, that day was unlike the other days. Sophia did not even want Alexander anymore, so she surely wouldn’t bother being careful around the ill-tempered elderly lady.

“Anywhere is better than this place. Don’t worry, Mrs. Xenos. I won’t come to the Xenos residence ever again.”

Sophia shed her usual respectful and gentle behavior. Although her words sounded mild, there was no trace of flattery in her eyes like before. The coldness of her demeanor made her seem different.

Kristen was not used to having her daughter-in-law, who was usually submissive around her, talk back to her in that way. Thus, her expression instantly darkened. “Sophia Yarrow, is this the way you should treat your elders?”

“I’ll treat you the same way you treat me.”

The arrogance and iciness in Sophia’s pretty eyes made anger boil inside Kristen. “Sophia, am I still your mother-in-law?”

Hearing that, Sophia glanced at Kristen before curling her lips. “Sorry, but soon, you won’t be anymore.”

Right as she said that, car honks sounded outside the mansion.

Sophia raised a brow and said, “I’m leaving now, Mrs. Xenos. The things I’ve left in the room are things I no longer want. You can do whatever you like with them—whether you want to throw them or burn them. There’s just one thing I want to ask from you. Don’t contact me again.”

As she spoke, she leisurely strolled outside with her suitcase. Then, she added, “You Xenoses are plain disgusting.”

Before Kristen could even digest Sophia’s words about her no longer being the latter’s mother-in-law, the comment about the Xenoses made her even more livid. “Sophia Yarrow, have you gone mad? Believe it or not, I’ll tell Alex that you-”

“Mom, have you seen Sophia? She’s such a joke. I can’t believe she’s actually dragging a suitcase early in the morning. Hahaha! She can’t have possibly walked past me in hopes that I’ll ask her to stay, right?”

When Thalia came out of the mansion and saw Kristen frozen in her spot, she reached out to pull the latter’s sleeve. “Mom, what’s the matter with you?”

There was a complicated look on Kristen’s face. In the past, the mere mention of Alexander would make Sophia meek. Yet, to her surprise, Sophia just walked off, not even bothering to spare her another glance.

The sports car outside sped off, and when Kristen walked to the entrance of the mansion, she could only catch a glimpse of the car’s afterimage.

“She… She’s gone?”

Thalia followed her mother out and frowned. “So what if she is? Bethany’s back. Even if she doesn’t leave now, Alexander will eventually kick her out.”

Kristen found sense in her daughter’s words. After all, the White family’s youngest daughter had returned. Sophia would be a smart woman if she were to divorce Alexander of her own accord now.

Said smart woman was currently in the Porsche, flipping the pages of the divorce agreement. After reading the contents of the documents, she signed her name in satisfaction.

Katherine Quinn, the woman driving, clicked her tongue when she saw that. “Are you really sure about this? You look so unhesitant.”

Sophia closed the cap of the pen. “Of course.”

Alexander’s first crush was back. Naturally, there was no point in hoping anymore.

It had been three years. It was neither a long time nor a short time. Sophia thought that she would be able to worm her way into his cold heart, but Alexander did not even have one.

He had given his heart to his first crush.

Sophia felt that she had been too shameless. She had asked him to marry her in the name of repaying her favor, forcibly taking the “Mrs. Xenos” title for three years. Now that Bethany White was back, she would naturally have to step aside. Otherwise, Alexander’s efforts in saving himself for Bethany for the past three years would be for naught.

Indeed, Sophia had been married to Alexander for three years, but she had not slept with him at all.

It was fortunate that the matter was never made known to the public. Otherwise, those who had been mocking her for clinging to a prestigious family would certainly find a way to laugh at her misery.

It’s been three years. It’s enough to fulfill my seven years of unrequited love.

Sophia lifted her hands to cover her eyes and the tears that spilled from them so that Katherine would not see them.

At the end of the day, she was still human. No matter how nonchalant she seemed, the terrible closure of her feelings for him would be enough to make anyone break down.

Soon, the red sports car came to a stop, and Katherine lifted the sunglasses she was wearing. “We’re here. Run along, Soph. I will always be right behind you!”

With that said, Katherine gave Sophia a flying kiss.

Sophia chuckled at her. “All right. I’m going to march to the battlefield now.”

Sophia was speaking the truth. It was tough to find a way to throw the divorce agreement at Alexander in a domineering but elegant way.

She then got out of the car with the divorce agreement. Having been married to Alexander for three years, this was not Sophia’s first time at Odyssey. Of course, it was not her first time getting dismissed by the receptionist as well. “Ms. Yarrow, you can’t go up without an appointment. Mr. Xenos is a busy man. If everyone gets to meet him without making an appointment, what would be the point of him having a receptionist?”

Even a mere receptionist could put her in a tough spot like that. It had been three years, but the receptionist never once called her Mrs. Xenos. Without a doubt, it was because Alexander never thought of her as anyone important.

Sophia lowered her eyes and chuckled. “Odyssey’s employees truly lack training. Even Alexander’s wife needs an appointment to meet him. It seems quite worthless to be his wife.”

At that, she shot a cold look at the receptionist before striding straight to the elevators.

It was the first time the receptionist had ever seen Sophia act that way. For a moment, she was stunned. When she came back to her senses, she snorted. Worried that something might go wrong, she made a call to inform the people upstairs.

Before Sophia’s elevator reached its destination, Alexander found out that she was in the office.

Frowning, he said, “I’m not meeting her.”

He still has a brief meeting in five minutes.

At that, his secretary nodded. Just as he walked out of the office, he saw Sophia walking over in heels.

She was wearing a flower-patterned skirt, looking gentle and graceful. However, when she looked at him, the secretary felt that there was something different about her.

“Mr. Lane,” Sophia greeted.

Before the secretary could say anything to her, Sophia reached out and opened the door to Alexander’s office. “Sorry for the intrusion, Mr. Xenos. I have an agreement that I need your signature for.”

As she spoke, she locked eyes with the man and walked over. Then, she put the divorce agreement in front of him. “Sign it.”

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