Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 276

After hanging up the phone, Katherine grew increasingly envious the more she thought about it. In the end, she went on Twitter and posted: Ahh! I found out that the woman in the video is my goddess and best friend! I’m green with envy right now!

Ever since her alternate account came to light, all her fans learned that she was Sophia’s best friend and greatest fan.

That aside, they knew that her circle of friends had been exceedingly small in all the years she had debuted, and those in the entertainment industry were basically mere acquaintances. After all, her persona was that of an aloof and regal lady. As such, Sophia was the only person who could be considered her best friend.

As soon as she posted that on Twitter, all netizens knew that the woman in the video Snowfall in June was Sophia. Needless to say, the man’s identity was also uncovered in no time.

As Alexander’s secretary, Felix naturally found out about the storm brewing on the internet before long.

There might be consequences to that matter, so he phoned Alexander after a brief hesitation and ventured, “Mr. Xenos, your relationship with Ms. Yarrow has been exposed on the internet. Should I do anything about it?”

Alexander, who had just arrived home, replied, “No, it’s okay.”

So, all netizens are now aware that Sophia is my girlfriend. That’s simply my wish come true.

After Felix hung up the phone, he mulled over the man’s answer. In a flash, understanding dawned upon him.

Having been Alexander’s secretary for almost ten years, he felt that there were some things he should do without needing the man to give the order personally.

Since Alexander didn’t instruct him to suppress the news, it was evident that he likewise wanted to bring the matter out into the open.

Felix pondered for a while before giving his assistant a call and had the man furtively publish a few spearheading posts.

Thus, in less than an hour, the love story between Sophia and Alexander was also circulating on the internet.

As a matter of course, all the negative aspects were discarded to leave the positive ones this time. For instance, Alexander was the person Sophia wanted to repay when she chose to come to Jadeborough to attend university and elected to marry him back then because of love.

The instant that post was published, Sophia’s negative image in the past was overturned entirely.

Following that, the fact that Alexander pursued Sophia made the rounds, with some informants revealing insider information and providing photos.

It was divulged that after their divorce, he suddenly realized that he had fallen in love with her and started embarking on the path of winning her back. In fact, someone attested to bumping into him at Coldbridge Airport during New Year earlier in the year. Coincidentally, Coldbridge was Sophia’s hometown.

No sooner had the two spearheading posts appeared on the internet than the netizens started clamoring online for them to get married.

When Samuel came across that, a sense of disgruntlement rose within him. We’re both eligible bachelors. Why is it that Alexander is the only one with a girlfriend?

Hence, he doubted the veracity of the matter. After deliberating for some time, he rang Alexander up despite the late hour. “Is the news on the internet true, Alex?”


In a great mood, Alexander was far more amicable to him than before.

“But that doesn’t make sense. Aren’t you still in the grueling process of winning your wife back?”

“Buzz off!”

Alexander hung up right away, not in the mood to talk to Samuel since the latter had nothing good to say.

Having hung up the phone, he scrolled through Twitter, which he had installed a long time ago yet had only opened a few times. Only after he had scanned through the headlines related to him and Sophia did he go to sleep in gratification.

Well, this batch of netizens are to be commended.

At the same time, Lukas, who was far in Doveston, had also learned about Sophia and Alexander’s relationship.

Recalling Sophia’s claim that she had nothing to do with Alexander when he called her a few days ago, he plunged into deep contemplation.

A moment later, he massaged his temples in exasperation.

Ah, this cousin of mine is rather naughty!

Sophia had gone to bed at a little over ten o’clock, so she was in the dark about everything that transpired later.

When she opened her eyes at seven o’clock the next day, she discovered that Katherine had sent her a number of links and messages last night.

Tapping into the links, she scanned them over, only to learn that the entire internet community was then aware of her relationship with Alexander.

In truth, she didn’t mind it much as she hadn’t planned on having the man continue being her boyfriend in secret.

The only awkward issue was figuring out an explanation for Lukas.

Just after Sophia had finished washing up, she received a message from Zayne.

He told her that Lukas questioned him about his relationship with her last night, and he came clean with the man. Therefore, he urged her to brace herself, for the latter would likely phone and ask her about it that day.

Chuckling, Sophia texted him a thanks in return before going into the closet and changing.

At eight o’clock on the dot, the doorbell downstairs rang. Sophia knew that it was Alexander without even having to think about it.

“Good morning.”

She walked over and opened the door.

Seeing that her expression appeared no different from usual, Alexander queried, “Have you gone online yet?”

Upon hearing that, Sophia eyed him with a smirk. “Yeah, I’ve gone online and also saw the news. You must have contributed much, huh?”

Alexander met her gaze head-on without any change in expression. “I didn’t do anything.”

Felix acted arbitrarily, so it had nothing to do with me.

At that, Sophia gave a bark of laughter. “I don’t believe you.”

While saying that, she whirled around and went upstairs, taking out a spare key from a cabinet. Then, she sauntered over to Alexander, who was laying out the breakfast. “Put your hand out.”

Without any questions, Alexander promptly held his hand out.

Lifting her hand, Sophia placed the key in his palm. “Here, a spare key.”

As her soft voice fell, Alexander sensed a chill in his palm.

He dipped his head and stared at the key in his hand. His Adam’s apple bobbed, and a sense of warmth suffused him.

“I’m just giving it to you for you to let yourself in, not to have you move in here,” Sophia clarified when he remained silent, shattering his fantasy.

Putting the key away, Alexander gazed at her, his ebony eyes flickering slightly. “Okay.”

That’s all right. We’ve got all the time in the world.

Sophia chortled softly. “All right, let’s have breakfast.”


Although their relationship had been made public presently, they still drove their respective cars to work for the sake of convenience.

The only difference was that Alexander could be more blatant when he arrived outside Sunshine Group.

The matter last night went viral on the internet, so when the employees coming to work spotted Alexander’s car below Sunshine Group’s building, they couldn’t resist snapping a photo and posting it online.

Alexander cast a glance at those who were snapping photos, but he didn’t go over and stop them from doing so. He watched as Sophia’s car gradually drove into the parking lot and disappeared from sight before climbing back into his car and driving off.

Right then, he was officially her boyfriend.

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