Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 275

Sophia took a sip of the juice after she ordered her food. “Is it a special day today?” she asked with a slight smile while looking at Alexander.

Alexander shook his head. “No.”

If I really have to call it special, I guess today’s a day when I’m happier because I get to spend time with her.

Sophia raised her brows and stopped asking when she noticed he didn’t want to tell her.

“Did you say something to the White family?”

This matter, on the other hand, Alexander admitted to quickly. “Yeah.”

She laughed. “Then, should I thank you?”

Great. I don’t have to see Bethany anymore. My life will be more peaceful, and I’ll be happier without that troublemaker.

“No need.”

You never have to thank me.

Sophia smiled. “Okay. If you say so.”

“Mm. You don’t have to be too polite with me, Sophia.”

At that moment, the waiter approached their table with a trolley. The aroma of the sizzling steak on a hot plate filled the entire place, and Sophia found herself feeling a little hungry.

The evening sky had finally turned dark. The waiter left right after serving the dishes, leaving Sophia and Alexander in that area alone.

“Do you need my help with Ms. Gomez’s matter?”

Alexander cut some steak and placed it on Sophia’s plate. Sophia pondered the question as she observed what he was doing. “I can handle it myself.”


That was all Alexander responded. He didn’t ask anything else.

Besides, he believed she could handle it on her own since it was only a trivial matter.

Sophia had a feeling he was up to something that night. However, Alexander didn’t make any move even after she finished her food. Am I overthinking it?

Suddenly, a “snowflake” landed on the back of her palm when she was wiping her mouth.

Stunned for a moment, she couldn’t help but look up and saw the sky full of fluttering “snow.” But it’s June right now. There’s no way it’ll snow in summer.

The next second, she remembered what she had said the other day, and her index finger moved slightly.

She looked at Alexander, who was sitting in front of her, and smiled. “It’s snowing, Alexander.”

Meanwhile, he was also looking at her with those deep, gentle eyes. “It’s snowing, Sophia.”

Everyone in the restaurant got excited over the sudden “snow.” Many wanted to go outdoors, but the waiters and waitresses stopped them at the door. “I’m sorry, miss. The entire patio has been booked, so you can’t go out there.”

Hearing that, everyone was a little disappointed. However, their disappointment didn’t last long since they were too excited over the “snowfall” in June.

They took out their phones and started taking videos to post on Instagram. Meanwhile, Sophia and Alexander, the only two people who were sitting at the outdoor table with candlelight, became the focus of attention.

Even through the window, Sophia sensed the cameras on them.

She raised a brow. “I guess we’ll go viral tomorrow if this goes on.”

Alexander glanced sideways and saw those people in the restaurant. Instantly, he got up and stretched his hand toward her. “Come on. Let’s go back.”

Sophia glanced up at him and put her hand in his. However, she wasn’t planning on leaving. “Alexander, dance with me.”

The “snow” is beautiful. It’ll be a waste if we go home now.

Hearing that, he looked at her and put his hand on her slim waist. Then, the two of them began to dance in the middle of the snow.

The waiter in the restaurant was quick to get someone to play romantic waltz music when he saw them dancing.

Seeing Sophia and Alexander dance beautifully to the romantic music, many customers in the restaurant sighed in admiration.

When the music stopped, Sophia raised her head and said next to Alexander’s ear, “Congratulations, Alexander. I forgive you.”

In truth, Sophia had said a lot of harsh words to him, but he was persistent. Back when he asked her what he needed to do to make her forgive him, she had asked him, “What are the chances of snow in June?”

Everyone knew it was impossible to snow in summer.

Nonetheless, he really made it “snow” that day.

Although she had already forgiven him a long time ago, she thought she had to officially tell him that.

“Thank you. I will never let you down again.”

She lifted her head to look at him and laughed. “We’ll see.”

Lowering his head, he stared back at her. He could see the stars in her eyes and his own reflection.

It was the same look in her eyes when she had just gotten married to him many years ago. Back then, she stretched out her hand and said, “Alexander, I’ll be in your care for the rest of my life.”

He was all she could see.

I am truly blessed!

He knew Sophia preferred to keep a low profile, so when they left, he covered her completely, and the restaurant crew helped them on their way out too.

Apparently, the “snowfall” in Seven Starry Skies Restaurant lasted for more than half an hour, and it was the only place in the entire Jadeborough that snowed that night.

There was no way it would snow at only one place in June, so it was obvious that somebody deliberately created the scene.

After Sophia finished showering that night, she received a message with a trending link from Katherine.

In just two hours, Snowfall in June topped the trending list.

Katherine wrote a long message: Look, Soph! Oh my goodness! This is so romantic! I wish that woman were me! The man created a snowfall for her in June! I heard someone took a video of them dancing in the snow and watched it! They’re truly a match made in heaven! Ahhh! I’m so envious!

As the woman in the video, Sophia felt she had to say something. She sent: Are you sure you watched the video closely?

Katherine, upon receiving Sophia’s reply, texted again: I’ve watched it over and over at least ten times! They’re so elegant! I know it’s just two people embracing one another while dancing to a waltz casually, but it’s too sweet!

Sophia was about to message Katherine back when the latter called her.

Sophia raised her brows and answered the call. “Hmm?”

“I’ve just sent you the video! They’re so sweet together! It’s too romantic! Ahhhh! What kind of fairy-tale is this?”

Sophia clucked her tongue discreetly. “I don’t have to watch the video. I was there.”

“Huh? You were? Do you know who they are? The snow must’ve cost a fortune. I heard they even booked the patio, so no one else could go there.”

“If your eyes are working fine, look closely at the video again, and you might see that I’m the woman in the video.”

Right after Sophia said that, Katherine jumped in surprise. “What did you say? Say it again! Oh my goodness! It really is you! Ahh! I’m so envious! You’re rich, pretty, have a good body, and now this fairy-tale-like love!”

Sophia laughed. “You don’t have any of those, so don’t be too envious.”

“Ahh! I don’t want to be friends with you anymore! Bye!”

Our friendship ends here! Hmph!

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