Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 267

Laura sighed and said, “Tanya found out that Liam was having an affair six months into their marriage. Subsequently, the Mill family found out about the incident that happened to Tani during her university days. Using that as leverage, Liam even brought his pregnant mistress back home. Half a year ago, Tani filed for divorce and requested for an affidavit of assets to be signed, but the Mill family was unwilling to do that and wanted Tanya to leave without anything!”

Laura wiped her tears away and continued, “Those people are heartless! For over two years that Tani has been married into that family, she did not even have a day of rest. They basically treated her like their housekeeper. After doing something so heinous, they still had the audacity to accuse Tanya of coveting their family’s assets right from the start. If Tani doesn’t agree to leave without anything, they will spread the news of what happened to Tanya back then to everyone in the neighborhood!

“My husband and I are already old, and we don’t care about people pointing fingers at us. At first, we were ready to compromise, but Tani didn’t want to take it lying down. Although she has saved some money from working at the bank over the years, she has spent most of it on the Mill family. Now that she was asked to leave the family with nothing, she simply couldn’t tolerate it. That’s why she has yet to divorce Liam.”

Laura took a deep breath and went on, “The Mill family has sources who recently told them that Tanya has struck it rich and bought a house in Jadeborough, so they came here to claim half of Tanya’s assets, including her house and money, saying that Tanya and Liam are not yet divorced. They kept forcing me to tell them where Tanya is!”

During the confrontation, Laura had been so furious that she slapped Liam in front of the entrance of the residential area and ended up being shoved to the ground by the man. That was how she had fallen and twisted her ankle.

However, Laura did not want to tell Sophia about that.

Sophia had already done a lot for their family, and Laura did not want to bother her further with their messy affairs.

“Ms. Yarrow, we can handle it ourselves.”

When Sophia heard that, a cold glint flashed past her alluring eyes. The next moment, she schooled her expression and said, “All right, I understand. Mrs. Gomez, do you remember what I asked you previously?”

Laura’s memory was not as good as before as she was getting up in years. She could not recall what Sophia was referring to and could only stare at her blankly.

Sophia replied with a chuckle, “I was referring to Tanya’s divorce from her husband.”

It was then comprehension dawned on Laura, and her heart skipped a beat. “Ms. Yarrow, I-I really don’t know what to say. I feel so bad to trouble you with such a trivial matter.”

“Mrs. Gomez, you’re being too polite. Tanya is my friend, and I will not allow my friend to be bullied. Don’t worry. The Mill family will not dare to bother you or Tanya ever again.” Sophia looked down at Laura’s ankle. “If you don’t want to go to the hospital, I will get my secretary to send you some ointment later. But if your ankle is still swollen three days later, you must get it treated at the hospital.”

Sophia left Moonlight Bay after learning what had happened and went to visit Tanya straight away.

Tanya was drawing when Sophia arrived. As it was a bright and sunny day, she was sitting on the windowsill, sketching while holding her drawing board in one hand.

The caregiver glanced at Sophia and was about to greet her when Sophia acknowledged her with a smile and gestured for her to keep quiet.

As Sophia was not wearing heels that day, her footsteps were quiet when she entered the room.

Sophia sat on the couch and placed her bag down before observing Tanya quietly.

About ten minutes later, Tanya finally looked up. When she saw Sophia, she was momentarily stunned. “Sophia, what are you doing here?”

Sophia smiled and replied, “I don’t have anything on today, so I thought I would drop by and visit you. Have you started drawing the characters?”

She walked over and saw a sketch of a man who resembled the male lead of Silk Stream.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Tanya replied, “Maybe it’s because I haven’t done this for a long time. I haven’t created a drawing that I’m satisfied with.”

“It’s more important that the boss is satisfied with the drawing. I think it’s not too bad.”

Sophia had read Silk Stream previously. Although every reader would have imagined a different version of Hamilton in their head, it was expected for the male lead in the comic version to be somewhat similar to that portrayed in the novel.

It was a challenging task to depict the essence of the lead characters in a drawing accurately.

Since Sophia was able to guess at first glance which character Tanya was drawing, it meant that Tanya had already successfully captured the essence of Hamilton in her sketch.

Of course, further edits would have to be made to refine the details.

Tanya’s eyes lit up when she heard Sophia’s compliment. “Really?”

“No, I was lying to you.”

Tanya let out a chuckle, knowing that Sophia was teasing her. “Sophia, I’m really happy now.”

Although sometimes the woman would still be reminded of her nightmarish past and wake up in the middle of the night in fear, she was starting to feel hopeful about the future.

There was more excitement in her life, which used to be bleak and bereft of joy.

Even though Sophia had not been visiting over the past few days, Yvonne had been paying close attention to updates on Tanya’s situation.

Despite only being admitted to the hospital ten days ago, according to the psychologist, Tanya was responding well to the preliminary treatment.

Tanya would draw every day during the day. Perhaps she had found a new direction in life. She was usually in good spirits during the day. However, she had not been sleeping well at night. Sometimes, she would feel uncomfortable and wake up in a cold sweat. Because of that, it was still necessary for the caretaker to be there to take care of her.

“Sophia, I will definitely get better.”

Just half a month ago, Tanya was still telling Sophia that she was sick, but now she was feeling a lot more optimistic and she even said that she would get better.

Sophia noticed that Tanya was looking much more radiant although it had only been slightly more than ten days since she had started receiving treatment.

Tanya was just in her late twenties and had a bright future ahead of her.

Sophia smiled and replied, “You will.”

It was almost one in the afternoon when Sophia left the hospital. As she had to attend a meeting two hours later, she intended to grab a quick bite near the hospital before returning to Sunshine Group.

Right after she got out of her car, two big-sized men appeared out of nowhere.

Instinctively, Sophia lifted her arms to defend herself. However, she was up against the two of them. Her hands were grabbed by one of the men before she had a chance to dodge.

The two men were very strong. After locking Sophia’s hands behind her back, the men shoved her into a car that was parked at the side.

Immediately after that, her hands were tied up with a rope.

“Who are you people?”

“Ms. Yarrow, we don’t wish to hurt you. Please behave yourself.”

Sophia raised her brows as she sized up the two burly men who were seated next to her quietly.

The car was driven out of the parking lot and toward the highway. Half an hour later, they arrived at a luxurious mansion area in the suburbs.

The car stopped in front of a mansion, and Sophie was led out of the car.

The men handled her rather gently as if they were certain that she had no way of escaping. Instead of following her closely, the two of them kept a distance from Sophia after arriving at the mansion.

The nerve of them to kidnap someone in broad daylight.

Sophia was quite impressed with their guts and could not help but wonder who the mastermind behind her abduction was.

The moment Sophia entered the mansion, she saw Bethany walking down the stairs.

There were obvious changes to the woman’s stomach from the last time they met, which was over two months ago.

Sophia cocked her brows and looked at Bethany calmly.

As Bethany was also not speaking, the entire house fell into a strange silence.

Bethany fixed her gaze on Sophia. She had assumed that Sophia would panic, but the latter did not seem any different from her usual self.

“Ms. Yarrow, I really admire your nerves of steel. How can you remain so composed in a situation like this?” Bethany spoke through gritted teeth.

Sophia glanced at the woman and said with a chuckle, “Ms. White, was it you who invited me here?”

“I’m not that capable. It wasn’t me but Mr. Ramsay who wanted you as his guest.” Bethany suddenly burst into laughter. Then, she leaned in and whispered next to Sophia’s ear, “Sophia, you didn’t expect Mr. Ramsay to take an interest in you, right?”

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