Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 268

Sophia looked at Bethany with a faint smile.

Bethany hated that side of Sophia. The latter was in deep water, yet she did not seem afraid at all.

“Oh, you may not know, but Mr. Ramsay’s wife is notoriously fierce. The last woman he took a second glance at had her arms severed. Say, if his wife finds out that you seduced Mr. Ramsay, do you think your arms or your legs will get severed?”

Sophia could not help but chuckle. “Since you’re fine, I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine too.”

Bethany’s face contorted when she detected the mockery in Sophia’s tone. “Mr. Ramsay will be over tonight. Let’s see how long you can stay smug!” She then cast a glance at the two men behind her. “What are you guys waiting for? Send Ms. Yarrow back to her room!”

She put an emphasis on the word “send” as if she wanted nothing more than to rip Sophia to shreds.

Sophia looked at the two men walking over to her. “Since I’m the woman Mr. Ramsay took a liking to, you guys better not manhandle me.”

The two men were instantly mesmerized by her eyes. However, the coldness in her eyes jolted them back to reality.

“Where’s my room? I’ll walk there myself,” Sophia said placidly.

Bethany yelled, “Did you guys not hear her? Bring her up!”

Sophia glanced at the angry Bethany, feeling much better. “What? My hands are tied. Are you afraid I’ll escape?”

Bethany was Carlos’ old lover, and Sophia was his new love interest.

The two bodyguards decided to listen to Sophia. “Ms. Yarrow, your room is on the second floor. It’s the second room from the left.”

“Thank you.”

Sophia smiled at the bodyguard and went upstairs.

The two bodyguards stared at Sophia’s retreating figure in puzzlement. Did she come here voluntarily or by force? Wait, we were the ones who kidnapped her!

“Great! You guys are looking down on me now! Don’t forget that I’m pregnant with Mr. Ramsay’s child. If something happens to the baby, can you bear that responsibility?”

Sophia’s ability to make Carlos’ bodyguards listen to her astounded Bethany, as everyone in the mansion had been following her orders now that she was pregnant.

However, she immediately lost her authority when Sophia, who was kidnapped, appeared.

There was no way she could let it slide. “Go upstairs and guard the room. If she escapes, you guys won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

The two bodyguards looked at each other. But Ms. Yarrow doesn’t seem to have any intention of escaping!

Bethany’s face twisted even more when she saw that the bodyguards did not move. “Are you guys deaf?”

Afraid that her anger would affect her pregnancy, the bodyguards could only listen to her instructions and go upstairs, albeit unwillingly.

Sophia had already entered the room. It was a rather large room with a television and computer available. However, there was no internet.

She walked to the balcony and noticed she was in a mansion near the mountains. The breeze feels nice here.

When the two bodyguards came up and saw that scene, they thought she was trying to do something foolish. They immediately ran over to her in shock. “Ms. Yarrow, what are you—”

Sophia, who was enjoying the breeze, looked at the bodyguards. “What? Did you guys think I was going to jump off?”

She was not that stupid to do that.

The bodyguards stared at Sophia intently. They could not tell if she was speaking the truth or joking with them.

Falling from the second floor would not kill her, but she would be badly injured. If that were to happen, Carlos would not be able to do whatever he wanted with her.

The two bodyguards had known Carlos for quite some time and his preferences; otherwise, they would not have dared to disregard Bethany’s instructions in favor of Sophia’s.

Carlos was a man who was always fascinated by someone new.

Now that Sophia was new to Carlos and Bethany was his old lover, the latter would be of no use to him after she gave birth. Carlos would no longer be interested in her.

“The mountain breeze is pretty cool,” Sophia said calmly and walked back inside.

Seeing that, the bodyguards breathed a sigh of relief. “Ms. Yarrow, are you hungry?”

“I am. I was about to head out for lunch when you guys abducted me.”

The bodyguards felt a strange sense of guilt upon hearing that. “Then I’ll instruct someone to make you lunch.”

Sophia glanced at them. “Okay. But the weather is rather hot today, so I prefer to eat something light and simple. I don’t want anything spicy.”

The bodyguards’ lips twitched. Ms. Yarrow can really make herself at home.

“Okay. I’ll make sure they do that.”

“Thank you.”

Sophia’s phone and bag had been confiscated, so the bodyguards were confident that she would not be able to contact anyone to save her. Seeing that she had made herself at home and even instructed them to make food for her, they decided not to keep a close eye on her anymore.

Sophia sat on the couch and snorted lightly when the bodyguards left the room.

Then she pressed a button on her watch.

Technology Innovations had modified her watch and added an alert system. Once she pressed the button on her watch, Joshua’s or Katherine’s phones would immediately receive her distress signal and location. They would be able to find her easily.

That was why Sophia had no reason to worry about the situation she was currently in.

She would make Carlos pay the price for kidnapping her.

Katherine had just returned from shooting an endorsement deal overseas. Yet Joshua had kept her busy last night and even brought her to breakfast this morning. Then, after he left, Jonice called her and nagged her for more than an hour. Upon hanging up, she promptly fell asleep until noon.

Just when she finished her lunch, her phone started buzzing nonstop.

She wondered what was happening until she saw the notification and remembered that Joshua had customized watches for her and Sophia.

Her expression changed drastically, and she immediately got changed to save Sophia.

She only managed to calm herself down after getting in her car.

It’s impractical for me to go and save Sophia by myself. I have to tell the police!

Just as she was about to make the call, a number she did not recognize called her.

Katherine had wanted to hang up, but she accidentally pressed the wrong button, causing the call to go through. “Hello?”

“Ms. Quinn, it’s me, Alexander.”

“Oh, it’s the je—I mean it’s Mr. Xenos.”

She was too used to calling Alexander a jerk and almost addressed him as one in front of him.

Katherine quickly recalled Sophia’s matter and went straight to the point. “Mr. Xenos, I think something happened to Sophia. I received a distress signal and her location from her. I was about to call the police.”

“Don’t. Not now. We aren’t sure what the other party wants. Please tell me where you are. I’ll come over and find you.”

Upon hearing Alexander’s words, Katherine grew apprehensive. “Okay. I’m at the Golden Eve Hotel.”

“Ms. Quinn, please ensure I’ll be able to reach your phone at all times.”

With that, he immediately hung up.

Katherine was worried that something would happen to Sophia. However, she could not do anything since Alexander had asked her to wait for him.

Right then, Joshua returned.

He modified the watch, so he was fairly confident something had happened to Sophia for her to press the button. As the button was relatively small, the person wearing it should not have accidentally pressed it.

He had called Sophia many times, yet no one picked up, which made him certain that something had happened to her.

Upon seeing Joshua, Katherine ran over to him. “Josh, what do we do? Do you think something happened to Soph?”

“Calm down. I’ll give Alexander a call.”

Katherine froze momentarily and told him what had happened.

Joshua lowered his head to glance at her. “Then we shall wait for now.”

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