Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 277

“Good morning, Ms. Yarrow.”

When Sophia stepped out of the elevator, the conscientious Yvonne was already primed to work with a stack of documents in her arms.

Inclined her head at Yvonne, she flashed the latter a smile. “Good morning.”

Yvonne followed her into the office with the documents in hand. “Here’s Luster Corporation’s acquisition proposal.”


Putting her bag down, Sophia reached out and took the proposal from Yvonne. When she lifted her head and saw that the latter was still standing before the desk, she couldn’t help arching a brow. “What’s the matter? Is there anything else?”

As Yvonne scrutinized Sophia in front of her, the Snowfall in June video that took the city by storm last night flashed across her mind. She hesitated for a few seconds, but ultimately, she ventured, “Are you and Mr. Xenos together again?”

That question of hers had the corners of Sophia’s eyes twitch imperceptibly. Lifting her head, she looked at Yvonne with a half-smile. “You were shocked?”

In response, Yvonne shook her head. “No, just a touch surprised.”

As Sophia’s secretary and one of her fans, she was exceedingly chagrined by Alexander’s indifference toward Sophia over those three years. Consequently, she didn’t like his secretary much either.

She had always felt that Sophia deserved better, so she was inexorably mournful now that the latter had gotten back together with Alexander.

Gazing at her secretary before her, Sophia chortled softly. “It’s okay. I’ve got both money and looks. It’ll be a piece of cake for me to change boyfriends.”

At once, embarrassment inundated Yvonne. With her eyes fixated on Sophia, she wavered for a moment before murmuring, “I hope you’ll always be happy, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia was inevitably touched. “Don’t worry, I will.”

Not only was Yvonne aware that Sophia wasn’t an impulsive person, but she also knew that outsiders weren’t privy to many things when it came to matters of the heart.

Her judgment has always been impeccable and spot-on. Since she chose Alexander both times, it’s evident that there is something special about him. When she went missing that day and everything hung in the balance, he even dared to go in and get to the bottom of things alone. On second thought, he isn’t as bad as I’d imagined.

Throwing a final look at Sophia, she decided to put the matter to the back of her mind. “I’ll go and get busy, Ms. Yarrow.”

I’ve worked for her for eight years, and I believe that she’ll be able to make the right choices for her life. Sophia nodded in acknowledgment. As she watched Yvonne leave, she couldn’t help giggling.

It looks like Alexander is really unlikable. Everyone around me guards against him as though he’s a big bad wolf! Tsk-tsk.

The matter last night had stirred up a storm on the internet, so Sophia had never thought that she could still keep things from Lukas’ knowledge.

Besides, Zayne had already messaged her when she woke up in the morning. As such, it was only a matter of time before Lukas came to her for an explanation.

She had just snagged her bag to head out for lunch when she received a call from Lukas.


“Have you had lunch?”

Sophia glanced at her watch. “I was just about to go out for lunch. What about you?”

“I’m on my way,” Lukas answered placidly.

On the heels of that, he drawled, “Shouldn’t you give me an explanation regarding your relationship with Alexander?”

Hanging her head, Sophia stared at the watch on her wrist. “Actually, Lukas, I didn’t intend on keeping you in the dark.”

“And so, you teamed up with Zayne to dupe me?”

At that accusation, mortification swamped Sophia. “It was because I hadn’t yet figured out how to tell you about it.”

She then paused before continuing, “I know you’re very much upset about his treatment of me in the past.”

Hearing that, Lukas snorted. “If so, why did you still get back with him?”

“Because I discovered that I still like him.”

After saying that, Sophia blushed hotly.

It was her first time speaking of her attachment toward Alexander with Lukas. In all these years, she had seemingly never confessed her feelings to Alexander, officially speaking.

On the other end of the phone, Lukas massaged his temples. “You’re no longer a kid, so you’d only feel that I’m overly restricting you if I were to interfere in your relationships too much. I’m not going to bother about your relationship with Alexander anymore, but if he were to wrong you again, I wouldn’t allow you two to be together anymore, no matter what you say.”

Sophia could hear the exasperation in his voice, and he sounded just like an elder who was pampering a naughty kid.

All he did was for her own good, yet he wouldn’t use that excuse to bind her within his rules.

Such a measure of concern and tenderness had a wealth of warmth suffuse Sophia. “Got it, Lukas.”

“I don’t object to you dating him, but I’m not going to support the relationship either. Thus, you’ll have to convince Grandpa by yourself.”

The fact that he wasn’t objecting was already the greatest compromise.

Alexander had inflicted much pain on Sophia in the past, so if possible, Lukas even wanted to take her back to the Dawson residence, never again allowing the man to see her.

In light that they had gotten back together then, he didn’t want her to be sad, but he wasn’t the only one who knew about her mistreatment at the Xenos residence. Perrin was also aware of it.

The man wouldn’t be fooled as easily, so Alexander would likely be put through the wringer if he really wanted to be with Sophia.

Naturally, Lukas would be glad to see it as well since Alexander had picked on Sophia in the past.

Knowing that he wasn’t mad, Sophia breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Lukas.”

“Go and have lunch.”

She was already an adult, so it wouldn’t do Lukas any good to speak further. Nor did he want to do so.

No sooner had Sophia ended the call than another one from Alexander came in.

Snagging her bag, she answered the call while heading out. “Yes?”

“I’m already downstairs.”

“I’m in the elevator. See you in two minutes.”

After saying that, Sophia hung up the phone. Recalling Lukas’ words earlier, she bowed her head and chuckled.

Come to think of it, Alexander is pretty pitiful.

The instant she stepped out of the elevator, she caught sight of Alexander’s car. That was their first time having lunch together so openly after publicizing their relationship.

Alexander was the one who made the reservation for the restaurant. They had a booth by the window, and the scenery outside was incredible.

As Sophia gazed at Alexander, who was pouring coffee from across her, her eyes flickered. “My cousin phoned me just now.”

Alexander slid a cup of coffee over to her. “Did Lukas scold you?”

At his query, Sophia snorted. “Is he that fierce to you?”

Is he not?

Pursing his lips lightly, Alexander admitted, “A bit.”

Sophia quirked a brow. “Compared to him, my grandfather is far fiercer.”

Her comment carried a hidden meaning, and Alexander could see the glee dancing in her eyes. His ebony eyes glinted in response. “It’s okay. I’m not afraid.”

Eyeing him, Sophia drawled, “I see.”

Just then, the server came with the food. The two of them looked at each other and tacitly ceased talking. Reclining back against their chairs, they waited for the food to be served.

It was a newly-opened restaurant, and Yvonne had already recommended it to Sophia last week. There was quite a bit of variety, and the waiting time was short.

On the whole, the meal was satisfactory.

“Ms. Yarrow?”

When Alexander had gone to foot the bill and Sophia was texting Katherine, she heard someone calling her name out of the blue. Upon lifting her head and catching sight of Megan, she flashed the latter a faint smile. “Ms. Queen.”

Since the live-streaming session whereby Megan apologized, Sophia hadn’t seen her for more than half a year. She did, however, hear from Charlize that Megan had gone abroad on an exchange program.

Seeing as we’re bumping into each other again today, she must have returned to the country.

A man stood beside Megan, but Sophia recognized him at a single glance. It was Casper, who had just called off his wedding with Kayla a while ago.

Noticing her attention on Casper, Megan almost burst with pride. “Let me do the introductions, Ms. Yarrow. This is my boyfriend, Casper Cooper.”

Despite the rumors on the internet about Sophia having reconciled with Alexander, she didn’t believe them. Earlier, she spotted Sophia eating with a man from afar, but she didn’t recognize him as Alexander and mistook him for some random man. Following that, she couldn’t resist dragging Casper over.

The Cooper family was a reputable family in Jadeborough, and Casper was a decent catch, so she felt that he could definitely show Sophia’s boyfriend up unless Sophia had truly gotten back together with Alexander.

Sophia inclined her head a fraction. “You two make a perfect match, Ms. Queen, Mr. Cooper.”

“Thank you.”

Subsequently, Megan raised an eyebrow. “Oh yes, where’s your boyfriend? I saw you eating with him earlier.”

With those words, Sophia understood her meaning all too well.

She glanced over her back at Alexander, who was making his way over, before smiling at Megan. “Yeah. He went to foot the bill earlier, but he’s returned now.”

Right after her words had fallen, Alexander happened to reach her. He stretched out a hand and took hers.

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