Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 273

By the time the car reached the city, it was almost seven. The sky was starting to grow darker.

After the ordeals she had experienced earlier in the day, Sophia did not want to dine outside. Hence, Alexander drove her straight to the mansion.

“I’ll head upstairs to get changed.”

Since she sweated quite a lot, her clothes were starting to stink. With that, Sophia climbed the stairs. Alexander gazed at her back for a while till she disappeared round the corner. Only then did he order some food delivery on his phone and went upstairs too.

By then, the sky had turned pitch-black. After changing into a loose dress, Sophia walked out of the closet and saw Alexander approaching her.

She glanced at him and smiled. “What’s wrong?”

Alexander had already reached her when she finished her sentence. Sweeping her into his arms, he collapsed onto the bed.


Sophia did not even have time to react when he kissed her.

Alexander’s kiss was urgent and forceful, as if he was about to swallow her whole.

Not only was her tongue numb and her face flushed, but her breathing was also becoming faster.

Alexander’s grip on her waist was so strong that she felt like he was going to break her bones. Grunting in pain, she said, “Alexander, it hurts…”

The man kissing her finally halted. He raised his head, his dark eyes blazing with lust and passion.

Withdrawing his hands from her chest, he stroked her face gently. “I’m sorry.”

He was just feeling a bit scared.

Sophia also understood why he suddenly kissed her. When she heard his apology, her heart pounded as if something had just struck it.

“I didn’t expect them to be so bold either.”

They had kidnapped her directly from the parking lot.

In reality, she was quite terrified throughout the ordeal. It was only after seeing Bethany that she calmed down slightly.

Gazing at her eyes that were glimmering brightly, Alexander could see his reflection in them. Unable to hold himself back, he lowered his head and kissed her eyes before flipping to the side. Hugging her with one arm and stroking her head with the other, he asked, “What did they do?”

Sophia raised her head and shot a glance at him. “I had just left the hospital. Just when I was about to enter the car in the parking lot, they suddenly rushed out and dragged me into their car.”

She had already noticed their presence. However, since she was stuck between two cars, she could not avoid the other person even if she managed to block one.

“Are you injured?”

Even though Alexander had asked her that already, he was still worried.

Sophia eyed him. “Perhaps you’d like to inspect me personally, Mr. Xenos?”

Sophia regretted it after blurting it out loud. The lustful atmosphere in the room earlier had not fully dissipated. Now that she had just dug her own grave, she saw Alexander staring at her passionately. His eyes were like an endless vortex, sucking her in with a single gaze.

Although only a short period of time passed, Sophia could not stand it anymore. She averted her gaze and said, “Let me reply to Katherine.”

Alexander shielded his eyes with his hand and replied solemnly, “Okay.”

Since Sophia had not checked her phone for a long time, it was flooded with messages from Katherine. The latest message, which was delivered ten minutes ago, asked if she had reached home.

Reading the hundred or so messages, Sophia felt amused and touched. If she did not reply there and then, Katherine would probably come rushing over.

Sophia shot a brief glance at Alexander on the bed and replied curtly: I just got home. I’m fine.

It seemed like Katherine was waiting anxiously in front of her phone. Sophia had sent the message for barely a few seconds before Katherine replied: Are you injured? Who kidnapped you? What happened?

Sophia gave her a brief but concise summary. After learning that it had to do with Bethany, Katherine sent a huge chunk of text: Oh my God! Is she in love with you? Why is she still eyeing you after so long? Soph, I really think that you should think carefully about when you accidentally made her so obsessed with you! When you married Alexander, she didn’t target you like that, right? Why is she acting like a madwoman desperately trying to attract your attention now that both of you are divorced?

Sophia was so amused by Katherine’s wild guess that she burst out laughing. She messaged: It’s a pity that you aren’t a scriptwriter.

Katherine replied: If it were not for my lack of vocabulary, I would’ve been a scriptwriter long ago.

Sophia: Are you sure that your lack of vocabulary is the only reason?

Katherine: I’m now certain that not only are you physically unscathed, but your mental state is also fine. I won’t disrupt your private time with Mr. Xenos. Goodbye, my friend.

Feeling embarrassed, Sophia placed her phone down and saw Alexander staring at her from the bed.

She arched an eyebrow. “Is there something on my face?”

“No,” answered Alexander as he grabbed the watch that she had just taken off. “Did Joshua install the emergency SOS in your watch?”

“Yeah. Do you want one too, Mr. Xenos?”

“Can you add me as your emergency contact?”

Sophia looked at him and smiled. “You’ll have to ask Joshua.”


He would tell Felix to ask tomorrow.

Seeing how serious he was about it, Sophia concealed her amusement. She walked over and hugged him. “This won’t happen again, Alexander.”


“I’ll ask Joshua to add you tomorrow.”


Holding her hands, he lowered his head and stared at her, his usually cold gaze much warmer now.

After Sophia finished bathing at night, her phone was once again flooded with messages from Katherine.

As the biggest gossiper, Katherine caught wind of the news about Bethany being a mistress the moment it was exposed.

Within seconds, the entire Internet found out that Bethany, a well-known and rising artist, was a mistress who wrecked someone’s family.

The netizens were very powerful as someone dug out some dirt about Bethany in the past. For instance, she was already interfering in Sophia’s relationship with Alexander before they divorced, deliberately sending ambiguous photos to Sophia.

It had garnered a lot of attention back then. Now that it had resurfaced, Bethany’s art gallery was destroyed by someone that night.

Since everyone in Jadeborough now knew that Bethany was a mistress, she had become a complete social outcast in her circles.

When Alexander entered, Sophia was reading the post that Katherine had just sent her. Upon tapping into the link, she was confronted with the news about Bethany sending her photos of the former and Alexander in bathrobes.

Sophia read the headlines before shooting a glance at Alexander. In the end, she decided to finish reading it calmly.

“I didn’t cheat on you, Sophia.”

Many years had passed since the incident. Although her three-year marriage with Alexander had been a disappointing failure, she knew very well that he had not cheated on her.

When she heard that, she looked at him and smiled. “I know.”

She just could not help but feel sad. No matter what, she was still his wife. When she saw the photo of a woman acting so intimately with her husband, it was natural for her to feel furious and upset.

“She drank too much at a gathering, so I asked Felix to bring her downstairs. However, she was so crazily drunk that she suddenly barged into my room.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “Now that I think about it, it probably isn’t because she’s crazily drunk. She’s just crazy.”

Sophia burst out laughing when she heard that. “How sad Ms. White would be if she heard that!”

“That’s got nothing to do with me.”

Sophia clucked her tongue in disapproval. “Men are so heartless.”

“I can never be heartless to you, Sophia.”

He bent down and took her phone away. As he stared at her with his dark eyes, Sophia’s heart pounded rapidly.

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