Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 271

Sophia lifted her leg and kicked one of the men on the ground. “Go upstairs and get Ms. White to come down. Tell her that an important guest of hers has arrived.” With that, she turned to Alexander. “Let’s wait in the living room. Ms. White will probably need some time since she’s pregnant.”

“Sure,” responded Alexander with a smirk when he noticed the mischievous look in Sophia’s eyes.

The two settled down in the living room. Sophia even asked for coffee.

“Hey, do you think it’s possible for you to reach Carlos’ wife? If so, have her join us too.” Sophia suddenly thought of something while taking a sip of her beverage. I remember Bethany mentioning how jealous Carlos’ wife is, so I’m sure she’ll be more than willing to join in confronting Bethany.

Even though Alexander had no idea why Sophia would want Sherlyn over, he called and instructed Felix to get her to meet with them anyway.

Since Bethany moved to the mansion after getting pregnant, she would nap for more than two hours at around three o’clock every day.

Sound asleep, Bethany dreamed that Sherlyn caught Sophia doing the deed with Carlos in bed at night. The man’s wife then went into the kitchen to get a knife, and just when she was about to stab Sophia in the leg, somebody knocked on the door.

Immediately, Bethany was startled awake, only to find herself alone in the room. She realized it was just a dream when she heard the bodyguard’s voice from the other side of the door.

Bethany was displeased at first that her dream got interrupted, but she quickly remembered that it would soon come true.

Thinking that the bodyguard had come with good news, such as Carlos’ arrival, she got over her annoyance and hurriedly got out of bed to open the door. “What is it?”

“You have an important guest, Ms. White. Ms. Yarrow asked me to get you.”

Bethany’s face instantly hardened when she heard that. “What important guest? Who could it be besides Mr. Ramsay? And why are you taking orders from Sophia anyway? Do you work for Mr. Ramsay or that woman?”

Seeing how upset Bethany was, the bodyguard decided to explain what had just happened and describe the man with Sophia to her. “It was a tall and handsome man in a suit. He seemed close with Ms. Yarrow, and they’re waiting for you in the living room on the second floor, Ms. White.”

Having been beaten up, the bodyguard dared not defy Sophia. His only hope was that the situation would not escalate further and that he could get paid as promised.

He would never have put up with Bethany, who treated them like trash if he was not told that he would be paid high wages for minimal work. Honestly, she’s even worse than Ms. Yarrow.

As soon as Bethany heard the bodyguard, her face turned as pale as a sheet. “I don’t know them. I’m not going to see them!” The woman then quickly reached out to close the door.

With her back against the door, Bethany shivered in fear. Alexander is here? How did he find this place, and how did he know that Sophia is here? I thought Mr. Ramsay said that not many knew about this mansion. So how did Alexander find it in only a few hours?

Bethany was completely drained of color when she learned that Alexander was just downstairs. If Alexander finds out that I asked Mr. Ramsay to take Sophia here as his mistress, he’ll kill me!

Bethany’s first thought was to make a break for it, but she knew that she could not escape since Alexander and Sophia were waiting for her downstairs.

On top of that, she did not have the courage to jump off a three-story building. In the end, she figured getting Carlos to come back was the best course of action.

Since Sophia wasn’t harmed in any way, Mr. Ramsay and I only have to get our stories straight and deny that Sophia was taken here to be in his bed. I’m sure there’s nothing Alexander can do to us no matter how capable he is. That’s right! Things aren’t as bad as they seem. All I have to do now is to contact Mr. Ramsay! I’ve got to say. I’m pretty clever for figuring out such a brilliant idea.

There was nothing the bodyguard could do since Bethany refused to come out.

Afraid to face Sophia and Alexander after failing to carry out his order, the bodyguard decided that he should hide too. I’m just a hired muscle; I don’t see why I should get myself killed over this.

Sophia turned to look at Alexander because neither the bodyguard nor Bethany showed up even though they had waited for five minutes. “I think Ms. White knows you’re here.”

“Mr. Lane said he’s hurrying over with Tobias,” informed Alexander after he was done sending text messages.

However, Carlos reached the mansion before Felix and Tobias since the place was quite a distance away from the city.

The three bodyguards only breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Carlos.

Bethany, too, stopped hiding as soon as Carlos arrived at the mansion. “Mr. Ramsay, this is all just a big misunderstanding,” stated Bethany before Sophia could say anything.

Looking at Bethany, Sophia let out a chuckle. “Can I have my phone and bag back now, Ms. White?”

“Are you three incompetent or something? Do you think this is the way to treat Ms. Yarrow?” Carlos questioned the bodyguards angrily.

They lowered their heads and apologized.

“What are you still standing here for? Get Ms. Yarrow her bag and phone!” Carlos lifted his leg to kick one of them.

“Ms. Yarrow, Mr. Xenos, this is just a misunderstanding. Mr. Ramsay decided to get a friend to keep me company because he was worried that I’d be bored. I was planning to send Ms. Yarrow back after my nap, but I didn’t expect you to get here first, Mr. Xenos,” explained Bethany.

Alexander glanced at the woman coldly and scoffed, “You sure have a pretty unique way of inviting a friend over. Not only did you abduct Sophia, but you also took away her phone and bag.”

Had Carlos known how much Alexander cared about Sophia, he would never even have dared think about laying a finger on her.

At that point, all he could do was try to get rid of Alexander.

After recollecting himself, Carlos glanced at the coffee on the table and decided to pour himself a cup. “Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow, this really is nothing but a misunderstanding. I apologize for failing to make things clear enough to my subordinates. Is there anything I can do to make up for scaring you today? All you have to do is tell me.”

“I can ask for anything?” Sophia smirked at Bethany, causing a shiver to run down her spine.

“Of course. As long as it’s not illegal, I’ll promise you whatever you want,” replied Carlos with a nod.

Sophia glanced at Bethany. “Okay. Even though Ms. White and I argued today, I can be magnanimous. All she has to do is serve me a cup of coffee while kneeling in front of me, and I’ll call it even.”

“Sophia!” Bethany’s face turned grim the moment she heard that.

However, Carlos turned to glare at the woman before she could say anything else. “Shut up!”

After getting scolded, Bethany pursed her pale lips and clenched the hem of her shirt as she looked straight at Carlos. “Mr. Ramsay, I…”

She touched her belly to remind Carlos that she was pregnant.

Carlos had always listened to Bethany, but he could not care less about what she wanted then. “Didn’t you hear Ms. Yarrow, Bethany?”

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