Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 272

The second Bethany heard that, her face turned even paler.

She could not bear to look at Sophia sitting on the couch when she saw the smirk on her face.

However, judging by Carlos’ stern look, Bethany could tell that he would show her no mercy after Sophia left if she refused to kneel and apologize to her.

“Ms. White doesn’t seem willing to apologize. I guess we’ll just have to forget about it,” said Sophia before shrugging helplessly at Carlos. “It’s a shame we can’t resolve this matter today, Mr. Ramsay.”

“Bethany!” roared Carlos, leaving the shuddering Bethany no choice but to kneel before Sophia with gritted teeth.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Yarrow. I shouldn’t have offended you,” uttered Bethany as she handed a cup of coffee from the coffee table beside her to Sophia.

After taking the cup, Sophia immediately splashed the beverage onto Bethany’s face. “You’ll have to accept the coffee for me, Ms. White.”

“Don’t push it, Sophia!” Bethany jumped to her feet and looked daggers at Sophia while coffee dripped from her face.

When Bethany lifted her hand, Sophia simply glanced at her calmly.

“Please excuse her temper, Ms. Yarrow. She just got pregnant,” pleaded Carlos after stopping Bethany from getting physical.

“Sure,” responded Sophia indifferently. “Don’t worry, Mr. Ramsay. I meant what I said just now. This matter is behind us now.”

The moment Sophia finished her sentence, a woman’s voice rang out. “What’s behind you now?”

Carlos’ eyes widened when he realized that the voice belonged to Sherlyn. Bethany did not do any better either, for she was drained of color once again at the sight of Carlos’ wife.

Sophia glanced at Alexander and secretly smiled at him while the others were still distracted.

Alexander could not help but be aroused when he saw the look on Sophia’s face, so he reached out to hold her hand and slowly tightened his grip.

Sophia tried to pull her hand back, but Alexander refused to let her go. Since she did not want to attract others’ attention, she had no choice but to stop struggling.

Sherlyn scrutinized Sophia as soon as she arrived but decided to shift her attention to Bethany when she noticed Alexander beside Sophia. “Who is she?”

Even when she was young, Sherlyn was not someone most people would want to mess with. That only became truer the older she got.

Carlos did his best to keep his affairs a secret from Sherlyn. The fact that she had been spending most of her time working in Horington for the past few years only made it more unlikely for her to know what her husband was hiding from her.

Sherlyn had just returned from Horington to spend time with her daughter. She never expected to be called to the mansion because Carlos and his pregnant mistress were there.

At first, Sherlyn did not believe what she was told, but then she received several photos of Carlos and his mistress and even the address of the mansion.

Even though Sherlyn did not know why she was given the information, she was determined to confront Carlos about his extramarital affair, so she left her daughter with a friend and drove over immediately. The moment she arrived, she saw Carlos standing in front of Bethany like a protector.

“You dare fool around with another woman behind my back, Carlos? You even got her pregnant!” scoffed Sherlyn when she noticed Bethany’s belly.

Carlos had nothing when he was released from prison, and he would have remained so had it not been for Sherlyn’s family.

Being the domineering person she was, Sherlyn always got what she wanted. She once disfigured a woman she caught Carlos cheating with.

Carlos used to be afraid of Sherlyn, but after his company began to do well, he grew bolder. “Come at me if you’re upset. She’s only less than three months pregnant; I won’t forgive you if you do anything to her, Sherlyn!”

The second Sherlyn heard that, she exploded in anger. “Have you no dignity? If you’re not an animal, stop acting like one! Don’t you know that he already has a family?” questioned Sherlyn after slapping Bethany on the face and causing her cheek to swell immediately.

Terrified by the murderous look in Sherlyn’s eyes, Bethany quickly hid behind Carlos. “I don’t know anything. I really don’t!”

“You’ll regret it if you touch her again, Sherlyn!” Carlos had been wanting to have a son, but Sherlyn could not make that happen for him. So when he learned that Bethany was pregnant, it was only natural that he became protective of his mistress.

Having seen all kinds of people over the years, Sherlyn could see through Bethany with just one look. “You sure know how to act innocent, you b*tch. Let me do your parents a favor by teaching you some manners!”

Sherlyn was tough. Not even Carlos, a man, could handle her.

The scene was chaotic, yet Sophia and Alexander would not have it any other way.

Just when things were getting interesting, Felix arrived with Tobias.

Sherlyn knew she could not beat Carlos, so she swiftly reached out to pull Bethany by the hair when he was distracted.

That was what Felix and Tobias saw when they arrived at the scene.

Even though Tobias had no idea what was going on, he hurried over to help Bethany since she was his daughter.

After regaining his senses, Felix quickly approached Alexander. “Mr. Xenos.” Then he glanced at Sophia. “Are you okay, Ms. Yarrow?”

“I think you should ask Ms. White that,” Sophia responded to Felix, who had never seen such a scene before.

Bethany was grimacing in pain when her hair got pulled, so she decided to go all out and pull Sherlyn’s hair too.

Only when Tobias intervened did Bethany get the upper hand.

“Who are you, and why are you hitting my daughter?” questioned Tobias.

Sherlyn laughed when she heard the man. “You should’ve taught your daughter better. She stole my husband; she’s a mistress!”

Naturally, Tobias did not take Sherlyn’s word for it, but when he saw Bethany’s belly, he immediately slapped his daughter. “You’re coming home with me!”

Sensing that the show was almost over, Sophia stood up. “We should go too.”

Alexander nodded in response and gestured for Felix to clean up the mess before leaving.

“Be careful on the road, Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow,” reminded Felix understandingly.

It was already late when the two got ready to leave.

“M-Mr. Xenos,” called out Tobias when he finally noticed Alexander, but the man had already gone far with Sophia. Tobias could only turn to Felix. “Mr. Lane, why did Mr. Xenos want me here?”

Felix glanced indifferently at Bethany before replying, “You’ll have to ask Ms. White what happened today, Mr. White.” After pausing for a while, he added, “By the way, Mr. Xenos won’t forget about what she did today. After all, she had the audacity to lay a finger on the future Mrs. Xenos.”

Although Tobias did not know exactly what had happened, Felix made it clear enough that Alexander would make the White family pay for Bethany’s sin.

At that moment, Tobias got so upset that his entire body shook in anger. “You good-for-nothing of a daughter!”

Felix turned to warn Carlos and Sherlyn with a deadpan expression before leaving too.

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