Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 274

“Oh,” replied Sophia before looking away, avoiding Alexander’s gaze. “It’s almost ten. I’m tired.”

She yawned as she spoke.

“Okay.” With that, Alexander released her and stood up. “Let’s sleep.”

Sophia peeked at him before pulling a thin blanket over herself. “I’ll sleep first. Goodnight.”


Alexander was staying over for the night. With both of them in the room alone, it was too easy for them to cross the line of intimacy.

Sophia was not afraid. However, since she had not experienced it before, she felt nervous.

Alexander probably did not plan to do anything that night either. After switching the lights off for Sophia, he closed the door gently and went outside to call Felix.

He could no longer tolerate Bethany.

News about Bethany spread like wildfire on the Internet, to the extent that Sophia and Alexander ended up being implicated as well.

Felix was also hesitating about whether he should call Alexander, especially since it was already quite late.

Hence, he was startled when he saw Alexander’s incoming call on his phone. Returning to his senses, he quickly picked it up. “Mr. Xenos?”

“I don’t want to see Bethany in Jadeborough from now on. You better deal with it properly.”

Felix instantly understood. “Got it, Mr. Xenos.”

After news about Bethany being a mistress was revealed, the White family’s reputation in Jadeborough had been utterly ruined. Karen, Bethany’s mother, did not even dare to venture a step out of the house. Although no one dared to say anything in front of Tobias in the office, he heard his employees gossiping about Bethany when he went downstairs, planning to head home for lunch.

“Did you see the top searches last night? Bethany White seems to be Mr. White’s daughter!”

“What do you mean? She is none other than Mr. White’s daughter! Do you remember Alexander’s divorce from Sophia a year ago? It’s because of Bethany meddling in their relationship! She’s an experienced mistress. When she debuted, she even created such a huge ruckus that she had to offer a public apology. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh my God, I remember now! What kind of person is she? Our boss’ family isn’t just an ordinary family, right? How did they raise such a disgusting daughter?”

Not only did the two female employees fail to realize that Tobias was still there, but they also did not expect him to take the stairs. Hence, they spoke in loud voices. When Tobias heard their conversation, his face flushed red. He scolded Bethany again the moment he reached home.

With Bethany’s mother coaxing him at the side, Tobias finally stopped after scolding his daughter for a long time.

It was then that his phone suddenly rang.

The call came in an untimely manner. Since he was still filled with rage, his tone was charged with fury when he picked up the phone. “What’s the matter?”

“Hello, Mr. White. I am Felix Lane, Mr. Xenos’ secretary.”

Tobias’ expression froze on his face when he heard that. He apologized frantically, “I’m so sorry, Mr. Lane. I thought that my subordinate was calling me.”

Not bothering to touch on that topic at all, Felix went straight to the point. “Mr. White, I’m sure that you know what Ms. White has done to Ms. Yarrow. Mr. Xenos is currently pursuing Ms. Yarrow. If there are no hiccups, she’ll be his wife in the future. Hence, Ms. White’s actions have crossed his bottom line this time. He instructed me to relay a message to you. He doesn’t want to see Ms. White in Jadeborough anymore. Lastly, let me give you a reminder in my personal capacity, Mr. White. You have a son other than your daughter, right? If you cannot make the choice, I believe that Mr. Xenos will eventually lend you a helping hand in deciding. Sorry to bother you. I have said what I wanted to say. Goodbye, Mr. White, and have a pleasant day ahead.”

Felix hung up the moment he finished talking, leaving Tobias standing there with his hand still gripping his phone and his face deathly pale.

When Karen saw his reaction, she could not help but ask, “What happened? Who called you? Why do you look so affected?”

After returning to his senses, Tobias leaped to his feet and bellowed, “It’s all thanks to the daughter you’ve raised!”

Bethany was sent away from Jadeborough that very day. Before she left, she did not even know if she had a chance to return ever again. Hence, she consoled her mother and Tobias before leaving and reminded them to take care of themselves.

Standing there sullenly, Tobias shot an icy glare at her. “If you still treat me as your father, I’d advise you to be more obedient from now on. Don’t do anything that you shouldn’t!”

Bethany also knew that she was at fault this time. Not only did she fail to drag Sophia down with her, but she also got Alexander involved.

She did not know what the White family had promised Alexander such that he stopped pursuing the matter.

However, she soon discovered the promise that the White family made.

With utter disbelief, she listened to Tobias’ words through the phone. “From now on, you’re not allowed to return. The White family has never had a daughter like you!”

Bethany was dumbfounded upon hearing that, as though she had just been clubbed on the head.

Tobias was quite the ruthless man. For his son’s sake, he was true to his words when he declared that he would no longer care for Bethany. After sending her overseas, he arranged for someone to monitor her. As long as she showed any intentions of returning, she would definitely be stopped.

Sophia only found out that Bethany had been sent away a few days later. The gossip in Jadeborough died down gradually after that.

June soon ushered in the hot summer in Jadeborough. Even though it was six in the evening, the wind was still warm and humid.

The heat dissipated only after Sophia got into the car.

When the car stopped, the sky was in gorgeous shades of purple and orange.

Sophia walked out of the elevator and saw the restaurant that Alexander had booked.

Although it was a Friday, that floor on the shopping mall was surprisingly quiet. There were not a lot of people, lest for the few strolling at the sides.

Sophia raised her eyebrow and strode into the restaurant.

There were, on the other hand, quite a few people in the restaurant. Alexander had reserved a table in an open-air spot.

Sophia had to walk through the inner room for half a minute before reaching the outdoors section.

Alexander was already there. When he saw her walking over, he stood up and pulled the chair out for her. “Are you hungry?”

“Thanks.” Sophia placed her bag down and shook her head. “Not really.”

As she spoke, she scanned her surroundings. “It’s quite cooling at night here.”

It’s much better than being stuck in an air-conditioned room.

Alexander poured her a glass of juice. “The view’s nice too.”

Staring at Alexander, Sophia arched a brow. “Are you planning to do something, Alexander?”

She’s smart. Nothing has started yet, but she’s already guessed it.

Avoiding her question, Alexander passed the menu to her. “See what you’d like to eat.”

Sophia took it and chuckled. “Are you changing the topic?”

Only then did she lower her head and flip through the menu.

Although there were guests entering and exiting the restaurant, they were the only ones in the outdoor section.

Sophia had a feeling that Alexander had planned something major for the night.

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