Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 269

Yvonne discovered that Sophia was missing at a little over two o’clock. Sophia had a meeting at three o’clock in the afternoon, so it was very much unusual that she hadn’t yet returned to Sunshine Group by half-past two.

Yvonne proceeded to phone her, and the call went through, but no one answered.

A few phone calls later, she had a suspicion that something had happened to Sophia.

Ultimately, she had been the latter’s secretary for many years, so she regained her composure in no time despite the severity of the matter and contacted Alexander at once.

No one knew what exactly happened to Sophia. If she had been taken away by someone, it would be difficult to tell whether it was for her money or her body. Furthermore, she was an adult, and the police might not allow them to file a case when she had only been out of reach for a little over two hours. In fact, lodging a police report might place her in danger.

After weighing the pros and cons, Yvonne decided to reach out to Alexander first.

Of course, she could also investigate the matter by herself. But then, her efforts alone couldn’t compare with his manpower and resources.

As soon as Alexander hung up the call with Yvonne, he gave Katherine a call. That incident was too sudden and peculiar. He couldn’t be sure whether Sophia had truly gone missing or she had lost her phone.

Katherine was Sophia’s best friend. Contacting her would yield more information.

As it turned out, his judgment was proven right. Not only was Katherine aware that Sophia was in trouble for real, but she also had the latter’s location.

Throughout the drive, Alexander’s expression was as cold as ice.

He couldn’t think of anyone who would dare make a move against Sophia in Jadeborough.

Although they hadn’t made their relationship public, they had attended Leland’s birthday party together that day. Anyone who wasn’t blind would be able to tell that they were dating since it was blatantly obvious. What was lacking was their personal admittance.

In other words, Sophia had him backing her up. Even if she had really offended someone, that person would have to think twice before making a move against her.

For that reason, he truly couldn’t fathom who exactly dared kidnap her openly in broad daylight.

They all arrived at Katherine’s house at almost the same time. Far calmer than Katherine, Joshua crisply shared Sophia’s location with Alexander and the others.

From the location, they could tell that she was still in Jadeborough at present, but in the suburbs.

Felix recognized the place at a single glance. “This is Moanahill Residence, Mr. Xenos!”

Alexander’s brows knitted together. “Who lives there?”

Felix hesitated. “Quite a lot of people own properties there.”

They had no way of postulating the identity of the person who had taken Sophia or his motive in doing so.

Yvonne looked at Alexander. “Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow’s safety is hanging in the balance now, and we’re in the dark about the culprit’s intention. We can’t lodge a police report at the moment, but we can’t just sit back and do nothing either.”

In return, Alexander threw a glance at her. “I’ll go over and get a feel of things while you and Ms. Leighton follow behind with some men, Mr. Lane. Keep in touch.”

Following that arrangement, relief suffused Yvonne. Sophia’s situation was uncertain then, so it wasn’t realistic for them to barge in with a group of people. Alexander wouldn’t be so conspicuous if he were to enter alone. As they would be following behind him with some men, in the event of anything unexpected, they could provide reinforcements anytime.

Right after saying that, Alexander returned to his car.

The black car sped off with a roar and swiftly disappeared from sight.

Yvonne and Felix exchanged a look before they both made calls to gather men.

Katherine also wanted to go, but Joshua stopped her from doing so. “Stay home. Have you forgotten your identity?”

“But Soph is in danger!”

Katherine was utterly worried about Sophia. The three of them were childhood friends who grew up together. Later on, tragedy befell Sophia’s parents. When Katherine’s only family, her grandmother, passed away, they became orphans with no one to care for them. Throughout the years, they had been each other’s family.

Whenever she suffered the slightest grievances, she only needed to complain tearfully before Sophia and Joshua, and they would promptly avenge her.

When others scolded Sophia, she, likewise, would retaliate on her behalf without an ounce of hesitation.

Now that something had happened to Sophia, she was inexorably worried and anxious.

“Stay home. I’ll go.”

“Okay… You must bring her back without a scratch. You must also come back uninjured.”

“I will.”

Compared to Katherine’s and Alexander’s apprehension, Sophia was far more relaxed. I reckon the meeting today will have to be rescheduled for tomorrow.

She felt rather displeased as she thought of that.

Ugh! Mr. Ramsay could’ve taken me any other time, but he just had to do it today. Couldn’t he have done it tomorrow? I’m free the entire day tomorrow!

While she was spacing out, the room door was pushed open, and the bodyguard who had promised to prepare lunch for her earlier came in with some food.

Scenting the rich aroma of soup, Sophia felt famished. She got to her feet, went to the bathroom, and washed her hands. When she came out, she was greeted by the sight of the bodyguard laying each dish out on the table for her.

“Thank you.”

The bodyguard studied Sophia for a moment. She doesn’t look as though I kidnapped her here. Instead, she looks as if she’s here on vacation.

It was already past three o’clock in the afternoon then. Having starved for over two hours, Sophia could already sense the onset of a gastric.

However, the bodyguard was pretty considerate. He prepared oatmeal and pasta, allowing her to choose between the two.

After finishing the late lunch, Sophia went to the bookshelf at the side and picked a book. She sat down in the lounge chair next to it and started flipping through the book.

When Bethany came in and saw that scene, the corners of her lips twitched imperceptibly. “You sure know how to enjoy yourself, Ms. Yarrow.”

Conversely, Sophia didn’t even bother sparing her a glance. “Isn’t this what you want to see, Ms. White?”

Words eluded Bethany. I don’t want to see this! What I want to see is her in a hysterical and panicked state, begging me on her knees! I’d be out of my mind to desire to see her reading here calmly!

Fury blazed within her so hotly that her face flushed bright red. “I hope you can still be as happy after tonight. Listen here, Sophia. Do you think Mr. Ramsay is the only one who will be coming over tonight? Let me tell you that his wife will also be coming tonight! At that time, you won’t only be suffering from broken limbs when she catches you and her husband in bed! Ah, you don’t know who his wife is, yes? Considering our past acquaintance, I’ll tell you about her. She’s Black Widow, who enjoyed great renown twenty years ago. Tryst, which had gone bankrupt some years ago, belonged to her. She’s no easy prey, so I wish you luck.”

Bethany was no different from a fly buzzing around. Feeling somewhat irritated, Sophia frowned slightly. “You’re getting in the way of my reading, Ms. White.” Lifting her head, she eyed Bethany’s swollen belly. “Instead of worrying about me, Ms. White, you’d be better served worrying about your obvious pregnancy.”

Bethany’s expression stiffened. She felt as though Sophia had soundlessly slapped her twice across the face.

“I shall see how long you can remain arrogant.”

“Am I arrogant?”

Sophia lifted her head and pinned her gaze on Bethany with the quirk of a brow in puzzlement.

Again, Bethany’s temper spiked, and she was left without a rebuttal.

All of a sudden, she wondered if she had made the right decision to present Sophia to Carlos.

She no longer wanted to speak to Sophia, feeling that she might really burst a blood vessel if she continued talking with her.

Soon, she left with the sound of her slippers smacking against the floor, the tapping noises speaking volumes of her wrath.

Sophia lowered her head and chuckled softly.

Why does she never learn despite having lost to me so many times? Or is she convinced that I’m easy prey? In that case, I’ll have her know tonight if that’s true. As for now, I’ll read a book first. Hmm, this book is pretty interesting.

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