Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 270

Moanahill Residence was located on the outskirts of Jadeborough. The journey there from the city center took about ninety minutes. With the aid of the GPS, Alexander arrived at the mansion around four o’clock in the afternoon.

According to the tracking device on his phone, Sophia was located at mansion C-1708. Alexander parked his car at the said location and turned to look at the mansion before giving Felix a call.

Felix had already gathered the manpower required. He had hired the staff from Safe Joy Security Services, as all of them had undergone strict training. There were even a number of them who were ex-soldiers. Most importantly, the people he hired were elite fighters. If anything were to happen, their safety would at least be guaranteed.

Felix was startled when he saw Alexander’s contact name on his screen. Worried that something might have happened at Alexander’s side, he frantically picked up the call. “Yes, Mr. Xenos?”

“Help me find out who the owner of C-1708 is.”

According to the location tracker, Sophia was supposedly in there.

However, Alexander had to know who owned the mansion before taking further action.

“I’m on it, Mr. Xenos.”

Felix quickly identified the owner of the property. The owner, however, was not a native of Jadeborough.

Felix immediately sent the information to Alexander’s inbox. The entire process only took about twenty minutes.

Alexander’s eyes darkened after he read the information.

The mansion was registered under a woman named “Sherlyn Lawson.” Felix had even run a background check on the said woman.

Sherlyn was not originally a resident of Jadeborough. When she was five years old, she followed her mother, who remarried from Yaleview to Jadeborough. During the year Sherlyn turned twelve, her stepfather tried to rape her. She tried to resist and ended up killing her stepfather. Her mother hated her for killing her stepfather and thus resorted to abandoning her after the incident.

After that, Sherlyn got involved with a group of people and was arrested numerous times for getting into fights. She got married to a thug when she was twenty-five. Yet, when she turned thirty, her husband was sentenced to death after becoming a pimp. Sherlyn then started operating two loan companies and a real estate agency. Finally, at the age of thirty-five, she married a person named Carlos Ramsay.

Carlos was also once a thug. He was known as “Mr. Ramsay” in the underworld. Ten years ago, he was sent behind bars. But after he was released and got married to Sherlyn, the couple appeared to have changed for the better.

Alexander had no recollection of Sherlyn at all. On top of that, Sophia could not possibly be acquainted with such a person.

However, everything clicked into place when he saw the name “Mr. Ramsay.”

If my memory serves me right, there was that one time when Sophia and I saw Bethany clutching onto a man who was in his forties. Bethany called that man “Mr. Ramsay.”

Alexander immediately realized that the incident had something to do with Bethany.

He could not help but snort with laughter at the revelation. He then quickly dialed Felix’s number. “Get Tobias over here this instant. I want him to see what his daughter has done!”

Felix was puzzled by Alexander’s words. Why is the White family involved in this now?

However, having served Alexander for many years, Felix quickly returned to his senses. “I’m on it, Mr. Xenos.”

Judging by how Alexander had spoken with such confidence, Felix was certain that Bethany was connected to the incident.

Now that it was confirmed, Alexander did not want to waste any more time.

He pushed open the door and got out of the car. Soon after he pressed the doorbell, a muscular man came to his sight at the entrance. Without a doubt, that man was most likely involved with Sophia’s abduction.

The thought made Alexander’s expression darken.

The muscular man stepped forward and asked, “May I know who you’re looking for?”

“I’m looking for Mr. Ramsay.”

The muscular man shuddered inwardly upon seeing the coldness in Alexander’s eyes. He hesitated when he heard that Alexander was searching for Carlos. “Mr. Ramsay is not around at the moment. You might have to come back at another time.”

“How about Bethany?”

He knows her too. The muscular man stared at Alexander, already sensing the impending danger radiating from him.

He tried to feign ignorance. “I’ve never heard of this person.”

Alexander was not in the mood for small talk. A cold smirk appeared on his face as he said, “I’m only giving you two choices here: either you let me in, or I’ll call the cops.”

The muscular man did not know what to do upon hearing Alexander mention the cops. “Please give me a moment. I’ll have to consult Ms. White about this.”

After weighing the pros and cons, the muscular man knew that was the best he could do.

Yet, Alexander was impatient. He whipped out his phone and dialed 911. “Let me in.”

His thumb was hovering on the green call button. If the muscular man refused to let him in, he would simply press the button and call the cops.

The muscular man recalled how Carlos had told him not to cause a fuss before he arrived.

Yet Alexander was as aggressive as one could be, requesting Carlos and then Bethany.

The muscular man had a hunch that Alexander would actually call the cops if he did not let him in.

After two seconds, he opened the door. “Sir, you—”

Alexander entered the place without letting the muscular man finish his sentence and kept his head down as he checked the location on his phone. He then made a beeline to the second floor.

He came closer to the red dot and knew that Sophia was in the room before him.

However, there were two men on guard by the room. The muscular man from before tried to take Alexander away. Yet, Alexander had already grabbed his hand and pressed him to the wall. “Get them to open the door now.”

“The person in the room is our valued guest, Sir! You will offend Mr. Ramsay’s valued guest.”

Valued guest?

Alexander thought he had heard a joke. Just who on earth does Carlos take my Sophia as? Someone like Bethany? What a joke!

Alexander took action immediately. The four were then brawling. The three men who were supposed to be on guard had not expected the intruder to be someone who had superb fighting skills. They failed to restrain Alexander.

Meanwhile, Sophia, who was reading in the room, heard the commotion when she read a third of her book.

She assumed that there was internal conflict among the people of the mansion, so she threw the book aside and decided to join in the fun.

Upon opening the door, she did not expect to see Alexander.

“Watch out!” Sophia cried out as she kicked away the punch that was about to land on Alexander.

The three men were slowly losing after Sophia participated in the fight.

It only took a few minutes until the men were on the floor, defeated by Alexander and Sophia.

“Are you hurt?” Alexander asked, pulling Sophia to him to check for injuries right after the fight ended.

Sophia shook her head. She fixed her gaze on the strong man, who lay moaning in pain. “Where’s Ms. White?” she asked, arching her brow.

“T-Third floor…”

At that point, the three men knew better than to resist, as the pair were people they could not afford to mess with. They thought the woman they had kidnapped was a damsel in distress. It never occurred to them that she could pack punches that were as intense as men’s.

Sophia glanced at Alexander. “Ms. White was extremely worried about me tonight. Since you’re here, I should pay her a visit and say hi to her before we leave.”

Sophia’s lips quirked up.

She could not help but wonder what Bethany’s reaction would be when she saw that Alexander was here.

Alexander breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that Sophia was unharmed. However, a hint of hostility flashed past his eyes when the thought of Bethany trying to harm Sophia came to his mind.

Nevertheless, his gaze became warm again when he turned to Sophia. “I’ve already asked Ms. Leighton to get Tobias here.”

Sophia was momentarily stunned when she heard Alexander’s words. After coming back to her senses, she could not help but laugh. “I wonder if Ms. White will like the surprise you prepared for her!”

The Whites are probably unaware that Bethany is someone’s mistress.

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